Global Outreach

Baseball, football, hockey, basketball, volleyball, soccer and other sports have become the venues that the vast majority of individuals have found to break down barriers between people groups around the world. Become a Global Outreach (GO) athlete and change the world by using sports as a platform!

Let us teach and/or certify you as a English teacher. Millions of individuals around the world are ready to learn the English language. No previous experience necessary; all you need is the willingness of a servant to help teach and share the gospel message around the globe! You can join our staff of missionaries.

Native American Cherokee Nation on the NE border of Oklahoma and  NW Arkansas. Join us as a group or individual from a Sun – Fri for  only $289 with trained staff. We’ll customize your time for your  desires and skills. Housing and 2 meals/day included. Construction  to orphanage possibilities. Secure Mission House for your base,  with many activities.

Secure Mission House for base with many activites w/i a 7000+ grounds/facility.

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Unmasked Productions

Unmasked Productions  (Australia)  We are a group of creative artists using our gifts, talents and interests to put together the best and most meaningful theatrical experiences possible for audiences ranging from Primary School Scripture classes and high school lunch-time groups to entire communities, churches and whoever else might let us play on their stages. Affiliated with Campus Crusade for Christ Australia.


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Fergus Simpson Foundation Summer Enrichment Camp

Hello! Thanks for your interest in helping us! We would love for you to join our team of volunteers for our
camp and foundation. Volunteers are to ensure that at camp, the kids have fun and are well fed with the knowledge
and understanding of who God is and just how awesome He is! We would love for you to join any of our classes
taught at camp or even have your own class if you have a special area of expertise you would like to share! E.g.
Music, Arts & Crafts, Drama, Dance, Jewelry Making, Cake Decoration etc. Please feel free to contact us
via phone or email! ( OR

Apart from the fun of camp, we want
you to know the beauty of our Jamaica. We would take you into the Jamaican real life experience!! River trips,
meeting the local people, take you to famous landmarks, tourist attractions, including the well knows Dunn’s
River Falls! It’s an entire package! Food and Accommodation will be provided. All you have to do is be there!!

Helping the less fortunate children in rural Jamaica enjoy a week full of fun, laughter and getting to know God

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Teen Missions International

Go on a missions trip this summer with Teen Missions International! Make a difference helping AIDS Orphans, distributing food, medical aid, or clothing. Some teams will use motorcycles, backpacking, sports or workprojects to reach people physically and spiritually.Mission trips will use evangelism tools such as drama, music, puppets, and testimonies to share the gospel. Trips to Africa, Asia, Europe, the Americas and Pacific for teens, preteens, kids and adults. Missions of all kinds to over 44 places each summer. Adult teams in the winter and spring.

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Artists in Christian Testimony International

An evangelical, inter-denominational Christian ministry that mobilizes, sends out, equips, and supports artistic ministers and missionaries who carry out various works of the New Testament Church.

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Advocate Arts(Applause!Summer Camp)

Advocate Arts in Georgia is looking for Short term volunteers ages 18+ to help at our annual Applause! Performing Arts Summer Camp. Engage underprivileged children at risk for abuse and sexual exploitation in art classes, games, activities, etc. 1 week-5 week opportunities. July 1st-August 2nd 2013

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Worem International

World Revival Evangelistic Ministries(WOREM) is an organisation doing evangelism, church planting, discipleship, pastors training, widows and orphans ministries in the neediest villages in Africa
We do crusades, conferences and outreach in orphanages and empower widows and the needy.

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Cornerstone Children’s Ranch

Hello and Greeting from Texas. We are looking for Christians campers wanting to volunteer work this fall through spring at Cornerstone Children’ Ranch, located in Quemado, TX. # Note there is no pay other than in Heaven. We ask that you cover your electric. (About $100.0 per month) in winter summer is more do to A/C). We have full 30amp sites and Free Wi-Fi and laundry available to campers. You must enjoy Children, and be will to serve.

  • 1. We will need persons will to teach ESL Classes to adults
  • 2. Working with children program in the Evenings.
  • 3. Someone willing to teach music.
  • 4. Have knowledge of ranch management (We have horses and cattle)
  • 5. Know Auto repair. (We have fully stocked shop with tools And work needing to be done)
  • 6. But please know you are here to serve God not us. We ask that you try to give us at least 4 hours a day. But you are doing this for the kingdom. Please Contact the Cornerstone Children’s Ranch 8307571993

So why are we building a boarding school?
We are located right where this children are coming across the bridges to The United States. They hoping to get an education in the land of their birth and can be taken by persons posing as a willing care taker for these children.

  • That is where we at the Cornerstone Children’s Ranch can step in and offer safe housing, and education to these children.
  • With the building of a boarding school .
  • Why a boarding school and education you ask? God tell us in Proverbs 9:10  The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding. Without the knowledge that God love them. How then can the find wisdom to be all God want them to be.
  • When they come here from Mexico they are also very behind in the understanding of the English language so we are offering ESL school that will address this problem with each subject till the child can go to the public school or finish out at their education here through our accredit program at Cornerstone Children’s Ranch. We have the slab poured and are now praying for the building 40x 60 two story. This building need to ready for the children to more forward. .

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