Chisomo Idea

Chisomo Idea is an asset-based community development organization that inspires, trains, and deploys the young generation to make a difference in under-resourced communities. We are a group of ordinary friends from around the world devoted to carrying one another’s burdens and using our gifts, talents, and resources to make a sustainable difference in impoverished African communities.

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Love Haiti’s Children Orphanage

Love Haiti’s Children Orphanage cares for 12 children in Port Au Prince that are in desperate need. Their needs are many, but we are determined to make a difference in their lives! Jim McIver travels to Haiti 8 or 10 times a month to spend time with the children and to take care of the business of the orphanage. Love Haiti’s Children has a dedicated staff in Haiti that cares for the children and the orphanage in his absence.

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Crisis Relief Services & Training

Based in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, CREST trained team members have, both on their own as well as by networking with other NGOs, contributed to the relief of crises caused by natural disasters and Complex Humanitarian Emergencies. Training emphasizes:  Biblical Perspective on Disasters; Disaster Response in Earthquakes, Floods, Hurricanes and Famines;  God’s Heart for the Poor and Needy.

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Father Heart Home Children’s Center

Father Heart Home Children’s Center on Rote Island, East Indonesia ministry provides education and discipleship for the youth of Rote Island. Our mission is to prepare the next generation to fear the Lord and have wisdom.  To provide facilities where the discipled children can continue their studies. To have faith to have courage to dream for their future life calling even in the face of much resistance. And finally, to work. To provide training and education to awaken their initiative and their passion so in the future they can be independent.




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Hopesprings Community of Faith

Hopesprings Community of Faith is located in Bangor, PA.  They are searching for a creative and passionate person to serve as Lead Pastor.  This person would prepare and deliver engaging  messages based on Scripture.  This person would develop our volunteers and staff and oversee the daily operations of the church.  This position is full time with compensation including a salary and flexible housing allowances.  If interested please email


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Experience community life and mission with a group of a dozen or so like minded people. You will be coached by our passionate staff who are not just teaching academics, but pursuing life as mission leaders. Three core focus points; Leadership Development, Spiritual Formation, and Intentional Missionality. Geared towards 20-30 year olds.

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Medical Mobilizers

Medical Mobilizer’s mission is “Mobilizing Resources for Christian Medical Missionaries” – including those just beginning to the long-term career person. We offer COACHING and a FUNDING SOLUTION (Resources) for personal expenses for thier mission work. We offer Business Mentoring. We will be offering scholarships from the proposed Medical Mobilizers Fund.

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Global Scholars

Global Scholars professors teach in a wide range of disciplines—math, ethics, engineering, management, business, natural sciences, law, education and many other fields—all from a Christian worldview. Due to their credibility as university professors, Global Scholars’ professors are able to establish close relationships with their students and shape these future leaders. One former Global Scholars professor in the Ukraine said, “I am not the future of Ukraine. But my students are. They will make the difference for the future of this nation.”


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Helping Hands Unlimited

Helping Hands Unlimited is a group of like-minded people willing to share their time and resources to meet the needs of poor people around the world. We want to work with churches, civic organizations and individuals to provide them the avenue to get things accomplished on a larger scale. The goal of our organization is to provide an efficient way to do that. One way we can do that is by keeping our overhead low and making sure that as much of each donor’s contribution as possible goes to the program or project their gift was designated for.

Dominican Republic teachers have big hearts and a strong desire to teach. But they have very few opportunities to improve their teaching skills. Join us on our mission to provide continuing education to DR teachers & maybe even earn some CE’s yourself. Current and retired teachers welcome!

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Church Planting International

Church Planting International is a U.S.-based, nonprofit missions organization that works with approximately 40 native missionaries in Mexico, Peru and Uganda, co-laboring in ministries that include church planting, leadership training, missionary sending, compassion and short-term mission teams.

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Edify’s mission is to improve and to expand sustainable, Christ-centered education in the developing world. We do this by coming alongside local schools by providing loans for expansion, proprietor and teacher training, Christ-centered curriculum, and educational technology.

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Jesus Mission Ministry Pakistan

At Jesus Mission Ministry Pakistan we are facing lots of challenges as a christian in Pakistan and we want to help our community to boost and learn spiritual and secular education to grow up in Christ more. Our vision is to prepare a strong Church who can survive as a minority in Pakistan and be fruitful to others. We are looking for for affiliation with church and support for our Ministry in Pakistan.

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Christian Leadership University

Put the voice of God in the center of your learning experience. Get equipped for power evangelism! CLU offers Spirit-filled distance learning in 13 areas including Ministry and Missions, Evangelism, Counseling, Worship. Certificate, and Associate, Bachelor, Master or Doctorate degrees. Experience God!

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United Gospel Mission

United Gospel Mission is faith based, network organization working at community level projects such as Child development, Women Empowerment, Church Based Theological Education (CBTE), Vocational Trainings, Reaching Non-Literates, Leadership Development, Poverty Alleviation & Sustainable Development, with a passion to reach and serve the most underprivileged and vulnerable millions of North India.

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MediaLight Online

Medialight Online is a pocket school designed to help you become a media missionary. Whether you are a missionary in the field wanting to learn the universal language of today, trying to brush up on your media skills, seeking new ways to raise funds, or wanting to share a message more effectively, this course was made for YOU.



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MediaLight Asia

MediaLight Asia is a pioneer in the training of media missionaries. Our intensive ten week program in Chiang Rai, Thailand, will teach you how to plan, shoot, edit and release high quality media messages so the Truth can penetrate your culture.

Medialight graduates from over twenty countries are already shining Gospel light into their nations. In just ten weeks you can too!

Not only will you learn how to produce media at a much higher level, Medialight will also help you build your spiritual core, equip you to be a team leader and equip you with powerful tools for running your personal life. We’ll teach you how to “speak media” and create professional-quality video for outreach and discipleship.


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Urban Immersion Service Retreats

Urban Immersion Service Retreats combine an overview of poverty and its causes with hands-on help for those in need. Ultimately, retreats challenge participants to move beyond a one-time volunteer experience and live their faith. Participants sleep in our retreat center, are provided with meaningful service projects, all meals and interactive programming.

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