Volunteers aid human trafficking victims

USA (MNN) — Human trafficking is a terrible social injustice that’s plaguing the world: women and children sold for evil intentions. According to the United Nations, almost 21 million people were victims of human trafficking worldwide. 75% involves women and girls–3 million in India alone.

While one organization can’t help all of them, one organization is doing all they can.

Rescued women

Women rescued from the red light district, worshipping in the safe house.

Dyann Romeijn with Vision Beyond Borders says they are hosting a trip to India and Nepal next month, and more volunteers are needed.

On this trip, VBB “will be going specifically in the Red Light districts in several countries, and they’ll be ministering directly to the women who are trapped there.”

VBB is working with a ministry partner who is trying to rescue these victims while also sharing Christ. Romeijn says, “It’s just so important and vital to these people to know that people care about them, to have those relationships, to have people come halfway around the world” to show them love.

Romeijn encourages you to pray about going, even if you don’t feel qualified. “There truly are no mighty men and women of God. Everyone is just a weak, fragile, empty vessel filled by the power of the living God. And we don’t have to have everything together because it’s not us that’s does the work.”

This short-term trip is for someone who wants an adventure. “It is somewhat dangerous. It’s not the safest trip we go on. We’ve never had any problems, but the potential is there. Our contact has received death threats. Satan doesn’t give up that ground easily.”

While it is a little more dangerous, “the rewards are enormous,” says Romeijn. “The women love spending time with women from [the west] who care about them. Typically, they’re the lowest of society–even sold by their family members.”

Caring for these women opens incredible doors to share the Gospel.

If you would consider joining the VBB team to India and Nepal, click here to get connected.

If you don’t feel called to this particular trip, VBB has many trips to choose from.