What To Do When Your Ministry Passion Doesn’t Match Your Ministry Skill Set

You can apply the skills God gave you without denying the passion he planted in you.

Some ministers seem to be ideally suited for what they do.

Their passion, their skill set, their spiritual gifting and their circumstances all seem to line up in one integral whole.

But what about the rest of us? What do you do when you feel divided? When your passion goes in one direction, but your skills are in another?

If you ever feel like that, I understand. That’s been the story of my pastoral life, too.

Am I Out Of Sync?

Whenever I’m asked where my passion for small churches came from, my answer is always the same – and it always surprises the asker. “I became a small church guy because I failed at being a big church guy.”

My passion was never to lead a great small church. It was always to help turn a dying church around, then see it grow year after year, getting bigger and bigger.

The first part I’ve had some success in. The second part? Not so much.

I’ve been able to help churches turn around from unhealthy to healthy, first as a pastor, and now as an encourager and equipper of other pastors, but I’ve never been able to keep a church on a path of sustained numerical growth. No matter how badly I wanted it, or how hard I worked at it, sustained numerical growth always eluded me and the churches I’ve pastored.

This led to some of the most frustrating years of my life and ministry.

As it turns out, even though my passion was to lead a large church, my skill set is suited to pastor a healthy small church.

That’s why I spent so many years feeling like a big church pastor trapped in a small church situation.

Build On Your Skills

It turns out I’m not alone in these feelings.

Many of us live in that kind of an in-between world, whether it’s in ministry or another …

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