Himalayan Foundation Orphanage

The Himalayan Foundation Nepal (HFN) began in 2007 with the establishment of its orphanage. At HFN we believe that each child deserves a loving home and a hope for the future. Therefore, we started to provide care, shelter, and education for children. The orphanage began with 4 children and has since grown to provide for 16 children from the ages of 4 to 16. The thing we focus on is to spread the message of Christianity and create churches around Nepal.

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10 Thousand Windows

10ThousandWindows (Previously Red Windows) was formed by Christians in response to Christ’s call to serve the most vulnerable and marginalized. His messages of justice, unconditional love, reconciliation, and restoration motivate us to help survivors of human trafficking to obtain the emotional help, vocational training, and job placement they need to get a fresh, successful new start.

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Utah Partnership for Christ

An evangelical ministry designed to bring short term mission teams to Utah. Join us for “Evangelism Camp”! Learn how to minister to Mormons. Spring break, summer, and fall break ministry tailored to your group’s interests.

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Dakota Sonshine

Dakota Sonshine is located in the Northeast corner of South Dakota. We offer summer camps to the local native American children who reside the Lake Traverse Reservation. We also offer discipleship classes for adults who are struggling with their identity in Christ. Each winter we sponsor a Winter Warm Up project at which time we gather new coats to give to the children on the reservation. Each summer we recruit summer interns who volunteer to serve for several weeks to assist with camp and help us host summer mission teams.

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Mission Nannys

Mature Christian woman volunteer needed any age, from youth to seniors. Use your skills such as child care, tutoring, homework helper, babysitting, cooking, housekeeping, and shopping.  We need volunteers to assist Christian missionaries in caring for their children or ill family member. Short term assignments (typically 3-12 months)


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Empower And Care Organization (EACO)

Uganda Outreach Mission Opportunity. We want to foster propagation of the Gospel to all people, allowing them to repent from their sins through door to door outreach missions, tract distribution of Bible literature, Good News crusades and radio or television broadcasts among other means is what we are targeting. We can help the community to have clean and safe water, Ventilated latrines.

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