The beautiful sound of the cemetery

Post Summary: 

13-year-old Nyein Mar’s family lives in a cemetery in Myanmar. Ostricized by society, they have no where else to go. Focused on surviving each day, they have no hope for their children’s future.

Though at first the schools wouldn’t allow Nyein Mar to attend, see how her education is changing her future and giving her hope of breaking free of her family’s poverty.

Nyein Mar reads her lessons out loud. She recites the poem she just learned in school. Her sweet voice lingers around the graves. It is the unusual sound of the cemetery, filled with wailing cries.

Cemeteries may be unpleasant places for some people, but it is where Nyein Mar’s life is. It is her home. It is her playground, too. It is a place where she grows and makes friends. More precisely, it is her world.

For Nyein Mar, the graves, the cries, the grief, and the sorrow are all too familiar.