Ukrainian evangelicals ready for ministry

Mission Eurasia

Mission Eurasia is supporting churches in Ukraine as they reach out to help the internally displaced.
(Photo provided by Mission Eurasia)

Ukraine (MNN) — Ukraine seems to be disappearing from the news headlines. While the ceasefire continues, sporadic fighting continues in Eastern Ukraine. The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has forced more than 1.2 million Ukrainians from their homes. They’re internally displaced: they have nowhere to go. They’ve lost everything.

The stories are horrifying. Some of the refugees sustained broken arms or legs in the invasion. Others have shrapnel wounds from mortar shells. Some have post-traumatic stress from seeing the horrors of war: bullet wounds, amputated limbs, and other mutilated bodies–victims of a war perpetuated by Russia and her supporters.

However, Mission Eurasia is reaching out to these victims, and it’s more than what humanitarian groups are doing. Mission Eurasia is assisting local Ukrainian evangelicals who are rescuing victims both physically and spiritually, through the help of the local church.

As Orthodox Easter–celebrated on April 12 in Ukraine–approaches, President of Mission Eurasia Sergey Rakhuba says they’re stepping up their efforts to assist those in need. “The national church is trying to get involved in helping these refugees. The number of refugees, or internally displaced people, is still growing. They’re pouring out of that area of Luhonsk and Donetsk. They call this new area ‘New Russia,’ or Nova Ruscia.”

Children in Ukraine receiving assistance from Mission Eurasia supported churches (photo by Mission Eurasia).

Children in Ukraine receiving assistance
from churches supported by Mission Eurasia.
(Photo by Mission Eurasia)

Rakhuba says Ukrainian evangelicals are providing for the needs of refugees. While this crisis is difficult, God is using it, says Rakhuba. “Because of the crisis, all the churches are growing because of their outreach. People come to churches seeking help, encouragement, and counsel. I believe, especially this Easter, [that] thousands of people will receive Him as personal Savior.”

Rakhuba says, “Churches across denominational lines are preparing to do a special outreach [ this Easter]…especially for children. They organize day camps, special food distributions, special events.”

You can support Mission Eurasia’s I-Care Program to help victims of war. Click here to help.