To World Vision sponsors: a thoughtful response

(Photo courtesy EFCA)

(Photo courtesy EFCA)

USA (EFCA) — What follows is a response to the controversy of the rectn World Vision announcement. This analysis is being shared by the Evangelical Free Church of America GlobalFingerprints Director, Daryl Anderson:

No doubt, you’ve seen that World Vision USA changed their employment policy, permitting jobs for those in homosexual marriages; a complicated and grievous decision.

However, as the Internet flutters with responses, remember: if you sponsor a child with World Vision, he or she should not suffer due to the consequences of poor leadership decisions.

The decision to sponsor a child is one directed by God the Father. By no means is it an easy road. There are dry spells between letters. There are financial hardships that make it a struggle to continue sponsoring. There are disconcerting policy changes in the organization. All the while, your sponsored child is experiencing a new life and hope for a future they would not have without your prayer and support.

We urge you to remain steadfast in your obedience to the Father and prayerful commitment to your sponsored child. In child sponsorships, there are very key times for children to remain sponsored: namely, until they graduate from their schooling. The benefit of a completed education cannot be underestimated for things like preventing human trafficking and finding sustainable employment. The letters they receive from you nurture an intangible sense of belonging in them that is crucial to their thriving as humans and Christians.

We live in a world of conflicting values creating very difficult choices; these choices often cause great internal frustration and struggle. Being thrust into a situation where you are supporting a child in an organization that you are now not in agreement with puts one in a very difficult position of conflicting values. If you are in such a position I trust you will seek the Father for wisdom and grace on how to respond.

I am so thankful for all of GlobalFingerprints’ leadership and staff around the world that are committed to God’s Word, the integrity of the family, and the Church. For the care and protection of our sponsored children, the entire GlobalFingerprints team is committed to Jesus Christ and the biblical values and principles He calls us to.

Confident in God’s sovereign care of His children,

Daryl Anderson
GlobalFingerprints Director