Why go to unreached villages?

(Photo courtesy Far Corners Missions)

(Photo courtesy Far Corners Missions)

International (MNN) — What does it take to reach unreached villages? It may require spending hours and days hiking mountains, rappelling cliffs, and rowing boats to reach one small village. Why put all that work into getting there? Why go at all?

Gary Bishop, President of Far Corners Missions, says, “If it’s an unreached village, there are no Christians and no churches there. So, obviously, it’s imperative…if we’re following the Great Commission, to make disciples there so that they have to hear the Gospel.”

Instead of simply sending Bibles or Christian books to the villages, Bishop stresses the importance of placing pastors in these unreached villages. “They have to be there with them, form a relationship, be in their village…, get to know them.”

One way Far Corners helps pastors form relationships with villagers is to address physical needs as well as spiritual needs.

Chinni had lost both her husband and infant son to AIDS and had contracted the disease herself. She felt lost and believed her only solution was to sell her four daughters so that they might have a chance at not starving. However, a pastor heard her story, talked and listened to her, and was able to provide help.

“Far Corners Missions began to take care of her medical needs, in terms of medications for combatting the AIDS virus. Then, also we took the four children, and they are living in our Far Corners missions home, That is just an amazing situation for them,” Bishop said. Through this, Chinni heard the Gospel and has been holding prayer meetings for women in the village.

“Does it make a difference that we put village pastors in unreached villages? You bet! It makes not only a real physical difference, but it makes an eternal difference as well.”

Far Corners pastors are reaching villagers with the Gospel in five different countries: India, Nepal, China, Mexico, and the Philippines. But, it’s not free. It is only possible through donations. “It costs about $75 a month to provide for a village pastor and his entire family. When you stop and think about it, most people in America today spend about $75 [per month] on knick knacks.”

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