Christian Outreach International

Christian Outreach International impact lives through short-term trips around the globe. “Teach to Reach” ESL program gives you the opportunity to reach others for Jesus through ESL! Check it out!

COI provides customized, short-term missions for groups from high-school age to adults. Sites in the US, Dominican Republic, Canada, Ukraine, Belize, and Honduras. COI specializes in Florida (Orlando) outreaches as HQ is there. 772-778-0575.

An intense 4-month training course which prepares candidates for full-time ministry with C.O.I. at home or overseas.

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Chisomo Idea

Chisomo Idea is an asset-based community development organization that inspires, trains, and deploys the young generation to make a difference in under-resourced communities. We are a group of ordinary friends from around the world devoted to carrying one another’s burdens and using our gifts, talents, and resources to make a sustainable difference in impoverished African communities.

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Servant Life

Servant Life exist to see the gospel of Jesus Christ proclaimed and lived out among the nations. Servant Life sends short-term mission teams to fourteen countries including three locations in the United States. Be a part of the Great Commission and let us help connect you to the nations.

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Medical Servants International

Medical Servants International is an all-volunteer organization.  As physicians, nurses, dentists, pharmacists and other medical care professionals, it is our privilege to use our medical skills to help spread the Good News of the Great Physician, Jesus Christ. Need volunteers for a short-term medical mission trip to Nepal (October 21 – November 01, 2015)



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SmileFaith Foundation

SmileFaith Foundation is a unique, Christian organization helping people “smile again” through charitable dental care and ministry. We currently need dental and medical volunteer professionals to offer basic medical screenings, cleanings, fillings, extractions, dentures, and partials to the under served of Appalachia in Jenkins, Kentucky, and Tampa Bay area in Port Richey , Florida.

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Church Planting International

Church Planting International is a U.S.-based, nonprofit missions organization that works with approximately 40 native missionaries in Mexico, Peru and Uganda, co-laboring in ministries that include church planting, leadership training, missionary sending, compassion and short-term mission teams.

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Strong Foundation Ministries

Based in San Antonio, Texas, Strong Foundation Ministries provides a safe and loving environment for families. Strong Foundation Ministries is searching for the right Christian couple to serve with them. Strong Foundation also has short and long term mission trip opportunities.

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Jesus Film Mission Trips – Summer 2015

Join Jesus Film Mission Trips this summer and  touch the lives of North Africans as they return to their home countries from temporary jobs held in Europe. They flood to the port cities of France and Spain every year. We offer gifts of JESUS DVDs. Come engage people and give them JESUS.

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Jesus Film Mission Trips – London

Join Jesus Film Mission Trips to London to reach out to some of the hardest to reach people in the world.  London is the main tourist destination for many visitors from the Middle East as they escape the blazing heat of their summer. Come share the love of Christ and have a great time doing it.








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Jesus Film Mission Trips – Argentina

Join Jesus Film Mission Trips to Argentina as we visit Buenos Aires, the beautiful capital city, considered a top tourist destination featuring European-style architecture. We plan a variety of activities in Buenos Aires including pastoral training and speaking with university students. On an excursion trip, we will venture into the mountains and show the JESUS film.


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Spanish Booklets

( Share the Gospel in the Spanish language! Designed for individuals traveling to Spanish-speaking countries on short-term missions trips, this booklet helps youth groups, churches and outreach teams communicate their faith. Includes a 1,000 word English to Spanish Dictionary.

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Joy Mission Trips

Joy Mission Trips needs teams to come to Vietnam 3 times a year. Once in the spring to serve the poor people Tet Lunar New year on the first of January. Twice during the summer to help the kids in English and dance Activities. Teams can come one week on first of June, July or August.  And third your team can come in Sept – November to help rebuild houses after our typhoon season. This is it is the sweetest times to go and share, encourage and love to the poor people to life as a body of Christ.

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AMP Life on Mission

During the summer, AMP Life on Mission (Authentic Missional Practice)  provides service trips for groups and churches. We invite groups from all over the nation and teach them how to fight poverty in a relational, empowering way.

When your group participates in the AMP program, you will have an opportunity to learn important principles for effective life-long service.

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Every summer, IMHE teams up with Korean churches to do English-VBS immersion camp to share gospel.We are looking for young adult -recent high school graduates to college level students (English as their first language- in US only) to join our VBS Mission to Korea.  Interested? For more info, please visit our website, look under Mission VBS.

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I Live Again Uganda

I Live Again Uganda offers YOU the opportunity to make an impact to former child soldiers and victims of the LRA in Uganda. We are bringing holistic healing to those affected by war living in a slum – Acholi Quarter. We are helping families leave the slum and return to their villages now that the war is over.


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Lord’s Servants Academy

Lord’s Servants Academy Kitale, Kenya founded in 2012 as a new addition to God’s work in the community where many families can not afford quality or any education.  LSA offers classes from Nursery to standard 5 and up to standard 7 (2017).  A 2nd 4 room quality building will open in January, 2016.  LSA provides a Christian based education and a hot lunch every day.  Fees are low and operation is not for profit.  Volunteers welcome.

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