TV show helps children express themselves through art

Egypt (SAT-7) — In some societies, fine arts are seen as a luxury only for the rich. Kids are not always privileged to witness the majesty of the world God has created for them or discover the person God wants them to be. SAT-7 is coloring “outside the lines” and asking viewers to dream big. A new LIVE program called Uncle Monir’s Scribbles (in Arabic, Shakhabeet Amo Monir) airing from Cairo, Egypt inspires children to see and draw the world as they see it through their own eyes.

Producer and Presenter Monir Zakary says, “Every child is talented. They just need someone to discover and encourage them to continue with their talent. Nowadays, no one cares about the arts or the talent of the kids, especially at schools. So in this program, we will help their talent grow and be fruitful.”

Uncle Monir's drawing of Mary.

Uncle Monir’s drawing of Mary.

As the premier episode aired on 21 January, Uncle Monir told kids, “The program will not succeed without your calls.” Sure enough, several young viewers responded and called, including a 10-year-old named Kevin and an 8-year-old named Mary. As children call, Uncle Monir asks, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” all while drawing a picture of the child.

Upcoming episodes will host an academic professor teaching about famous art like the Mona Lisa painting, the Statue of Mercy, and Egypt’s Renaissance Statue. A hand-craft segment will show Feena Nagy creating art from everyday materials. The end of each episode features a Bible verse, and the children are encouraged to draw a picture illustrating the Scripture.

“Through using their creativity,” Monir says, “children can bring joy and colour into the lives of others. We want them to learn how they can be creative in their churches with art and how they can use scrap materials at home to make their homes beautiful.”

Uncle Monir’s Scribbles will cover themes like the importance of colors, physiological cure by the arts, how to explain oneself by drawing, and how to decorate a room with unused materials at home. Pray that Uncle Monir’s Scribbles will reach and touch the hearts of millions of Arab children with Christ’s love.