Hospitality Homes International

Makahiki Ministries’ Hospitality Homes International is a network of over 120 homes worldwide, privately owned by Christian hosts in the spirit of Romans 12:13 “Share with God’s people in need . . practice hospitality.” They are available to workers seeking spiritual and physical renewal. Our goal is to provide a place for those who battle for the faith to “come away” with Jesus and get some rest and to be restored.

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Payatas Mission Outreach

If you’ve ever felt the Lord urging you to minister in the Philippine Islands, please consider joining us. We are particularly interested in the Payatas area (much more on our web site), but will discuss all areas. Some understanding of Tagalog is of value, but English is the official language of the Islands. (Baptist affiliation).

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Harvest Christian School International

(Cebu City, Philippines) We need Volunteer Christian Missionary Teachers for TESOL Certificate Courses and for our Elementary, High School, and Outreach Programs. We are also looking for assistance in organizing our TESOL programs so that we can help send Filipino missionary teachers to non-English speaking countries.

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Dakilang Pagibig DIADEM Ministries (DP DIADEM)

Based in Baguio City, Philippines, we conduct Medical/Dental Evangelistic missions primarily to poor rural communities in Northern Philippines. One or two trips per month ranging from one to six days each. We invite Medical Doctors, Dentists, Surgeons, and other health care professionals to inquire. Non-denominational Evangelical

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Gentle Hands

(Greenhills, San Juan, Philippines) Focuses on abused, orphaned, abandoned and sick children and out-of-school youth. Over 5,000 babies have been born at Gentle Hands since it began. Takes the infants, newborns, and others that no one else wants. Short-term rehabilitation care facility.

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Marine Reach

South and central Pacific. Health care clinics on the M/V Pacific Link, on trucks appropriately outfitted, and in land-based facilities. Need qualified volunteers with medical and dental skills, including opthamologists and eye surgeons, for both long and short terms. Affiliated with Youth With A Mission

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Shelter of Grace

(Philippines) Shelter of Grace takes care of both boys and girls from Cagayan de Oro’s street children. They receive nutritious meals, schooling, clothes, books and health care. They are loved and cared for and given the opportunity to know Jesus by a staff of trained dedicated Christian workers. Affiliated with Our Saviour’s Foundation

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New Life Children’s Home

(Philippines and Kathmandu, Nepal) We bring shelter, clothing, food, medical treatment, education and most of all LOVE, to children who live in the margins of society and are in danger of death by starvation, exposure and illness as well as the constant danger of exploitation by those who prey on the powerless.

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The Kardia Foundation

“We welcome students to join us so they can learn first hand how to make a difference in their world.” Includes students in all health care disciplines, also college and high school students. India, Ukraine, Russia, Yemen, Philippines, Turkey, Netherlands.

We are devoted primarily to developing effective leaders in health care to deliver the message of Jesus Christ to a world that is suffering. We serve health care professionals and health care students around the globe.

All disciplines. India, Ukraine, Russia, Yemen, Philippines, Turkey, Netherlands.

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EyeCare WeCare Foundation, Inc.

Permanent and mobile vision clinics in the Philippines serve the rural indigent population. We provide free eye exams and used eyeglasses, eye medication, and eye surgeries to the rural poor. Our mobile clinic serves remote parts of the islands. We need volunteer optometrists, opticians, ophthalmologists or other eye care professionals. Students who have skills in these areas also welcome. Multi-denominational, non-profit organization.

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The Fold Family Ministries

We minister to troubled teens and families in crisis. Our staff receives training highly applicable to missions work. You will need a heart for the Lord and a keen interest in ministering to teens. A background in teaching, Bible, youth ministries, social work or counseling is helpful. Check our website for current openings.

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Britesparks International School

(Libis, Quezon City, Philippines) Our mission is to provide quality international education affordable in the Philippines. We are in need of a principal/school head or department coordinators for Primary, Middle and High School. 12/12

 We service children of all abilities, 8 months-15 years of age through Primary, Middle and High School. Children are admitted if the school is able to offer a program to meet their needs. We maintain a strict student – teacher ratio per class/program, so as to ensure the proper implementation and execution of goals for every child.


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We have immediate staff openings for Elementary, English, ESL, and Physical Ed., and many other positions including librarian, counselor, maintenance, school nurse, chaplain, many more, in Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Albania, Moldova, Bolivia, the Middle East, Mali, Niger, the Philippines, India, Cambodia, and other areas in central and south-east Asia.

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