Karuna Action

Karuna Action was founded in 1988 with a vision to meet the needs of the poor and the eradication of extreme poverty. This began in partnership with local churches in Sri Lanka. Since then we have grown and diversified our work, we have partners in many countries around the world and have supported hundreds of projects in 19 countries worldwide.

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Embrace the Middle East

Embrace the Middle East mission is to improve the lives of vulnerable and disadvantaged people in the Middle East.

We do this by partnering with local Christians who provide health, education and community development programmes to those in need – regardless of their faith or nationality.

Embrace the Middle East is a non-governmental, inter-denominational charity.

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The Salvation Army International

The Salvation Army International has been serving throughout the world since 1865. Currently they are in 126 countries. Major fields include health services, community development, evangelism, social work, anti-trafficking, women’s ministries, and sports ministry. Much more information is on their website.

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Christian Hospitality Network

More than 400 bed and breakfast inns in all 50 states, Canada, England, Honduras, Nicaragua, Thailand and the US Virgin Islands, provide rooms and suites for a minimum of 25% discount to full-time Christian workers. Many offer substantially greater discounts.

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Jesus Film Mission Trips – London

Join Jesus Film Mission Trips to London to reach out to some of the hardest to reach people in the world.  London is the main tourist destination for many visitors from the Middle East as they escape the blazing heat of their summer. Come share the love of Christ and have a great time doing it.








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Mennonite Brethren Medical Centre (email)

UK-based organization serves a poor rural community of mixed religious background. The Hospital seeks physicians, paediatricians, cardiologists, orthopaedic surgeon, obstetricians and gynaecologists and general practitioners willing to serve on a voluntary basis for a minimum of 2-3 months.

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Emmanuel Hospital Association

UK based organization offers openings for medical personnel, including medical and dental students, in India. Hospitals, Community Health programs, etc. Includes dental surgery, eye care, physiotherapists. Medical, dental, and elective programs. Free staff accommodations for international volunteers.

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Global Adventure

Global Adventure is an around-the-world mission trip and leadership training program focused on using the drive and skills that God has given us to provide inspiration, training, and an ‘initiation’ for young men. We’re committed, hardcore fanatics that want to inspire others to lead their families, teams, and tribes–and lead them well.







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Medic Journey International

A unique, international medical experience for 16+ year-olds.  Complete guide to getting into medical school led by experienced UK  doctors. See what a career in medicine really means. High quality  programmes at world-class mega hospitals with the latest technology, created by doctors for prospective and current medical students.  Medical electives at a Christian Red Cross Hospital in rural India specialising in HIV medicine.

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International Training Network

Europe’s only centre dedicated to the mission of training Christians to teach English as a foreign language (TESL, TEFL). ITN is unique in offering a full-time internationally recognized certificate in teaching English, within a Christian, mission-focused environment. Online classes available. Five week certificate program in England. Email.

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Urban Saints

(UK) Formerly known as Crusaders, we have been reaching out to children and young people in many countries with the good news of Jesus Christ since 1906. We train and mobilize children 14 – 22 year olds. Leaders needed.

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Jubilee Training Centre

(UK) A one year, full time, live-in school preparing you to establish God’s Kingdom in the Nations. You will be involved in various community projects, conquer extreme living conditions, be introduced to various cultures, get involved with creative arts, and go on an international mission exposing you to urban and rural outreach. Church of the Nations affiliation.

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