Thousands need Bibles, you can help

Christian Resources International needs financial supporter to help ship donated Bibles and Christian books all over the world. (Photo by: CRI)

Christian Resources International needs
financial supporters to help ship donated Bibles
and Christian books all over the world. (Photo by CRI)

USA (MNN) — This week, we’ve highlighted the value of used Bibles and Christian books for resourcing pastors and church leaders in other countries. 

While some people have an abundance of unused books they can donate, others may not be ready to part with their Christian literature.

That’s okay. You can get involved with Christian Resources International in another way. You can actually send Scriptures to the far corners of the world without leaving your home and without emptying your bookshelves. How?

Funding is needed to ship the donated Christian resources from the CRI office in Michigan to the uttermost parts of the earth.

President of CRI Jason Woolford says this is where you come in. “We call the folks who are a part of this ministry, Book Missionaries. They’re having the ability to make an eternal difference in other parts of the world.”

How much is needed to ship the books? “It usually works out to about $1 a book,” says Woolford.

As a Book Missionary, you can send 20 books each month for $20. That’s 240 books a year that are sent to areas of the world where Christians don’t have ready-access to God’s Word–places like Nigeria, Philippines, India, and Africa.

There’s also an opportunity to make an even greater impact by shipping a full container of books for $10,000. “Each container has the ability to reach anywhere from 25,000 to 30,000 people with Bibles or with a Christian books. The average person that has a book [will share it with] 20 other people.”

This would actually make a great project for a church or Christian school.

If you’d like to become a Book Missionary or a sponsor of an entire container of books, click here.