What would you risk to talk about Jesus?


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Indonesia (MNN) — Would you risk your life to tell people about Jesus? A Haggai Institute alumnus is teaching young church planters in Indonesia the risks and rewards of sharing Christ.

John Bachman, Haggai’s president, recently visited with an alumnus who is sharing his Haggai training with the next generation of church planters. The alum focuses his outreach efforts on an “unreached” chain of Indonesian islands.

“He’s grown a church from 90 to about 2,500 [people] and is planning construction of a building for more than 4,000,” shares Bachman, who recently attended a dedication ceremony.

After church planters complete their training, “They sign a contract stating that they enter this willingly and realize that it could cause them danger or even loss of their life.”

While a written commitment like this could seem “radical,” appearances can be deceiving.

“It’s just a document making them aware of what they’re committing to,” Bachman clarifies. “It just gives a little different level of intensity and commitment to the Gospel.

“I know Christians who [say], you know, ‘It’s a little cold, it’s a little rainy; I think I won’t go to church today.'”

Aware of possible risks and armed with Haggai training, church planters are bringing God’s Word to communities where there is no church. Can you help them carry out their commitment?

Partner with indigenous Christian leaders through Haggai.

“It’s not a confrontational approach,” adds Bachman.

“It’s one of going in and meeting human needs, and being able to deal with others of other faiths with great respect and love, and then presenting the claims of Christ in a non-confrontational way.”