Christian Outreach International

Christian Outreach International impact lives through short-term trips around the globe. “Teach to Reach” ESL program gives you the opportunity to reach others for Jesus through ESL! Check it out!

COI provides customized, short-term missions for groups from high-school age to adults. Sites in the US, Dominican Republic, Canada, Ukraine, Belize, and Honduras. COI specializes in Florida (Orlando) outreaches as HQ is there. 772-778-0575.

An intense 4-month training course which prepares candidates for full-time ministry with C.O.I. at home or overseas.

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Indian Christian Mission Centre

(Salem, Tamil Nadu, India) We are one of the largest orphanages in all India with over 1600 children. Our aims are to provide them with physical and spiritual health. We’re always in need of English teachers: no experience required, any time of year and any sized groups. We are well set up to house and feed you.

The ICMC was established in 1988 with 12 orphans, today we have grown to over 1600 and are one of the largest orphanages in all India. Our aims are to provide, physical and spiritual health for these children. By supplying them with shelter, food, clothing and education. Volunteers encouraged to inquire.

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CDQ International Christian School

Are you passionate about educating children to be future leaders of tomorrow? Make a strategic deployment of your life. Young or older, consider joining us at GDQ International Christian School in Albania where our vision is to enable international children to have maximum impact for the glory of God.



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Narnia Elementary School

This is a Christian school founded by Evangelical Free Church in 2006, located in Banská Bystrica, a city in central Slovakia. There are 102 students enrolled during the 2010/11 school year. We have a great opportunity to bring the gospel to non-churched kids and their parents: Native-English-speaking teachers are sometimes needed. Please see our web site for more details and contact information.

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Huntington University’s Institute for TESOL Studies

HU’s Institute for TESOL Studies offers a 15-credit certification in teaching English learners (ELs). This certificate will benefit individuals working in education, missions, ministry, social work, and international business. As a result, ITS courses are typically one evening a week, catering to traditional undergraduate students & working adults.



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MSI Professional Services

MSI was formed to mobilize Christian professionals to serve the medical, physical and spiritual needs of peoples in Sichuan, Yunnan and other inland provinces in China. Needs for health care people, family doctors, nurses, general practitioners, ophthalmologists, optometrists, opticians, technicians.

Places English teachers in addition to medical professionals in a medical university, public health schools, primary and high schools and hospitals in China. Two and four week, and one to five year assignments available.

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Bless India

Bless India’s heart is to serves what some might consider the “least” of all the people of India…abandoned or orphaned children. Here, these beautiful children are clothed, fed, educated, and loved. This ministry to children lies at the heart of Bless India, and is our joy and delight. Visitors to the orphanage today would find children who once worshipped the Hindu gods singing praises to the Lord, having exchanged their painful past for a joy that will never fade.

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Living Sent Missions

Living Sent Missions was founded in 2011 as a 501c3 ministry by founders John Anthony (Tony) and Melissa Luther. The inspiration for the development of LSM is the Biblical teaching that Jesus Christ is sending out all believers to live “sent” for Him where they are and to the utter most parts of the world. It is the calling of all Christians to share the good news of Jesus Christ, not just an elect few like pastors and missionaries. LSM gives Christians from all the United States and Canada the opportunity to live “sent” in the Dominican Republic and LSM teaches new believers in the Dominican Republic how to live “sent” for Jesus Christ right where they are.

It is the desire of LSM to defend those who can’t defend themselves and to serve the poorest of the poor, by giving Hope to the hopeless, bringing peace to the burdened and teaching others to Living sent for Jesus Christ.

We accomplish our mission by:

•Reaching the youth through an abstinence education presentation in the public schools.

•Reaching out to young girls and women in Crisis Pregnancy through the first ever Pregnancy Resource Center in the DR.

•Holding discipleship classes every week with men and women in the local churches.

•Making home visits, sharing the gospel with those who don’t have a relationship with Jesus Christ.

•Hosting short-term mission teams in the Dominican Republic and equipping them with the tools they need to Live “Sent”, by serving alongside them, guiding them with what is most needed here in the Dominican Republic, encouraging them to share the love of Jesus, assisting them with ministry and taking them to the people who need to hear the gospel.

•Teaching English as a Second Language

•Coming alongside the local Dominican Pastors, building and growing the church and encouraging them in their own walk with God.

•Identifying those in the community who are motivated to take the next step up out of poverty. We connect these people with the resources needed to accomplish their goals whether that is furthering their education or starting their own business, as well as training and equipping them for various trades and how to run a business.


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Joy Mission Trips

Joy Mission Trips needs teams to come to Vietnam 3 times a year. Once in the spring to serve the poor people Tet Lunar New year on the first of January. Twice during the summer to help the kids in English and dance Activities. Teams can come one week on first of June, July or August.  And third your team can come in Sept – November to help rebuild houses after our typhoon season. This is it is the sweetest times to go and share, encourage and love to the poor people to life as a body of Christ.

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Cornerstone Workplace English

(email) (North Thailand) Need trained, experienced ESOL teachers who are believers with a heart for reaching Thais, to train business leaders. Help generate a people group movement. Must be willing to bend with an Asian culture, and speak English with a “western” accent. Six to 12 month contracts. Visas and work permits available.

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Every summer, IMHE teams up with Korean churches to do English-VBS immersion camp to share gospel.We are looking for young adult -recent high school graduates to college level students (English as their first language- in US only) to join our VBS Mission to Korea.  Interested? For more info, please visit our website, look under Mission VBS.

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Global Outreach

Baseball, football, hockey, basketball, volleyball, soccer and other sports have become the venues that the vast majority of individuals have found to break down barriers between people groups around the world. Become a Global Outreach (GO) athlete and change the world by using sports as a platform!

Let us teach and/or certify you as a English teacher. Millions of individuals around the world are ready to learn the English language. No previous experience necessary; all you need is the willingness of a servant to help teach and share the gospel message around the globe! You can join our staff of missionaries.

Native American Cherokee Nation on the NE border of Oklahoma and  NW Arkansas. Join us as a group or individual from a Sun – Fri for  only $289 with trained staff. We’ll customize your time for your  desires and skills. Housing and 2 meals/day included. Construction  to orphanage possibilities. Secure Mission House for your base,  with many activities.

Secure Mission House for base with many activites w/i a 7000+ grounds/facility.

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Harvest Christian School International

(Cebu City, Philippines) We need Volunteer Christian Missionary Teachers for TESOL Certificate Courses and for our Elementary, High School, and Outreach Programs. We are also looking for assistance in organizing our TESOL programs so that we can help send Filipino missionary teachers to non-English speaking countries.

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Eagle School of Practical English

We minister in an inner-city area of Wroclaw, the capital city of the Lower Silesia region of Poland, as part of the outreach ministry of the 2nd Baptist Church, teaching English to adults. We often need teachers, with energy, creativity, a sense of humour, and CELTA qualification or equivalent, to commit for at least a year. Ministry includes friendship evangelism as part of a small team.

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Overseas Top University Language Training Center

(China) English teachers (ESL) and character teachers needed. Our curriculum emphasis is on language and culture, character first, community service and electives. Dialogue, inquiry and reflection among faculty and students trigger extraordinary intellectual growth. We pray for those who join us will share our vision to lead Chinese students to Father.

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Beacon Hill Academy

(Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka) We are a vocational school in Sri Lanka run by a Christian couple from Canada. We are looking for volunteer English teachers. Room and board are provided. Singles or young couples without children are preferred. Our students are from all religions and ethnic backgrounds.

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VOICE Missions

VOICE Missions is a Christian TESOL ministry operating in Taiwan. Our 11 month trips are fully sponsored by local sponsors. We are looking for dedicated young people who are willing to join us in ministering to the children of Taiwan! Visit our website for more information.

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Cornerstone Children’s Ranch

The Cornerstone Children’s Ranch is located in Quemado Texas.  They are trying to start a school here on the Texas Mexico border. They are looking for a Child Care Administrator / teacher to help them assist more children. Cornerstone presently has 4 students and two more coming this summer for the fall school year. They have 8 children coming this summer for the ESL classes.


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MeySen Academy

(Sendai, Japan) Join our team of teachers! Paid positions with benefits for those with English as their first language and an A.A. degree or greater in any field. Please email for more information on the school, the positions, and living in Japan. Application deadline is the first of October.

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