The Giving Book: a way to give special gifts year round

Give all year round with Far Corners Missions (photo by Far Corners Missions)

Give all year round with Far Corners Missions (photo by Far Corners Missions)

Int’l (MNN) — Christmas may be over, but the promise that Christmas represents is always here. Jesus gave the ultimate gift that lasts forever. Were you inspired by any other gifts given this season?

Christmas shopping is done, but it’s not too late to pay a charitable act forward.

Far Corners Missions has a Christmas gift catalog that lasts all year. The Giving Book is a unique opportunity to share God’s love in ways that matter. From health care to job training to spiritual equipping, Far Corners has a variety of ways to immediately impact the lives of the hurting and the lost around the world. Gary Bishop, President of Far Corners explains: “It offers people about 22 different ways to provide support depending on what interests God has put into their hearts.”

One of the more interesting gifts you can give is a water buffalo. “We use water buffalos at our leprosy hospital in India to provide milk. Water buffalos are an expensive commodity,” Bishops says, “We have a farm attached to our leprosy hospital to provide food for the hospital and other feeding.”

Other gifts include baby chicks, meals for the elderly, supporting a child or a pastor. Bishop shares that they feed people for about twenty-five cents a day. That’s cheaper than most phone or cable bills.

You can also provide job training for a woman who has been rescued out of trafficking. Or perhaps your heart lies in reaching people with the Gospel: you can provide copies of the Bible along with a two year scholarship at the Word of Life Training Center. Another opportunity is to support Far Corners’ movie ministry.

“So I encourage people to go to our Web site,” says Bishop, “and they can see 22 different ways they could bless the lives of people that are suffering, in such really drastic human suffering, and [who] also are lost in spiritual darkness.”

For a complete list, click here. Or if you’d prefer a monetary gift, follow this link.

You can always support the ministry through prayer. Pray that the Gospel will be spread effectively by Far Corners, and that many who are lost will come to know Jesus as their Savior.