Wells decrease domestic violence

(Photo by Living Water International)

(Photo by Living Water International)

Zimbabwe (MNN) — It isn’t hard to believe water, poverty, and violence are directly related to one another.

Together, these problems result in senseless and incomprehensible violence throughout the world.

Meet Fadzai. Fadzai is a Sunday school teacher and well caretaker in Zimbabwe.

The new well caretaker lives in a house just a few feet away from the community’s borehole well, drilled through the partnership of Living Water International and the Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe.

The pastor of Fadzai’s church says Fadzai is the forerunner in ending their community’s epidemic of domestic violence.

Before the well was put in Fadzai’s community, women would walk mile after mile to bring back contaminated water. The women had to get up at 2:00AM for the long journey.

Because the women were gone so long, husbands began to get suspicious. When the women returned to their homes, they were met with husbands ready to beat them. Families began to fall apart.

After the well was placed near Fadzai’s house, water-collection guidelines were set in place. The well is now only open for a couple of hours a day and receives cleaning once daily. Community members must form an orderly, peaceful, single-file line and resist the temptation to gossip.

Fadzai and her bore well just go to show that when you attack violence at the root, peace and the living water of Jesus Christ take its place.

Living Water International builds wells in countries like Zimbabwe to spread the gospel with hundreds of villagers in need of living water.

Building wells in Zimbabwe is a step toward saving lives with clean water, reducing poverty, and ending violence.

Pray that wells will continue to influence villages. Pray that the wells would end domestic violence and bring peace to the nations.

You can make a difference toward clean water and domestic violence by #endviolence and visiting Living Water International’s Web site.