The voice of prayer across the world

International (ASM/MNN) — Christmas is just around the corner. As believers, we need to keep in mind the true meaning of Christmas. As each new day is given as a gift, take time to give thanks for what Christ has done for you.

Audio Scripture Ministries is sending out their monthly prayer calendar. Please pray with others around the world this month in praying for the ministry of ASM each day.

Here is a sample of some of the requests, beginning for today, December 10:

10 – Tuesday: Praise God for the continued great response from the distributions done recently among the blind communities in South India. Over 1000 people showed up for only 500 players that were available. Pray that God would send us more Bibles to meet this incredible need.

11 – Wednesday: Pray for a mission team taking Scripture players to Swaziland. Pray that God’s Word in audio will make an impact on all who listen.

12 – Thursday: Pray for the team at MegaVoice as they work with an ongoing design of MV players. Praise God for the great development of the solar-powered speaker for the players.

13 – Friday: Praise God for the churches and individuals who faithfully give to the ministry of ASM. Ask God to encourage them as they respond to God’s opportunities.

14 – Saturday: Pray for Sergio and Steve who work at the recording studio complex in Xai-Xai, Mozambique. They continue to distribute God’s Word in audio in Gaza Province. They are currently distributing hundreds of audio Bibles in the Shangaana language throughout the province.

15 – Sunday: Jim and Jamie L praise the Lord for the audio Bibles that have been distributed in six different language groups.

16 – Monday: Pray for the team at WCOI. The staff continues to try and meet the demand for more and more audio Bibles in India. Pray for encouragement and strength even as they tackle this incredible task.

17 – Tuesday: Praise the Lord that the Oaxaca studio is making good progress on the Sierra Juarez New Testament recording. They hope to finish before the end of the month.

Find additional prayer needs throughout December at ASM’s Web site.