VOM passes halfway mark for collecting Bibles

(Image courtesy VOM)

(Image courtesy VOM)

International (VOM) — For persecuted believers around the world, sometimes the most important thing they can have is God’s Word. Voice of the Martyrs USA is asking for your help to deliver 191,267 Bibles to oppressed Christians who’ve asked for Scripture.

“We are targeting to get a Bible into the hands of believers, to strengthen their faith, and to encourage them,” explains VOM spokesman Todd Nettleton.

“We hope to fulfill the need in about 60 days, so our hope is by the end of May that this need will be met.”

VOM delivers Bibles throughout the year, but this campaign is designed to connect you directly with Christians who are persecuted. When you sponsor Bibles, VOM will send you the names of those who will receive them so you can pray for them.

“Pray that God will use [Scripture] to strengthen their faith and to encourage them,” requests Nettleton.

When you get the names of those who will receive your sponsored Bibles, you will notice one name left blank. This represents a Christian who will receive a Bible in a very dangerous area (like Iran or North Korea), where even obtaining the person’s name is too dangerous.

Workers deliver boxes of Bibles to persecuted Christians. (Image courtesy VOM)

Workers deliver boxes of Bibles to persecuted Christians.
(Image courtesy VOM)

Some believers wait months or even years for a Bible–one woman waited 42 years! For some, the price of a Bible is unaffordable. For many, Bibles are simply unobtainable anywhere nearby. For others, Bibles are unavailable in their restricted nation.

VOM recently received the following report from China:

“Because the house churches in China are facing some persecution from outside, it is not very easy to have a Bible. Some people even sacrificed their lives. Some elders can’t help giving a kiss to the book when they receive the Bible, and they treated every sentence in it like treasure and memorized the words in hearts.”

You can send five Bibles to waiting Christians for just $30. Click here to learn more.