Nepal Earthquake Relief

The following ministries are actively involved in relief efforts from the devastating earthquakes in Nepal

Samaritan’s Purse stands ready to respond at a moment’s notice whenever and wherever disaster strikes. We specialize in meeting critical needs for victims of conflict, disaster, famine, and epidemics throughout the world, often working through ministry partners on the ground. We provide food, water, shelter, medicine, and other assistance in the Name of Jesus Christ.  Learn More About Samaritan’s Purse

The Salvation Army has worked in Nepal for years and is responding to the urgent needs – currently the provision of shelter and clean water. But we need your help. International Salvation Army leader General André Cox encourages Salvationists and friends around the world to support this important appeal for funds: ‘The Salvation Army is present, we are known, and we have a responsibility to step up and support the relief and rebuilding efforts.’ Learn More About The Salvation Army

Direct Relief is helping in Nepal by mobilizing and providing essential medical resources. Thanks to generous material and financial contributions from individuals, pharmaceutical companies, and medical equipment manufacturers, Direct Relief can work with healthcare professionals and organizations on the ground and equip them with the essential medical supplies and equipment that they need to help people recover. Direct Relief partnered with other organizations to deliver 118, 771 lbs. of medical materials
to Nepal via two charters. Learn More About Direct Relief

The massive earthquakes in Nepal has destroyed thousands of buildings, including family homes, schools, temples, monasteries and shrines. These losses are catastrophic in a country where the per capita income is less than two dollars a day. In the aftermath of the earthquake, Nepal Youth Foundation has launched a major relief effort to provide immediate help for those most in need as well as long-term rebuilding. With our experience over the last 25 years providing food, water and shelter, building 100 classrooms and 16 Nutritional Rehabilitation Homes, and currently constructing a large children’s village and vocational school, “Olgapuri Village”, we are equipped to provide disaster relief now as well as in the coming months. Learn More About Nepal Youth Foundation

Forward Edge has a history of working in Nepal since the 1980s. We plan to send teams to Nepal to help rebuild churches and homes, remove debris, distribute water filters and share the love of Christ with those suffering from the earthquake. Our teams will be working with a local partner who we’ve been connected with for years. Our partner has been working in Nepal for decades and is equipped to funnel relief to the most urgent needs in the region. Learn More About Forward Edge

With the devastation of the earthquake disaster, Patan Academy of Health Sciences (PAHS) in Nepal, has established “Patan Hospital Earthquake Disaster Relief Fund” to aid the humanitarian causalities caused by the earthquake that hit Nepal. Thus all kind-hearted people who wish to make financial donations to the fund may make deposits directly. Learn More About Patan Academy of Health Sciences

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance local partners through ACT Alliance have been working in Nepal for several years and are on the ground assisting many who have survived the quake by distributing immediate life-saving supplies such as water, food, shelter and medication. PDA is committed to the long-term response. As long-term recovery plans are developed, PDA will accompany and further financially support our partners in the area to ensure a comprehensive recovery is sustained. Learn More About Presbyterian Disaster Assistance

United Mission Hospital has sent 2 doctors with the INF team which went to Gorkha,  near the epicentre, and will be sending an orthopedic team to assist Anandaban, a mission hospital in the Kathmandu valley.  We hope we can help as an orthopaedic referral centre for our region too. UMN is coordinating the relief activities of UMN hospitals and clusters.  The most practical way supporters can help is to pray and send financial support.  Learn More About United Mission Hospital

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