The ISIS crisis never ceases

Photo Courtesy to Open Doors

(Photo Courtesy to Open Doors)

Iraq (MNN) — ISIS continues to wreak havoc in the Middle East. A village among the mountains of Iraq is feeling the pressure from the Islamic terrorist group. Refugees have fled there looking for safety.

We first heard about the 21 faithful Christians that were beheaded. Then came the news of the 200+ believers being kidnapped in northeastern Syria. More recently came Boko Haram’s public allegiance to the Islamic State.

ISIS is spreading beyond Iraq and Syria, spreading to several countries around the region. And Christians are being targeted for their faith.

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A local cafeteria worker shares about the fearful days when ISIS was threatening their town. After it was clear that the terrorist group would not take over, most of the villagers returned. These refugees are not a burden to the people of the village, but there are difficulties they face with so many people living there.

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