Christian Outreach International

Christian Outreach International impact lives through short-term trips around the globe. “Teach to Reach” ESL program gives you the opportunity to reach others for Jesus through ESL! Check it out!

COI provides customized, short-term missions for groups from high-school age to adults. Sites in the US, Dominican Republic, Canada, Ukraine, Belize, and Honduras. COI specializes in Florida (Orlando) outreaches as HQ is there. 772-778-0575.

An intense 4-month training course which prepares candidates for full-time ministry with C.O.I. at home or overseas.

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Experience community life and mission with a group of a dozen or so like minded people. You will be coached by our passionate staff who are not just teaching academics, but pursuing life as mission leaders. Three core focus points; Leadership Development, Spiritual Formation, and Intentional Missionality. Geared towards 20-30 year olds.

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Urban Immersion Service Retreats

Urban Immersion Service Retreats combine an overview of poverty and its causes with hands-on help for those in need. Ultimately, retreats challenge participants to move beyond a one-time volunteer experience and live their faith. Participants sleep in our retreat center, are provided with meaningful service projects, all meals and interactive programming.

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Victorious Christian Living International

Victorious Christian Living International was founded in 1975 to provide churches and individuals help in living life successfully. Through 3-day conferences, one on one counseling and advanced training Victorious Christian Living has mentored many thousands of people. Two-week intensive training throughout the year, no fees.

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We seek to train Christians for effective cross-cultural ministry. Based in Toronto, one of the most multi-cultural cities in North America, we offer two-week language and culture seminars as well as 3 month internships in ethnic churches. Customized for Canadians and based on decades of successful mission training.

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Light To The Nations

Four day tent making training course includes: Importance of and Biblical basis for tent making, culture shock and bonding with the people, the international job market, effective, sensitive evangelism, leading investigative Bible studies, spiritual warfare, church planting, home church relationship, healthy team relationships, more.

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Frontier Ventures

Frontier Ventures is an apostolic missionary community that works to catalyze Kingdom breakthrough at the frontiers of God’s global mission. With a focus on the remaining unreached peoples of the world, Frontier Ventures fulfills its mandate through the work of mobilization, strategy, education, research, publishing, innovation, and prayer.


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Share & Care International Ministries

SCIMCOLLEGE Netherlands offers about 100 Christian Diploma and Certificate Courses on extension, especially to empower African Christian Leaders.
On invitation SCIM provides consultancy for integrated community development projects. SCIM is also available for Speaking Engagements and Workshops for your conference or any other event.
After many years in Africa, especially Zambia the SCIM courses have been proven to be a very powerful tool in the hands of the right people.

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Jubilee Training Centre

(UK) A one year, full time, live-in school preparing you to establish God’s Kingdom in the Nations. You will be involved in various community projects, conquer extreme living conditions, be introduced to various cultures, get involved with creative arts, and go on an international mission exposing you to urban and rural outreach. Church of the Nations affiliation.

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The Fold Family Ministries

We minister to troubled teens and families in crisis. Our staff receives training highly applicable to missions work. You will need a heart for the Lord and a keen interest in ministering to teens. A background in teaching, Bible, youth ministries, social work or counseling is helpful. Check our website for current openings.

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Redcliffe College, Centre for Mission Training

A UK interdenominational Christian College for Bible-based, cross-cultural mission and missionary preparation. Our short-term training options include intensive cross cultural mission preparation courses (7 or 14 weeks) and a one year ‘Professionals in Mission’ Certificate.

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International Messengers

Relationship-based short-term trips to Europe teaching English in a camp environment. In addition to our adult Evangelistic English Language Camps, we also have camps for sports, children, youth, families, and professionals – business people. We also offer career mission training: four months in Montana with 18-month internship in Europe.

Our Mountainside Missionary Training offers career missions training: four months in Montana with 18-month internship in Central or Eastern Europe, serving with established missionaries. We also make short-term trips to Europe teaching English in camps for adults, children, youth, families, and professionals, and some with a sports emphasis.

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Saints Bible Institute

(Italy) SBI is a life-immersion experience for Christian students, based in Italy, that combines academic training with mission work. Students will experience Italian culture and history while earning college credit. Tuition includes room and board and programmed travel expenses. Fall and spring semesters offered. We also have a 4 week summer semester.

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