Used Bibles can change a church

With the help of their supporters, CRI sends resources to believers all around the world.  (Image courtesy CRI)

With the help of their supporters, CRI sends resources to believers all around the world.
(Image courtesy CRI)

USA (MNN) — Old Bibles. Old books. They typically sit on our bookshelves collecting dust. What if they could literally transform the life of a pastor, or even better, an entire church?  That’s what can happen when you donate them to Christian Resources International in Fowlerville, Michigan.

CRI Executive Director Jason Woolford says, “For the last 60 years, we’ve encouraged people around the United States to send us their extra Bibles and Christian books sitting on their shelves. Then we have taken those and sent $272 million worth of donated Bibles and Christian books to over 170 nations.”

These are books requested by Christians around the world. Woolford says they’re going to “people…who are yet to be saved, to the person who got saved, the person who wants to be a leader, the person who wants to be a pastor.”

Some people in nations requesting Bibles can purchase them, but many “don’t have the money to even buy Bibles, even if they are there. So, for them to be able to get a Bible or a Christian book, and look at the back of it and see that when it was new it was $50 or $60, that’s half of their income for a month. They’re so blessed.”

CRI_philippinesHow many requests for Bibles and books does CRI receive? Woolford says they receive “literally hundreds of thousands of requests…whether they come from the mail or a telephone call.”

Woolford says while there are many who send used Bibles and Christian books, equally as important is funding. Without that, the books would stay in Michigan. How much does it cost to send a Bible or Christian book? “It usually works out to about $1 a book.”

Research indicates that each Bible or book is shared by 19 other people. The books or Bibles you donate or fund can be the difference in a pastor preaching from the Word of God, or preaching from what he remembers hearing from the Word of God.

This is a great project for a family, Sunday school class, or entire church.

If you can help support CRI with a donation of Bibles and/or books, or through a generous financial donation, click here.