Streams of Mercy

Streams of Mercy strives to meet the most obvious needs of the destitute such as food, clothing, shelter, and medical assistance, as well as meeting the less visible needs of care and comfort. Utilizing volunteers with genuine compassion means that resources can get to these individuals with a minimal amount spent on administrative services, thereby maximizing the impact of donations.

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TEL International

At TEL International, we recruit, train, and under gird the ministry of indigenous missionaries that reach out with the love of Jesus Christ by sharing the gospel through holistic ministry that compassionately meets the needs of hurting people, evangelizes the lost, disciples the saved, and establishes new converts into the body of Christ.


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Edify’s mission is to improve and to expand sustainable, Christ-centered education in the developing world. We do this by coming alongside local schools by providing loans for expansion, proprietor and teacher training, Christ-centered curriculum, and educational technology.

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Strong Foundation Ministries

Based in San Antonio, Texas, Strong Foundation Ministries provides a safe and loving environment for families. Strong Foundation Ministries is searching for the right Christian couple to serve with them. Strong Foundation also has short and long term mission trip opportunities.

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Tenderfeet Education Center

Within the harsh environment of the slums of Kibera in Kenya, Tenderfeet Education Center brings to orphaned and disadvantaged children the three things they need to prepare for a better life – food, education and hope!

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Divine Grace Medical Missionaries



The mission is strengthening the capacity of low-income families in the Houston metropolitan Area to become self-sufficient through a long term model of programs and services specifically designed to: (1) impact and offset poverty and hunger; (2) influence and counteract inter-generational behavior that averts a successful and healthy life. We are committed to addressing these issues through programs that focus on: (1) literacy and education; (2) health and wellness; (3) health care training, skill acquisition and job training

Divine Grace Medical is seeking for health care professional, fundraiser, grant writer, and community development personnel to join our mission.

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Cornerstone Children’s Ranch

The Cornerstone Children’s Ranch is located in Quemado Texas.  They are trying to start a school here on the Texas Mexico border. They are looking for a Child Care Administrator / teacher to help them assist more children. Cornerstone presently has 4 students and two more coming this summer for the fall school year. They have 8 children coming this summer for the ESL classes.


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Rancho 3M Christian Orphanage

(Guadalupe, Mexico – across the border from El Paso, TX) We serve about 60 children between ages 3 and 19. Our purpose is to glorify God by teaching our children the ways of Jesus Christ so that they will minister the gospel to the people of Mexico. Christian volunteers are welcome, including hair cutter, mason, carpenter, tiler, painter, tailor, artist – even unskilled.

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Brothers Charities Children’s Home

This children’s home currently operates in an old house, and we’re planning to build a new facility soon. There is a great need for ministry to orphans to provide food, shelter, dress, education and all other needs. Teachers, missionaries who like to develop native missions are welcomed to inquire about helping us.

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Boles Children’s Home

Residential care in a licensed, homelike atmosphere for children and single-parent families. It is Most children are between 10 and 17, placed here because their family is unable to provide for them. Christian couples are needed to serve as house parents in cottages with up to eight children. Training provided.

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Casa Amparo

Located across the border from the city of McAllen, Texas, the Casa is a refuge for more than 70 girls, ranging in age from 4 to 19 who have been abandoned, neglected, left homeless and most often horribly abused. (Orthodox Affiliation).

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Son Servants

(Texas, Haiti, Belize, Yucatan, Nicaragua, West Virginia, New Orleans) We plan High School, Middle School and Combo student mission trips in both international and domestic locations. Tasks vary from home repairs for widows in Tennessee, to working on a church building in Jamaica. See our on-line schedule to find more about our international and domestic trips.

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Kids Against Hunger (KAH)

Based in Canada and the United States, Kids Against Hunger (KAH) distributes meals to over 60 countries in the developing world. This food is very nutritious and inexpensive. In 2010 KAH volunteers packaged over 40,000,000 meals.

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Sonic Light

Over 8000 pages of FREE commentary on all 66 books of the Bible plus FREE downloadable MP3 audio recordings, representing 20 years of work by Dr. Tom Constable of Dallas Seminary. A great way to study God’s Word.

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Fuller Theological Seminary

Fuller Theological Seminary, is an evangelical, multidenominational, international, and multiethnic community dedicated to equipping men and women for the manifold ministries of Christ and his Church. Under the authority of Scripture we seek to fulfill our commitment to ministry through graduate education, professional development, and spiritual formation at our campuses and online.





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Missionary Tech Team

Provides technical services to like-minded Christian organizations. Inquire if you would like information on joining our dedicated faith-based missionaries with expertise in engineering, construction design, landscape design, graphic design, display and brochure design, computer networking, software development, furlough vehicle leasing and web site design and development.  All kinds of engineering and trades, including architects and landscape architects.Some short term opportunities. Non-denominational

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