Buwooya Child Care Ministries

Our team of national staff and volunteers work directly with children in various community outreach and educational programs in order to improve their quality of life spiritually, emotionally, and physically. We seek to live out the love of Jesus by educating and empowering vulnerable and underprivileged children in the Buwooya Village.

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Love Haiti’s Children Orphanage

Love Haiti’s Children Orphanage cares for 12 children in Port Au Prince that are in desperate need. Their needs are many, but we are determined to make a difference in their lives! Jim McIver travels to Haiti 8 or 10 times a month to spend time with the children and to take care of the business of the orphanage. Love Haiti’s Children has a dedicated staff in Haiti that cares for the children and the orphanage in his absence.

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Indian Christian Mission Centre

(Salem, Tamil Nadu, India) We are one of the largest orphanages in all India with over 1600 children. Our aims are to provide them with physical and spiritual health. We’re always in need of English teachers: no experience required, any time of year and any sized groups. We are well set up to house and feed you.

The ICMC was established in 1988 with 12 orphans, today we have grown to over 1600 and are one of the largest orphanages in all India. Our aims are to provide, physical and spiritual health for these children. By supplying them with shelter, food, clothing and education. Volunteers encouraged to inquire.

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Children Landcare Center International

Children Landcare Center International was established to set up shelter facilities for abused and abandoned children, education camps for children and community partners and to ensure the safety, health and well-being of disadvantaged children in Cote d`Ivoire and West Africa.

Our Vision is to strengthen communities, provide various services to abused children, and help eliminate the exploitation of children around the world.

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Haitian Baby Ministry

God’s Littlest Angels was founded with its primary purpose being the provision of medical care to premature, malnourished, and abandoned infants in Haiti. This purpose still forms the core of our Ministry. However, we are regularly called upon to care for children of all ages who have been abandoned by their families, or have been given up by their families due to economic, medical or other circumstances. In order to address the needs that these children have for homes, God’s Littlest Angels began our Adoption Ministry – placing the children in Christian homes in North America and Europe.

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Wears Valley Ranch

(East Tennessee) A Christian children’s home and school that provides the Gospel of Jesus Christ, solid Bible teaching, an individualized education and the unconditional love of carefully chosen house parents to deserving young people from crisis family situations.

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African Orphanage

African Orphanage is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing Christ-centered services to HIV/AIDS orphans and poor rural communities in Kenya.  African Orphanage’s core role is to manage an orphanage that houses neediest orphans in the society, supporting their education by providing a smooth conducive environment at home and school, providing them with food, school uniforms, clothing and medical care.

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Door of Hope

At Door of Hope in South Africa, we aim to rescue and receive any abandoned, aborted, abused and orphaned babies and children from any source in cooperation with other agencies. To provide a temporary Christian home for all our babies and children whilst seeking a forever family, suitable long term foster care or other permanent care for each one.

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House of Grace Girls Home

(Northern Thailand) Founded to protect and care for tribal Akha girls that are at risk of being sold into prostitution in Bangkok, House of Grace has been called “the finest children’s home in Thailand.” Located in the mountains of northern Thailand. Affiliated with Global Servants.

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Emmanuel Orphanage

Emmanuel Orphanage’s mission is to protect homeless, needy, and unprivileged children in India irrespective of their caste, religion, race or social status and provide them with basic needs and education to bring them up as fruitful citizens of tomorrow and can earn their living independently in God’s fear.

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Christ’s Victory International Mission of Liberia

Christ’s Victory International Mission of Liberia (CVIM) is a nondenominational evangelical Christian organization that seeks to provide hope by meeting spiritual, physical, educational, and emotional needs of orphans and hurting people in Liberia, West Africa and beyond.

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