Your Good Works

“You are the salt of the earth; but if the salt loses its flavor, how shall it be seasoned? It is then good for nothing but to be thrown out and trampled underfoot by men,” Matthew 5:13, NKJV.

What is Happening in Europe?

I was considering some of the goings on in what is probably safe to refer to as two formerly Christian lands: England and France. For example, Mark Steyn has made some interesting observations about the current state of England and France. (The French condition is concisely stated by  Brenda Walker, if one considers that the crime that she speaks of is the transgressing of God’s Law.) For example, Mr. Steyn has observed (from an apparently purely secular point of view) how modern British socialism combined with a lack of will to procreate by “productive” members of society has lead to a degenerate society where laws are not enforced and the concept of human rights has been turned on its head.

David Pawson has also made some interesting observations about the state of “the church” in England that seem to authenticate what Yeshua said in Matthew 5:13-15 and Revelation 3:14-22. In a nutshell, the church has compromised, as Paul predicted (2 Timothy 4:3-4).

God said that when we do not heed His Word, that He gives us over to our own ways (e.g., Psalm 81:11-12 and Romans 1:18-32). If Pawson is correct, the church in England, in an attempt to “seem relevant,” has compromised much of the Word of God. That is, churches in England are now more concerned about the whims of their parishioners than the will of God, and this problem has grown to such an extent that false religions, like Islam, have become a better substitute for the Truth than the so called Christian Church.

As Solomon said, there is nothing new under the sun (Ecclesiastes 1:9), and the Nation of Israel fell into a similar state, one of the many times when it walked away from God. Lawlessness and injustice abounded to such an extent that one of God’s prophets, Habakkuk, cried out to God, imploring Him to do something (Habakkuk 1:2-4). God’s response to Habakkuk was that He was raising up a mighty nation via which He would purify His people (Habakkuk 1:5-10,2:2-4).

God’s solution may seem unexpected, but when God’s people have compromised to such an extent that they have become no different than the people in the world around them, they are no good to God. Indeed, their claim to God’s title and simultaneous failure to walk in God’s ways caused God’s Name to be blasphemed (e.g., Romans 2:23-24).

What About the Rest of the World?

Thus, God raised up yet another enemy of Israel to purge the unrighteous from the nation. God appears to be preparing to utilize a similar approach, today. However, this time, God’s chastisement may be for the entire world.

One might think that in countries, like the U.S. and New Zealand, where Muslims currently make up less than one percent of the total population would be safe from the coming wrath of Islam. However, percentages can be deceiving, especially given differences in sub-population growth rates. (Population growth is exponential in nature, after all.) For example, if people in the U.S. and New Zealand only produce an average of about 2.1 children per household (the number required to sustain the current population size) and Muslims produce an average of about eight or so children per household (which is not uncommon, even in the U.S.), these countries could become Muslim states within two to three generations (or within a single generation if they choose not to procreate, as most of the countries in Europe have done).

What Does this Mean for You, Christian?

The fact that you are living in the world, today, means that you were made for such a time as this (e.g.,Romans 13:11-14). Given the fact that God is only concerned about those who seek Him (e.g., Psalm 53:2), it might be safe to say that this entire existence is about us — that is, what we choose to and not to do.

For example, Yeshua did not pray for the world but for His people (that is, those who receive His Word — John 17:9,20). Also, the fate of a nation is determined by the actions of God’s people (e.g., 2 Chronicles 7:13-14). Finally, when the power of God’s people is completely broken, it is “game over” (Daniel 12:7).

So, the question is, if you are not happy about the state of the world and the nation in which you live, today, what are you doing about it? Are you living a righteous life, obedient to the Word of God, or are you blaspheming the name of God by living like the world? Are you salting the earth with your good works and, thus, bringing glory to God (Mathew 5:16), or are you about to be thrown out and trampled underfoot due to your ongoing disobedience to God (Matthew 5:13)?

The truth is that we are in an epic battle against the most sinister of forces (e.g., Ephesians 6:12). Each and every choice that we have to make and every action that we take is important and should be done for the glory of God (e.g., 1 Corinthians 10:31).

God’s Desire for You

Though I do not subscribe, at all, to the non-sense “prosperity gospel” that is going around, God clearly does only want good for His people. He wants to bless us, but we have to submit to and obey (that is, love) Him. For example, Psalm 81:13-16, NKJV:

Oh, that My people would listen to Me, that Israel would walk in My ways! I would soon subdue their enemies, and turn My hand against their adversaries. The haters of the LORD would pretend submission to Him, but their fate would endure forever. He would have fed them also with the finest of wheat; and with honey from the rock I would have satisfied you.

Thus, whatever you are doing that is not according to God’s will, set it aside and take up your Christian calling (e.g., Ephesians 4), and be blessed. Do not continue to claim God’s name and yet live in rebellion against God and, thus, require His continual chastisement. Study and do God’s Word and pray and give thanks to God, continually.

God bless, and Shabbat (Sukkot) shalom,

Darwin and Ani

P.S. 2 Chronicles 7:14, NKJV, “if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”

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God’s Will For Your Life

Excerpts from “Jesus & Company” by Don and Sondra Tipton, a remarkable book describing astounding, miraculous events leading to the founding of the Friend Ships ministry.

“How do I know what God has called me to do?”

This is the question I am asked more than any other. If your heart yearns to serve God but you don’t know how to do it, find a man or woman who is already doing something that is laid out in the Bible and help them. If a man in your church preaches on the city street corner, don’t criticize him because you can’t (or won’t) do what he is doing. Help him. Hold a flashlight on his Bible while he reads, intercede for him in prayer, wash his car so that he has more time to preach. Push him toward the mark.

If you were a father with an estate and had given your eldest son the job of mowing the lawn, wouldn’t it thrill you to look out the window and see your younger son, who had not yet received his own assignment, pushing against his brother’s back, helping to move the lawn mower, anxious to further the needs of his Father’s house?

Help your brother, and before long the Lord will clarify your mission. Be tenacious. God is with you who can be against you?

Satan is a liar. He’s all smoke and mirrors. He makes you believe that he has the ultimate power and strength, but Jesus defeated Satan at the cross. We are the ones Jesus died for. You have the weapons and the power. Take control. You know Satan is our adversary, so don’t wait for him to knock you down before you go on the offensive against him. Be aggressive. Get tough. Get in Satan’s face and “go ugly early.”

We are men and women of purpose. Your birth was no mistake, and it’s no coincidence that you’ve been chosen to live in a time such as this. There is a reason you’re on this earth. Your life is constantly full of great opportunity. God awaits your decisionsùthe choices are yours.

You are children of the living God, saved by grace, “not by òworks, so that no one can boast.” But remember, that the same passage continues on to say that we are “created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. ” It would be foolish for us to think that God has given us work to do, put it in our hearts and then made no provisions for it. How can we think this of our Father who is the God of Provision?

Some feel that when we give money to the church or to the mission field, we are financing God. Let’s get this straight. God does not need our financing. He doesn’t wake up every morning and check the stock market or the value of the dollar against the yen. No, God blesses us with an opportunity to be part of His work by allowing us the chance to give money or to give of ourselves. Money is precious to most people, so the issue often centers on cash. How easily we forget that God is the one who “gives you the ability to produce wealth.” God is God. He gives us everything we have, even every breath we take.

But if we are wise enough to partake of the opportunity He offers, we will give our financesùand we will give the one thing far more precious to Him than money.

Imagine Jesus approaching you with a collection basket in His hand. If the Great Giver Himself stood before you with His eyes of love and His nail-scarred hands, what kind of an offering might He receive? How excited you would be to give! You would probably pull out every last dollar you had as He stood there in front of you with His old woven basket.

But I know well, and can say with assurance that what He really would want to know as He gazed into your eyes is, “How much of yourself are you willing to place into my basket?”

We know how much of Himself He poured out for you. He valued you above all else. You are the jewels, the fine gold, the rubies, in His sight. Remember, you are the one He loves, and in this day and even this hour, you can choose what to give to God. Take courage. Believe what He has put in your heart. Spread the gospel, feed the hungry, love your neighbor, visit the sick. You’re not waiting for God. He’s waiting for you. Let today be your day of decision. Move by the Word of God. Don’t be faint. Act on what God puts in your heart. Stand and believe Him. Take hold of it and don’t let go.

Maybe you have a dream hidden in your heart, something you have longed to do for your Lord Jesus ever since you were born again. Why aren’t you doing it? If it builds the Father’s house, Jesus will give you all you need. Be bold, be brave. Trust God. Don’t let fear be your companion. “From the days of John the Baptist until now, the kingdom of heaven has been forcefully advancing and forceful men lay hold of it!” Let it be the last thing you’re willing to give up.

Time after time God reaches down in love and assures us in His Word, saying “Fear not!” Advance and seek the kingdom and everything you need will be supplied to you. He promises, “Do not be afraid, little flock, for your Father has been pleased to give you the kingdom.”

Become committed personally, prayerfully and financially in spreading the gospel and in helping those in need. Step forward. Be involved in whatever way you possibility can. It’s God’s will. He is the Lord. It’s important to Him. He will appreciate it, it honors Him, He will bless you for it, He will multiply your efforts.

Work with great tenacity! It doesn’t matter how knowledgeable, attractive, well dressed, well spoken, affluent or even how wise you are. If you do not sink your teeth in and hang on like a bulldog, you will fail.

The world wants you to fail. The enemy wants you to fail. At times, even some Christians want you to fail, but God wants you to win. If you stick with Him, only Him, and are not willing to be led by circumstances, even when it’s the death of your friends, He can and He will, bring you through. The journey may not be easy and not without disappointments, heartaches and scars. Maybe even your life will be required, but the commitment will be worth it because this is what you were created to do.

If you are willing to work for His glory and His alone, then ask Jesus to make the way. Cast down the fears that stand in your way. Don’t look at the circumstances. Don’t look to the left or the right. Keep your eyes only on Him.

The task set before you may be impossible to accomplish in your eyes but, with Jesus, all things are possible. It probably won’t be easy, friends, but the Lord will make it happen. As He’s filled our lives with joy unspeakable, He will fill yours!

We praise and give honor to our wonderful Lord and King!

Don Tipton

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Around the World with Loving Orphans Global

My Dear Friends and Family,
It was an amazing April indeed, hallelujah! The Lord graciously lead me through several countries; from Nicaragua, Peru, Paraguay, Brasil, Turkey, Uganda and Kenya. In my last email I had updated some of you about the ministry in Nicaragua, rescuing young girls and women from sex trafficking, and prostitution. I recall telling you about the pedophile from America we were building a case on, and I am happy to report that he has been arrested. He was drugging and raping over 300 children each year, and now he is behind bars in Nicaragua… for life.
Immediately after I left Nicaragua, my friend Steve who runs the ministry had 8 more new cases, all of similar situations, which is so crazy! “The righteous care about justice for the poor, but the wicked have no such concern.” Proverbs 29:7 That ministry and those girls need a lot of prayer! As I have been seeing so many countries in the past couple years, my eyes are now more opened to the ‘gnarlyness’ of child sex trafficking and prostitution, it exists in every country, even America. What can we do to be more proactive in fighting against these atrocities? Aren’t we called to defend the poor and afflicted?
From Nicaragua, I had a one day layover in Peru which was immediately greeted with a divine appointment of a ‘praise’ singing taxi driver. You see, at 2 am it is dangerous to drive around in certain parts of Lima, and even some taxi drivers will rob you. So, I prayed in the airport, and got to see God’s quick and faithful reply. I spent the day walking and skateboarding around, and ended up down on the beach where I rented a surfboard and wet suit for $6. I paddled out, as was stoked to catch some really fun waves. O praise the Lord! It was so fun! After this day of rest and site seeing, I headed south to Paraguay.
Su Refugio Orphanage in Paraguay was started by Scott Kvandal who I met from Maranatha Chapel in Rancho Bernardo, Ca. I was picked up by his friend, a kind pastor at 4 am, then later that day we made way to the orphanage in Tobati, Paraguay. It is a lovely property, with two small lakes, a river, a mountain, nice open pasture for animals to graze, an amphitheater, church and the orphanage which also serves as a feeding center Monday through Wednesday. Each day I was able to hang out with the kids, help in the kitchen, bake pizza’s, teach them to skateboard, and my favorite part of all was being goofy and make kids laugh. I got to share with them about being a missionary, and teach the kids that God’s faithfulness over their lives will never fail, that He will always be there for them, to comfort, to rescue, to feed, clothe and love them. I miss being in Latin cultures now, because everyone takes naps in the afternoon. Haha
From Tobati, Paraguay, I took a long and gorgeous bus ride to Brasil to spend 5 days with a pastor buddy that I had met in Malaysia last year. I stayed with him and his wife and they are an amazing couple. They actually lead worship together at the church. It is a great church, and constantly growing as the Holy Spirit is stirring up hearts in that country. People are so hungry to know and serve the Lord! I got to see a church full of people so hungry that they are willing to surrender everything to ‘go’ and share His love. To my surprise, I was asked to preach on Saturday night, which is the big young adults service. It was a great turnout, and it went for 3 and a half hours! Wow, the Lord was really moving there, and after I got to share stories of God’s faithfulness and pray His favor and blessings over the church, I walked to the side of the stage and collapsed to my knees in awe of what the Lord was doing! It was such a powerful night, and God’s presence was so real and thick in that place. I was able to share about Loving Orphans Global with the church, and the following day I was interviewed for the church’s monthly magazine. They asked several questions about Loving Orphans Global, and are hoping to be able to promote it within their church and community. This was all a big fat humbling experience, being able to preach and then see the Lord really grab and stir people’s hearts! I kept asking the Lord, “Why me, why do You use me?!?”. We have a truly gracious and kind God, and He loves to use foolish and weak people. I qualify, we all qualify to be used! Praise the Lord!
Next stop, Africa, with a quick 24 hour layover in Istanbul, Turkey. In Istanbul I met up with my friend Matt, from San Diego, and we spent the day walking around, seeing the history, and eating local foods like Baklava, Pita’s, Olives, and feta cheeses. It was SO great to have a friend to be with. It really closed the gap from being so far from home, and made home feel a little closer. When Matt and I left Istanbul, we arrived in Uganda to meet up with our other friends Mike and Kelly from San Diego, and Olive our LOG Ministry Coordinator for Uganda. We spent that first day getting prepared, and buying supplies for the village. There is no electricity in the village, no running water and no paved roads. To get there requires several miles of crawling over rain cracked roads at a turtles pace, doing our best not to get stuck in the mud, or puncture the tires with sneaky thorn bushes. When we arrived at 10 pm, we were greeted by Olive’s mom, Jaja who is in her mid eighties. She was happy to see me again because after spending almost 6 weeks with this old woman last year, she now calls me a son. But, the excitement for her that evening was to much, and she had a heart attack after going to bed. Olive rushed her to the hospital, where she spent the next several days on a ventilator. We spent many hours praying for her, and the Lord heard those prayers. She was able to come home towards the end of our week there. While visiting her in the hospital, we got to prayer for the child in the bed next to hers. The child was suffering greatly with sickle cell anemia, and after spending some time in prayer, the child and parents were finally able to get a good night of sleep after a couple crazy weeks. However, as the Lord’s ways are higher than ours, she died the next day. Papa took that girl home to be with Him in glory. Yet, a midst losing their daughter, the parents thanked us for praying for her, they were grateful she was able to spend one last night without tossing and turning in pain.
Our week in the village was filled with school activities in the new Youme Clothing and Loving Orphans Global school, named ‘Kito Village Christian School’. We played games with the kids, taught fun bible stories, held lots of cute little dirty hands, went around and visited the elderly, sat and prayed with them, taught at church on Sunday, tried to help build a local style house (we were mostly in the way for that project, haha), and had a big village soccer tournament, with a trophy for the winning team. We were able to bless the two teams, the singles and the marrieds, with uniforms, and we had a tournament in which every villager in the whole area came to. It was SO much fun! Our buddy Mike was asked to play on the singles team, and he was the only ‘mzungu’ ‘white guy’ playing. He must have played really well because afterwards a woman in the village was really set on marrying him, hahah! It was fun to see this whole exchange. ha!
We drove to Kenya with Olive, and our friend Sam, who was the contractor and builder of that new school in Uganda. The drive was beautiful! We arrived in the town of Chwele, which is about and hour and a half from the boarder of Uganda. There we spent Saturday through Wednesday with a very full agenda, teaching and preaching at three different locations each day. Everyday was SO full, and we were also perpetually full in the stomachs because each location would feed us. We would arrive at 11am, preach, teach, eat, and prayer, then go to the next location by 1:30 and eat again, then preach and teach some more. Then, as our stomachs were about to burst from their amazing hospitality, we would dance for a while in worship. Then, onto the next location, more food… I am talking about whole chickens, freshly slaughtered, plucked and cooked for each person, more teaching, preaching and soul bleaching, then more food!!!! Ahhh, it was really tough because if we didn’t eat what was set before us, it was like an insult, we had bursting stomachs, and my belly button popped out (mostly due to my umbilical hernia)  Proverbs 13:2 is true! “A man shall eat good by the fruit of his mouth…” Haha, looking back on it, I am really grateful, because last time through Africa, I lost a lot of weight. But now, I am still trying to digest all that African food; cooked bananas, corn millet, kasava, potatoes, chapati, and meat. Our last day with these pastors, we had an adventure to the Kakamega Rain Forest and the Crying Stone. The rain forests sounds just like walking through a jungle themed area in Disneyland, but it is a bit unnerving trekking through a Rain Forest full of Black and Green Mamba snakes, and humongous pythons and hoards of different species of monkeys and baboons. It was really cool though, literally and figuratively. The temperature dropped at least 10-15 degrees once in the forest.
When we left Chwele, we had another long drive to the center of Kenya, to an area known as Naivasha. Naivasha is home to a lot of wild life. The lake swarms with flamingos and hippos, and surrounding area had many different types of critters. The orphanage is not to far from all of this, but the children has never seen most of these animals in real life. The kids in this particular orphanage are orphans because their parents were murdered in the post election violence of 2007. Thousands of people were killed in this violence, and in the wake, many children were left without parents. So, these kids are unique, and very special to us. They came to the new orphanage 5 months ago, rarely would they smile, and there were lots of problems integrating them into living together. However, after spending a lot of time in prayer and discipleship, encouraging, loving and being there for these kids, they are now starting to act like a big family. They help each other, they love each other. As I am typing this, I am posting a video I was able to make with the new Jesus camera and computer I was blessed with. Thank you guys, these gifts have been a blessing to each place, through photos and video.
My last day in Kenya was spent preaching again, this time at a bigger church in the city of Nairobi. It was a fun message, all about not asking people for your needs, but rather pray more, because God is a faithful provider, He is THE faithful provider. I can testify of this, because He has not failed once in these past two years and four months. He has not failed since the beginning of creation, why would He fail on you, on me, on us?
Now, I am in Bangkok, Thailand. I am waiting for my Visa to process to enter Myanmar (Burma). Oh, I had a rad divine appointment while in my youth hostel yesterday. It was me and one other guy sharing a room. He was from Iran. I started pulling my laundry out of my bag to get it washed, and in doing so, I also placed my bible on the foot of the bed. This roommate, was just packing up and leaving. He actually walked out the door, then came right back in and asked if the book on my bed was a bible. I said ‘yes’ with a smile, and he proceeded to sit down on the opposite bed and asked if I could read him some of it. For 45 minutes we had an awesome time going through God’s word. Turns out, this guys is a new Christian, and really wants to know God more! We After we talked, and prayed together, I had a tug on my heart to give him some money, so I did. He was blown away! What happened was, he lost his passport and wallet a few days back and had been out of money for a few days. He had not eaten for two days, and was going to try and walk to the Iranian Embassy. He was so hungry, and rejoiced greatly when I passed on some of the Jesus money. We went and had a big lunch after and have spent the last day hanging out, listening to lots of worship music, and reading through the bible together. It has been really awesome! He asked if I could baptize him, so hopefully we can do that this weekend.
Next stop, Burma on Monday the 13th! Woohoo!!! This is exciting because we will be working on another school project… but more than that, I am SO STOKED to see my fiance again! Woohoo! This will be a neat month of ministry, and spending time with Htwe Htwe (my fiance), and meeting her family. I will update you all again next month.
Thank you for the prayer, love, support and encouragement! It strengthens me to persevere, and keeps these feet moving to bring Jesus’ love and gospel around the world. Be blessed, strengthened and filled with the joy of God’s presence.
Rejoice, and be glad!
Richard Lawson
p.s. for photos and video, check the Loving Orphans Global Facebook page.

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Loving One by One in Uganda, Africa

Sherry & Ken Roberts started their missionary ministry in 2005. Their first visit to Uganda was in 2002. It took three years to get the ground troops in place to carry out their mission. The first few years were tough, as the founders describe “everyone thought we were a walking ATM machine”. Since 2005, the Roberts have been collectively spending 15-25 weeks a year in Uganda leading teams of 20 at a time carrying out various projects. The other parts of the year they spend in Southern California.

In 2010, I visited Uganda and spent two and half weeks with the Roberts as a missionary on their summer team. What immediately impressed me about their program was the fact that within just two weeks of time we visited 3 orphanages, ran 7 medical clinics, went to 3 church services, visited 6 schools, medically treated over 5000 adults and children, visited a handicap orphanage, visited the Nile river, went to 5 inner city slums, and spent daily time at the Loving One by One sponsored school and orphanage. If you are considering a missionary trip with Loving One by One, strap on your seat belt and get ready for an exciting and life changing ride.
Sowers International trained the Roberts to become missionaries. Previously, Ken worked at Disneyland as an engineer and Sherry worked as a pastors’ secretary for over 25 years. Sherry is now retired and focuses all of her energy on Loving One by One.

Ken & Sherry understand that to change belief and behavior you must do it one by one. Hence, the name of the project is Loving One by One. This concept shows how mature they are in their pursuit of working with the poor and how mature they are in their faith. Instead of focusing on numbers and volume they are always looking for that one child who may have been left behind. We never left a medical clinic until every child received treatment. If a child showed up at the end of the day (after 10 hours of work) and we had loaded everything up on the bus, we unloaded just for that one child who needed medical attention.

Interested in a missionary trip to Uganda, Africa? Contact Loving One by One at and please let them know Mission Finder referred you.

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Holy Spirit Empowered Discipleship

Greetings from Cape Town!

In just a few weeks JDx begins! JDx stands for “Jesus Discipleship Experience”. This is your invitation to participate in JDx.

From July 6-13 myself and Pastor Ken Primrose from the United States will be teaching on personal discipleship – along with 2 of our other leaders from All Nations.

Ken Primrose leads a church in Norman, Oklahoma, called Norman Community Church. His church is made up of 10 house churches that meets for congregational celebrations once a month. One of the foundational values of their church is Holy Spirit empowered discipleship.

Ken will teach on discipleship and the Holy Spirit. He’s an excellent teacher with a very warm open heart to people. I hope you are able to spend a week with Ken, myself and 30 to 40 other people July 6-13 here in Cape Town.
Ken’s teaching will include such topics as hearing the voice of God, the gifts of the Holy Spirit and how the Holy Spirit works in making disciples.

Furthermore, myself and others at All Nations will be teaching on ten core Biblical truths that we draw from in disciplemaking. We trust that these truths together with the tools and skills that you will learn from Ken will not only fuel your passion for disciple making, but help you to be truly effective in helping others become devoted followers of Jesus!

Below are some important details about JDx:

Childcare will be provided for ages 0-3 at R50 per day.
Kids 2 & under are free (except if you would like childcare to be provided). Kids 3 & over are R600
Accommodation at Africa House is filling up rapidly. If you prefer the low cost accommodation that we offer, we suggest you book quickly to ensure your space! You are welcome to also book your own accommodation.
Accommodation is not included in the fees for JDx… there is an additional cost per person per day to stay at Africa House.
Also a reminder that the early bird registration closes on the 15th of June! Register before June the 15th and the price will be R1750/person OR R2875/couple. AFTER June the 15th the price will be R2300/person OR 3450/couple.
The program is mornings and afternoons, with evenings free. One evening there will be a braai… included in the fees for CPx.
There will be worship times every morning and one evening during the week…led by Liam and Rachel Byrnes.
To register, go to the bottom of this letter and click on the links in red letters.

Our staff are busy preparing for JDx… we are praying and believing God that is will be a life-changing week for you! I hope to see you here!

Warm regards,

Floyd McClung
JDx open for registration!!

Jesus Discipleship Experience (JDx) is an intensive training that equips participants with the tools to disciple others as Jesus did. This year’s JDx will be July 6-13 in Cape Town.
JDx is similar to All Nations’ five-month training, CPx, but designed to impart principals of discipleship in a more condensed format. It will run from Saturday to Saturday, to make it more accessible to those ministering in the workplace and families.
The sessions will examine how Jesus discipled those around him, focusing on hearing God’s voice, the role of the prophetic in disciplemaking, and the gifts of the Holy Spirit.
The featured speaker will be Ken Primrose, who pioneered a U.S. community, Norman Community Church, which has become a healthy network of housechurches. Floyd McClung and others will also teach. Liam and Rachel Byrnes will lead worship times. All teachings will be in English.
All teachings will be at All Nations’ Africa House, 1 Montrose Close, Noordhoek. Registration is open to anyone who would like to learn how to make disciples, and has already been discipled themselves.
If you register and pay by 15 June, cost is R1750/person OR R2875/couple, R600 for children 3 and up and children under 3 are free. Prices increase after 15 June. No scholarships are available, and payment is due by 6 July. Accommodation is available for an extra charge.
To register online for this exciting opportunity, please click here.
For more information, please read the brochure or e-mail

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Hope for Syria

Dear Friend,

When I was in college in the 1960’s, the Vietnam war raged out of control. 58,220 American men died in the war, and many hundreds of thousands more Vietnamese died. I lost several friends. Many families lost their fathers and sons in the war.

Since that time the United States has fought two Gulf wars and a protracted war in Afghanistan. None of these conflicts compare to the Syrian war in terms of lives lost and devastation caused to the people and the whole nation.

27 torture centers have been identified in Syria. Most if not all the detainees endure torture, rape, electrocution, sexual abuse, burnings and mock executions… including children.

It is estimated that 15.6% of the deaths in the Syrian conflict have been women and children.

3000 refugees are fleeing the country every day, with the numbers increasing weekly since January. More than half the refugees are children under the age of 11.

It is estimated that 85,000 people have died in the conflict, and 1.7 million refugees have fled the country.

Many followers of Jesus are involved in reaching out to the refugees, but we must do more. In an article from The Guardian newspaper (see the article on our website,, the UN high commissioner for refugees, Antonio Guterres, says it is the worst humanitarian disaster the agency has ever dealt with, adding there has “not been an inch of progress toward a political solution”.

I am proud of followers of Jesus who are serving the refugees and working for peace. We are the hope for a hopeless situation. Hope happens as we show practical love and share the good news of Jesus. Only the gospel can bring answers to the war and the political crisis, and we are the bearers of the gospel.

I plan to visit the refugee camps in September, but until then I am doing everything I can to mobilize “prayer, giving and going”.

We must not be silent. The war in Syria is headed toward a regional war, and that will drag America, Britain and France into the war on one side, and Russia on the other. Russia has announced in the last few days it will send missiles to aid the Syrian government. Israel will be forced to respond.

A regional war will bring destabilization to the region and to the world, and will have a devastating effect on the global economy. Many more people will die.

I want to ask you to mount more prayer for Syria and for peace in the region. As you pray for Syria, remember Egypt as well and the other countries of the Middle East. Pray for righteous leaders, for “the hearts of kings to be like rivers in the hands of God”. Pray for freedom for the church and for the persecuted church to have courage. Please call the Syrian war to the attention of your church and prayer networks you are in touch with. Now is the time to pray more diligently before the situation gets even worse.

Remember Paul’s words to Timothy while both men ministered under the yoke of Roman oppression:

“The first thing I want you to do is pray. Pray every way you know how, for everyone you know. Pray especially for rulers and their governments to rule well so we can be quietly and peaceably go about our business…” 1 Timothy 2:1-3

Thank you for your prayers and for your gifts to help us help the Syrian refugees.


Floyd and Sally McClung

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Uganda Update #2

Greetings everyone,

Wednesday…Another special day for us in Uganda.  We started out at New Creation Children’s School and enjoyed a wonderful time as they performed songs, poetry, dancing and worship. These kids are so amazing with their gratefulness for the opportunity to go to school, get a meal and to be loved. Without this opportunity, there would be little hope for them or for a future.
One of the boys, 15 year old Gerald, shared how grateful he is to have found God and been given a chance at the school. His mother has died and he has no father and his aunt left him and moved away.  He actually is living in a tiny room at the school and helps with cleaning to earn enough money for meals on the weekend.  He gets meals at the school during the week.  It’s hard to imagine so many kids who have no one and nothing but for the grace of God and generosity of ministries such as ours.  And we realize that this little corner of the world represents such a small fraction of those in such desperate need in our world!
Friday…..Stephanie and I have been talking and reflecting more and more about all that we are seeing.  Having been here multiple times now, the situations with which we deal, the horrendous plight of all these people….it’s very difficult to reconcile ‘them’ versus ‘us’.  I know God says, “The poor will always be with us,” but the disparity is profound.
In a morning devotion, one of our team members shared observations from The Global Orphan Report which encouraged us that it’s not to be about the ‘outcome’ so much as the process.  The author is a Christian and his point is that each touch or connection we make has the power to multiply in mighty ways through the power of Jesus Christ as it is actually His touch, His power, and in His name. “God has something bigger in mind in the rich-poor exchange than the outcome of physical rescue.  It’s the process of life change! Transformation”
And that is what we pray!  Transformation of hearts and minds as we seek to meet the immediate needs for medical care and the most basic human needs.  We can’t ‘fix’ everything but we can make a difference.
A couple of those ‘differences’….15 year old, Joseph, one of the young men at the school who is being sponsored by Stephanie’s women’s Bible study group. His humble, almost tearful, gratefulness for the opportunity that has been given to him was beyond touching.  He clutched the letters and pictures that Stephanie had brought for him as if they were a most valuable treasure…because they were!
And George, the young boy we wrote of in the first update. We did learn that his desperate condition was not a result of poisoning but, none the less, desperate.  His chest had literally been cut open at a village hospital because of  typhoid. Totally NOT the right procedure but it was done and we ‘found’ him when we visited Mulago Hospital.  We know God brought him to our attention because he was in such desperate need and would not have been treated without an advocate.  The conditions in the hospitals, even the ‘better” ones are abysmal. Families are responsible to bring blankets, food, whatever is needed for their loved one.  And in George’s case, his parents are still not here as they are unable to get here from the village and were burying another son.   And even the most basic procedures are not followed. And the lack of skilled help and attention is astounding!  So God showed us him….and that became our mission field for both his physical needs and his spiritual need for Jesus.
The good news is that he had a successful surgery yesterday. Now we pray for his recovery and that journey has just begun.  His little body is so frail, looking like the pictures you see of African children in a famine,
But God had us there, “for such a time as this,” that we could intervene on his behalf.  And so we pray that this will have a ripple effect to affect to touch the many who have seen Jesus through us.  In particular, 20 somethings, Tyler and Kelsey, have literally spent countless hours at George’s side and that has impacted him and all those watching as Jesus has been proclaimed.
Soon we leave for the Home for the Elderly then we will visit the Restore Int’l Home which is rescuing young girls from the streets and prostitution.  This is a ministry that Horizon, our church, supports which we visited last year shortly after it had opened.
Thank you, again, for your thoughts and prayers.  Know that they are felt and deeply appreciated.
Love and blessings,
Jan and Stephanie
Stephanie Malme
2nd Grade Teacher
(858) 756 • 5599

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Nepal Earthquake Relief

The following ministries are actively involved in relief efforts from the devastating earthquakes in Nepal

Samaritan’s Purse stands ready to respond at a moment’s notice whenever and wherever disaster strikes. We specialize in meeting critical needs for victims of conflict, disaster, famine, and epidemics throughout the world, often working through ministry partners on the ground. We provide food, water, shelter, medicine, and other assistance in the Name of Jesus Christ.  Learn More About Samaritan’s Purse

The Salvation Army has worked in Nepal for years and is responding to the urgent needs – currently the provision of shelter and clean water. But we need your help. International Salvation Army leader General André Cox encourages Salvationists and friends around the world to support this important appeal for funds: ‘The Salvation Army is present, we are known, and we have a responsibility to step up and support the relief and rebuilding efforts.’ Learn More About The Salvation Army

Direct Relief is helping in Nepal by mobilizing and providing essential medical resources. Thanks to generous material and financial contributions from individuals, pharmaceutical companies, and medical equipment manufacturers, Direct Relief can work with healthcare professionals and organizations on the ground and equip them with the essential medical supplies and equipment that they need to help people recover. Direct Relief partnered with other organizations to deliver 118, 771 lbs. of medical materials
to Nepal via two charters. Learn More About Direct Relief

The massive earthquakes in Nepal has destroyed thousands of buildings, including family homes, schools, temples, monasteries and shrines. These losses are catastrophic in a country where the per capita income is less than two dollars a day. In the aftermath of the earthquake, Nepal Youth Foundation has launched a major relief effort to provide immediate help for those most in need as well as long-term rebuilding. With our experience over the last 25 years providing food, water and shelter, building 100 classrooms and 16 Nutritional Rehabilitation Homes, and currently constructing a large children’s village and vocational school, “Olgapuri Village”, we are equipped to provide disaster relief now as well as in the coming months. Learn More About Nepal Youth Foundation

Forward Edge has a history of working in Nepal since the 1980s. We plan to send teams to Nepal to help rebuild churches and homes, remove debris, distribute water filters and share the love of Christ with those suffering from the earthquake. Our teams will be working with a local partner who we’ve been connected with for years. Our partner has been working in Nepal for decades and is equipped to funnel relief to the most urgent needs in the region. Learn More About Forward Edge

With the devastation of the earthquake disaster, Patan Academy of Health Sciences (PAHS) in Nepal, has established “Patan Hospital Earthquake Disaster Relief Fund” to aid the humanitarian causalities caused by the earthquake that hit Nepal. Thus all kind-hearted people who wish to make financial donations to the fund may make deposits directly. Learn More About Patan Academy of Health Sciences

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance local partners through ACT Alliance have been working in Nepal for several years and are on the ground assisting many who have survived the quake by distributing immediate life-saving supplies such as water, food, shelter and medication. PDA is committed to the long-term response. As long-term recovery plans are developed, PDA will accompany and further financially support our partners in the area to ensure a comprehensive recovery is sustained. Learn More About Presbyterian Disaster Assistance

United Mission Hospital has sent 2 doctors with the INF team which went to Gorkha,  near the epicentre, and will be sending an orthopedic team to assist Anandaban, a mission hospital in the Kathmandu valley.  We hope we can help as an orthopaedic referral centre for our region too. UMN is coordinating the relief activities of UMN hospitals and clusters.  The most practical way supporters can help is to pray and send financial support.  Learn More About United Mission Hospital

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Clinic Construction Update

Dear Friends,It’s hard to believe that the year is already more than half over!!!   As they say, time flies… this cliche reminds me of a quote I heard by Dr. Seuss:  “How did it get so late so soon? It’s night before it’s afternoon. December is here before it’s June. My goodness how the time has flewn. How did it get so late so soon?”  EmojiThe highlight of the month of June for us was a special gathering we organized to officially give thanks, honor and glory to God for His provision and faithfulness in this whole process of clinic construction and also to dedicate the clinic facilities to His service.  One thing we have learned over and over again in this whole process is that while we strive to work hard and to accomplish goals and see dreams realized,  God is always working on us, in us and through us… and by “us”, I mean all of us… in this case that means our staff, the community of Bocachica, volunteers, visitors, those who have prayed and believed, those who have donated funds, those who have invested sweat, physical strength and even tears, those who have worked behind the scenes, those who have encouraged, and even those who have silently observed!

The construction of the clinic hasn’t only been about the physical construction of a building.  It has been about what God is building in our lives during all these 11+ years through this project.  All of our lives have changed in the process… we are growing in faith, in trust, in patience, perseverance and dependance on Him; we are learning to wait on God and trust His timing.  We are growing in relationship with Him because we have seen and experienced His faithfulness as our Provider; as our God who guides us and comforts us and gives us refuge and strength when we are discouraged  and weak; who picks us up when we fall down; who lovingly and graciously corrects us when we make mistakes.  We are learning to remember to humble our hearts and acknowledge that He is the One who is in control; and learning to die to our own flesh and will and surrender the outcome to Him.  In one way or another, we have all been edified by God together through this process.  In Spanish “to edify” means “to build” and we have seen that as He gave us this challenge of building a clinic, He took on the challenge of building us through the process!  Sometimes it’s easy to get frustrated and think how much easier something would be if we just had more money!  But at times like these we come to realize that God’s way is always better because He’s not focused on our accomplishments or on what we do or how long it takes us, but on who He is making us to be as a result of the process He takes us through.

Our theme verse for this time has been Psalm 115:1 (NIV):  “Not to us, Lord, not to us but to your name be the glory, because of your love and faithfulness.”  Our heart’s desire is that God be glorified… that when people see what He has done, they will be moved to thank and praise Him for what He has brought to fruition and that He use this building as a tool to serve and bless the communities around us.  After so many years of hard work and perseverance, some key people have told us they are proud of us and that they admire and congratulate us for what we have struggled to accomplish.  We really appreciate these words of encouragement and we feel uplifted by them, however, we are very clear on the fact that it has only been by God’s amazing grace that this has been accomplished!  We are keenly aware of the fact that we could never have done this in our own strength!  It has been God working in His way and on His timetable.

And now that the construction phase is coming to completion, we feel like the real challenge is just beginning!  Now we must face the questions of how we will operate legally under all of the laws and regulations of the Colombian government and the health department… how will we have the money to sustain it, how will we be able to equip and consistently man this clinic?  If completing the construction phase felt like climbing a mountain, looking at the task that lies ahead of us now feels like we are staring at a whole mountain range yet to be crossed.

So, we must continue in this process of character development with Him; of developing and practicing patience, perseverance, dependance; of waiting on and trusting in Him as He unfolds His plan.  We have been looking into different options over the last couple of months, such as the possibility of renting our facilities to a private medical company or forming an alliance with local governmental health entities and of course we are also considering the daunting possibility of running it by ourselves.  We had hoped to have a more concrete answer for you by this time but as usual, things haven’t’ gone according to our schedule and so once again, we are waiting on God to do things according to His schedule! Emoji

What we do know is that we are confident of this, that He who began a good work in us will carry it on to completion!  (Phil. 1:6)

See photos of the dedication ceremony here!

Keep up with our blog here!

Like us on Facebook here!

With love and appreciation!!
Jorge and Karen

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Divine Appointments, Ramadan and the Syrian Crisis


I stopped by a market stall a few days ago and ordered some firewood. It’s winter in Cape Town, and like most homes, we don’t have central heating. I had a nice chat with the lady I ordered the wood from.

She came this morning with a bakkie load (pickup truck for us Americans) of wood. As it was being unloaded, we chatted about her business, her father, and about Ramadan coming up.

She is a Muslim. She will fast during Ramadan (July 9 – August 7). She told me, “I will fast to save money so I can buy food parcels for the poor”. She told me she loves Jesus and has him in her heart. It was a beautiful conversation, including tears...and then agreement to meet again to talk more. I told her I would like to meet her husband and father.

I have prayed intentionally the last few weeks for divine appointments, for new friends to meet who don’t know Jesus, who are open to talk more. It was a divine appointment.

In fact, we can with confidence journey through life knowing Father God is drawing every human being to Himself. Holy Spirit is wooing people to the Father. Non-stop, 24 hours a day… He never ceases.

Every conversation we have can be one more step in a person’s journey, one more seed we plant, a little more water of prayer we pour on people’s hearts as they are being drawn to saving faith in Jesus. God is always working in people, it is we who need to be more alert.

As I mentioned above, Ramadan is drawing near. Some friends and I prayed in the Sinai desert 20 years ago, and as a result, the 30 Days of Prayer movement was born to pray for Muslims during Ramadan. Now millions of Jesus followers pray and fast for Muslims during this month. Please join in… to learn how you can pray, simply click on one of the links below:

“30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World”
Hard copy booklet

To sign up for the email edition, fill out the info at: up/

You can also download the eBooklet at:

PLEASE pray for the Syrian refugee crisis… more than 93,000 Syrians have been killed in the Syrian war. The United Nations refugee commission says it cannot cope with the crisis. But we can be involved. We are not helpless. Pray the refugees will be comforted in their loss and in their grief; pray for them to experience the saving love of Jesus, and please pray for an end to the fighting.

As I am writing to you this morning, I just received news that one of our All Nations teams has been caught in the fighting between the Hezbollah and another Muslim faction in Sidon, south of Beirut. A RPG rocket hit the building next door to where our team lives. No one was injured and they are being evacuated to Beirut this morning. Sadly, the fighting in Syria is spreading to neighboring countries.

I am preparing for my trip to the Syrian refugee camps in a few weeks time. I am praying for my heart to experience what God sees and feels, and to find out what needs we can meet by mobilizing short term and long term teams. 

Thank you for praying, and thank you for your love and partnership with Sally and me.

Warm regards,

Floyd and Sally McCLung

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Strange Sights and Sounds from the Middle East


I am leaving Kuwait in a few hrs for Beirut… to see and learn about what can be done to serve the Syrian refugees, especially children.
The news here today says there are a million children starving and suffering from malnutrition in Syria itself. I continue to be deeply burdened for the refugees and especially the children. When the war ends we must be ready to enter the country to serve in His name.
I spent quality time today with a wonderful couple working in a nearby restricted country… they are starting to see local friends respond to signs and wonders, love and friendship. I am so proud of their service to Jesus and their love for the local people! They are using their vocational skills to add value to people’s lives while they share the love of Jesus.
Local sights and sounds… 
– A sign in the Kuwait airport says, “Veiled ladies do identity check here…”
– A sign in a elegant grocery store says, “Non-Muslim food here (pork)”
– it was 44 degrees centigrade today… 120 degrees fahrenheit.
– there are American, Japanese and German SUV’s, malls, and signs of wealth every direction one looks
– approximately 80% of the Kuwaiti population are non-Kuwaiti; many come here as common laborers, nanny’s, etc.
– the sultan of Oman has done a massive and amazing job of building infrastructure in his country over the last 30 years
– the Omani’s are very warm and hospitable people
– a big surprise so far on this trip is how many South Africans i have met – they are everywhere in the Middle East in large numbers
Thank you for your prayers. I will continue to keep you updated as I visit the Syrian refugees in the next ten days. Please pray for divine appointments and clear guidance for future involvement.
With gratitude,
Floyd McClung
PS please pray for me – i’m experiencing some flu symptoms.

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Uganda Update #3

Dear family and friends,
Last Friday included a wonderful visit to the home for the elderly where the greatest blessing was singing with the residents.  The sweetest picture was when we were joined by one man as we sang How Great Thou Art. He has severe Parkinson’s disease and   we had befriended him last year. He gets around with great difficulty using a very large ‘staff’, leaning heavily against the walls…or on us. The joy on his face was very moving.  So many residents, very feeble and disabled, haltingly made their way to sing with us…even with some dancing thrown in. :) Any music, but particularly worship, truly breaks down barriers whether of language or disability or situation. The Lord blessed us all!
That night we went to the Bukoto Home, established by Bob Goff and Restore International to get young girls off the streets and out of prostitution.  Our church, Horizon Christian Fellowship sponsors this home.  Our group had visited last year shortly after its opening, but the transformation this year to last was amazing.  God has done a great work in hearts and minds to bring true joy and laughter and freedom to these girls. We sang and worshiped together, even dancing in praise.  We were deeply saddened by the testimony of a 15 year old who told of becoming a prostitute just so she could go to school.  Another one read a long poem of coming out of the darkness and desperation of being told by her mother that she was “trash” and had no value as a person. It is only through Restore and her new found faith in Jesus that she realizes that she is loved and is valued beyond measure. Girls as young as 12 or 13 years, in the dark pit of prostitution, now free and with hope that they would have never dreamed possible.
Yesterday, Monday, was our final medical clinic and it was at the Acholi Quarters.  These are a people group who escaped the north and persecution and are little more than tolerated, allowed to live in southern Uganda but in filth and squalid conditions.  At some level it’s our favorite clinic because of the need but it is disturbing and deeply sad to see these dear people living amongst raw sewage, clothing filthy and threadbare, little food and disease apparent everywhere.  But they are so grateful we are there and express it over and over…..very humbling.
And it was extra special when we found mama Rose and her daughter Brenda whom Stephanie had met on her first trip to Uganda four years ago. The next year, my first visit (Jan), we saw Rose and little Brenda again.  This year Stephanie had brought pics of that second meeting. I remember how pleased mama Rose was to see us together, ‘mama and daughter.‘  Last year we didn’t connect so we loved seeing them again, giving her the pictures and getting to meet her younger baby boy, Gilbert.  Truly you are so relieved to see them still there…Brenda in school, and the family together.  With so much disease and the desperate conditions…you just don’t know year to year….
Then in the clinic, Jaja (grandmother) Florence came with one grandson, Aaron.  As we were talking, she talked of us meeting last year and how happy she was that we were back.  She is HIV positive and cares for her three grandchildren, praying she will live to care for them as they grow.  They are all under two years.  She is a lovely Christian and has a deep trust in Jesus.
Both these precious women returned later in the clinic giving us paper bead jewelry which they had made. As Florence said, “I can only give this as I have nothing else but I give from my heart.”
So as sweet as this story is, we still were surrounded by people in such desperate conditions that it’s impossible to describe.   When I say, “slum” or “poor”, it’s hardly differentiating one area from another….there are the poor and desperate all around us.  Sometimes almost hard to breathe when you are ‘in the midst’ and can only see the desperate conditions.  However, we do see the Lord’s hand.
We go into the darkest settings of human filth and depravation and yet so many we meet are spiritually alive and we come out blessed and charged to love more and deeper.  Here they are so dependent on Christ for everything; food, medical, transportation…their very lives. So Christ is very real.  In our culture, it’s easy to become less dependent on Christ as our lives are so convenient.  This experience serves as a catalyst of change, changing our hearts and deepening our commitment to serve Him whether in Africa or at home. By God’s grace, may our desire to love and serve be evident no matter where we are…
Love and Blessings,
Jan and Stephanie
Stephanie Malme
2nd Grade Teacher
(858) 756 • 5599

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Rahab’s Rope

Interested in serving alongside the ministry of Rahab’s Rope, a faith-based non profit that works against human trafficking in India? Venture India trips are a great way to learn what it looks like to fight human trafficking in India and to plug into being a part of the solution.
With trips to Goa, our prevention site, and to Bangalore, our after-care program, we provide many varied ways to get involved in ending the terrible practice of human sex trafficking in India. For more information and an application, please visit, or email Sarah Schulte at

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All Nations

All Nations Seeks Donations to Purchase South Africa Home

I am writing to share an urgent prayer request. Our missionary training program CPx in Cape Town is full and overflowing with students who are volunteering to go to the nations. Many are coming open to hear God’s call to go to Syria when the war is over… we are overwhelmed with the response from young and old willing to get involved.
One young couple, both architects, told me a few days ago, “We are ready to quit our jobs, just tell us when and we will go to help the Syrian refugees. Many of our friends will go as well”.
But…we are desperate for more housing for accommodating the leaders and workers who are coming to us for equipping for the harvest. Please pray with us, would you? We have spent hundred’s of thousands of rand (tens of thousands of dollars) each year for rent for temporary student housing… and meanwhile there is a 14 bedroom guesthouse for sale next door to Africa House (our training center) for a reasonable price ($350,000 or R3.5 million).
Please pray for miraculous provision to buy the guest house, would you?? It would save so much money for the kingdom and allow us to equip and send more workers to such places as Syria. 
One other big need – this week Sally and I are in Taiwan to meet with 70 of our All Nations leaders from around the world. We are here to pray and seek God’s face for the next five years for the All Nations family worldwide.
We long to hear from the Lord in the time we are here with our leaders. 
Would you please pray for the following needs?
1. safety for 70 of our leaders traveling from six continents to be here – they start arriving today for meetings all next week. we are celebrating the 20th anniversary of All Nations while we are here!
2. a spirit of prayer – there are three to four intercession/worship times a day of 1-2 hrs each to pray for the us while we are meeting – a prayer team of about 20 people giving their time to pray
3. pray for a Holy Spirit invasion of our lives, empowering us for courage and vision and anointing for the next season of All Nations worldwide
4. wisdom, anointing and God’s leading for the strategies and plans for six “priorities” that will guide our movement for the next five years. these priorities are: 1. mobilizing asians for the harvest 2. business for mission 3. church planting movements of healthy local churches 4. mobile modular training of leaders in the harvest fields 5. unreached, unengaged people groups 6. muslims
5. please pray for courage and vision to obey God’s call on our movement
6. a new generation of young leaders to be raised up to lead the All Nations family forward in the future…
7. financial resources to fulfill the great commission – may we see completion in this generation of the great commission!
8. God’s plans for responding to the Syrian refugee crisis – we are making a “macedonian” call to our movement worldwide to respond to the crisis. never has there been a time when the Muslim world is so open to Jesus and so in need of God’s mercy. the need and opportunity is URGENT NOW!
9. please pray for urgently needed accommodation for student housing. We need a release of $200,000 by the end of the year to secure the purchase of the guest house next door.
Thank you for your prayers and your love. Sally and I need you like never before.
With gratitude,
Floyd and Sally McClung

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Beacon of Hope Uganda

If you would like to spend time volunteering in Uganda we have opportunities for building, community outreaches on HIV/AIDS Awareness, organizing games and sports, working with women in crafts projects and teaching primary and high schools in English and Geography and other social subjects.  Beacon of Hope Uganda volunteers enjoy an extremely unique experience not only in the work they do but also in the atmosphere they live in. The hard work volunteers put in during the week undoubtedly warrants some fun and relaxation during evening free time and on the weekends.

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Purpose Bound Caribbean

Purpose Bound is a non-profit Christian ministry organization that offers unique Caribbean travel experiences designed to accelerate the spiritual growth of its participants while impacting lives in the islands. Our core experiences are one and two week sailing excursions that combine the elements of a retreat, a mission trip, and a Caribbean adventure living on a sailboat and exploring the islands.



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Teen Challenge Uganda

Dear friends and family,
It’s Friday evening for us and we wanted to give you another update from our last couple of days in Uganda.  On Tuesday, we were blessed to spend the morning at a Teen Challenge home in Kampala.  We made our first connection with them last summer when we were here.  For those not familiar with Teen Challenge, it’s an outreach and support program for those struggling with addiction to drugs and/or alcohol and who desire to change their lives through a long term commitment to the program.  It actually began many years ago and originally was set up to deal only with teens, thus the name, Teen Challenge.  At some point they expanded their outreach to include men and women, other than teens.  It’s very active in many areas in the states and obviously we found them here in Uganda.
As you would imagine, addiction problems exist any and everywhere and Uganda is no exception so Teen Challenge is meeting a definite need and helping people find hope and healing and new lives of purpose.  Each person who chooses to turn their life around makes a one year commitment to make that change.  It’s not an easy journey but it’s made possible by this commitment to the program.  The foundation is realizing their only true hope of staying clean and sober is through a faith walk with Jesus Christ and a commitment to accountability and working the program consistently and with diligence so that in the end, they find freedom from their former lifestyle.
We were privileged to hear many of their stories and see changed lives for those who were well into the program.  Some, after completing their commitment, actually go on staff at Teen Challenge and are able to mentor and encourage ones just beginning.  It was so great to share with these men and women who have or are turning their lives around and are so proud of who they are becoming through a consistent walk of faith.  They were very grateful for our visit and we were touched by their sharing and blessed as we worshipped and prayed together.
On Wednesday, we did a medical clinic at a church here in Kampala, Pastor Henry’s church.  Though there are certainly similarities as we do clinics, this one is unique because of how the church supports and works with us as we serve the people who come from their surrounding village. Their church members pray with each person seeking medical care which does not happen at any other site.  The pastor and his wife, Camilla, have totally invested in their ‘community’ and really train up their church members to do so as well. We are invariably on our own in trying to keep order for the hundreds of men, women and children who come to our clinics, but in this case Pastor Henry and Camilla and their church staff are the ones who make the difference. They serve as translators, prayer partners and they actually follow up with many of those who come to the clinic.  In fact, in that day we met two men in particular who are committed to enter Teen Challenge to change their lives of addiction and alcoholism.  Pastor Henry will be the one to facilitate that…we KNOW we can trust his follow through which is not the case out in the slums or villages where we serve.
To help you understand, we have three stations at every clinic.  There is a deworming station for children to receive their deworming pill then a ‘sweetie’ and ‘biscuits’ and some sort of treat…a couple crayons and coloring pages or some other small ‘gift.‘  We see anywhere from 500-900 or more children at each clinic.  We actually put the pill in their mouths and make them chew it before any treat or biscuit.  Ring worm is huge a problem for children in Africa and getting pills every six months is necessary.  Thus, LOBO has teams come in January and then in summer as we are. Here shows the exact reason to bring teams regularly and to be CONSISTENT.
For those desiring to see a doctor, a short medical form is filled out when each patient describes his/her ailment to a Ugandan helper.  From there, they have their vitals, temperature and blood pressure, taken by one of us on the team.  Yes, we do become ‘medical personnel’ here in Uganda. :)  But the unique and special opportunity at this point is the chance we have to speak with them and often pray for them.  Just a moment or two and there is a connection which blesses them and us.
We always have four or five Ugandan doctors who join us on our clinic days and they are the ones who do the diagnosis and write prescriptions.  And our team runs a full pharmacy with a local doctor actually dispensing and explaining to each person about the medications to be taken.  Yesterday alone we filled over 900 prescriptions!
In the end, these medical clinics often are the ONLY medical care these dear people are able to access. And it’s very often the case that needed surgeries, serious illness and desperate wound care is provided and/or arrangements are made.  Lives can actually be saved but certainly quality of life is improved.  Life is so hard here….there is no assumption of adequate food much less good health.  We are here to make a difference, obviously not for everyone but for many.
Sorry for an abrupt ending but must go.  It’s now Saturday morning and we are off to another clinic.
Love and blessings,
Jan and Stephanie

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Isa and family in the Namuwongo slums – a day I will never forget

Today started like most days – Ken making me an egg and roll. But I knew that the day would have a significant affect on me and possible others.

I hired a boda boda driver to take me to Namuwongo slums – where they are demolishing the homes (more like shacks) that are within 30 yards both side of the railroad tracks. I knew how to get there but he decided to go the LONG way around – believe it took forever.

As I continued walking in the Namuwongo Slums I saw this older man and woman just sitting in front of their torn down home. They just sat there looking hopeless and not knowing what to do. I sat with them and asked MANY questions. Wanting to know if they have family in the village that they could go to and he said they had no one. He also told me he had 8 children and his wife. Then he pointed over to a pile of “stuff” underneath a blue tarp – all his worldly possessions. Soon after we started talking a crowd started gathering. Because the man and women didn’t speak English very well – I had several who were interpreting for me. One lady named Olivia didn’t live in the area that was being demolished but she said she was there because many were her friends that were being forced out. Many were leaving with not more than they could carry, because they could not afford to hire trucks to transport their belongs. Then there was Nathan, another kind gentlemen who helped me talk with the father. Nathan had just come off work as a security guard. After about 45 minutes trying to assess the situation, I knew that this was the family that God has sent me to. I tried to be discrete because I knew that we could only help one family and not everyone that were standing and listening to our conversations. I told Olivia who was a strong woman with a good head on her shoulders, that I wound like to try and find a place for this family. That our ministry would pay the first 3 months rent and rent a truck to move their belongings. She IMMEDIATELY started making phone calls to brokers (real estate agents) trying to find something.

We were led to many different places and each time we reached there “they had just been rented”. Everyone in the slums was desperately trying to find roofs over their heads. We walked and walked – up and down hills. Even the Ugandans who were walking with me were getting tired. I know I walked the entire distance of this large slum at least twice trying to find a place that we could rent and with EIGHT kids. There were some that we could rent but not with that many children. We were on the other side of the slums – across the street with is a little nicer area – but nothing. Even a house that Isa, the man we were looking for a house, said was empty and his friend owned it – had “just been rented”.

After walking for almost 3 hours with no success – another call was made by Olivia (she must have made at least 20 phone calls) and there was a 2-room place on the other side of town. We decided to board a taxi and drive there. There were five of us all-together. I forgot to mention that our friend ABDUL which we have known since he was a kid was working alongside us also. He is now 19 years old and is S1 – equivalent to 7th grade. He is such a sweet heart and he and his dad also live in the slums. But their home is not set to be demolished for another 2 months. We arrived on the other side of the slum area in a much nicer area – not a slum area at all.

While we were waiting for the broker, I said we need to pray about this – and so the five of us joined hands and prayed that God would make a way where there seemed to be no way. The broker showed up while we were praying and then we set off on foot again to go to the house. After walking about another 30 minutes we arrived – only to be told that there was no vacancy. We decided to wait for the owner of the home. As we sat and waited for the owner Isa fell asleep for the second time – he had fallen asleep in the taxi van. He was exhausted. Finally, the owner showed up and said that he had a couple that he needed to evict – they hadn’t paid their rent and they hadn’t been there in 2 months and had left their belongings. The owner assured us that we could have the place within 2 hours – after he cleared out their belongings. YES we will take it!!! So we needed to back to where we started and then up a huge hill and around the bend. After about another 30 minutes, I saw this nice van coming with a lady driving and I asked her if I could get a lift from her – I would be happy to compensate her – she said she would do it for free – so three of us got in and she took us to where we needed to be to sign the papers and pay the rent. Olivia and Abdul arrived about 10 minutes later.

Once inside we sat in this beautiful living room waiting for the papers to come out. I decided to start getting my money ready – when I discovered that I forgot to bring the big bills to pay the rent. Oh NO, I thought we are going to lose this house too. I told the owner’s son that I would race back to Maria’s Place on a boda and return within the hour. They agreed and everyone else just sat and waited for me to return. Of course, my boda boda ran out of gas. Then we were off again and I was able to run inside my room and get the money and I was on my way back.

Driving back to the owner’s house – I spotted a truck, I made the boda driver stop as I walked up to this man just sitting in the truck. I asked him if we could hire him to move the family. He gave me a fair price for one trip – but we knew it was going to be at least 2 trips. So we agreed on a price and then the truck driver followed us to the home where I was going to pay the first 3 months rent. Quickly payment was made and money was given and we were off to go and pick up the belongings of Isa and family.

We drove into the slums and people were walking everyway – many times we had to have things removed from our driving path in order to get through – all the while driving either on the rail road tracks or right next to them. We finally arrived to the small pile of Isa’s belonging covered neatly under a blue tarp. The little man, Isa, had been holding tightly his carpentry tools the entire time. I had heard that he was a really good carpenter and will be able to continue to provide for his family. I told him I would hold the tools and protect them while he helped load the truck with Abdul and Nathan. Quickly everything was loaded into the truck and it was time for me to say my farewells as it was starting to get dark. I had given Abdul the remaining part of the truck rental money once all the belongings were completely moved. Nathan and Abdul assured me they would stay with the family until everything was done

Isa and his mother continued to thank me over and over and the smile on his face said it all. He had not smiled all day – until I told him that I also had brought the truck to move his belongings. It finally registered that not only was he moving to a much nicer place, rent paid for three months, but all his possessions would also be moved. He wasn’t going to have to leave anything behind. The smile on this little 53-year-old man was so rewarding – I felt so blessed to be able to be a small part of changing his family’s life. Where he lives is NOT in a slum area – it’s a row of houses in a nice cement courtyard behind a locked gated fenced. He has outdoor toilets and even showers just within a few yards from his home. He has electricity and he even city tap water if he wants to pay a small fee. Otherwise he has a well just around the corner from his house with FREE water.

Thank you Lord for bringing Isa and his family into my life. BIG ENDING – Isa was a Muslim, but he says he is now going to go to a Christian church because he has seen the love of Jesus. Praise the Lord!mf 1 mf2mf 3mf4mf 5

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Nyanza Area Church Council


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