United Healthcare Global

UnitedHealthcare Global provides protection from the costs associated with emergency medical treatment, medical evacuations, return of mortal remains, and even travel for a loved-one to come to your bedside should you become hospitalized. We offer insurance programs for individuals and groups, business and leisure travelers.

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Consistent Computer Bargains

Hardware and software discounts for non-profits. The sole outlet for Microsoft software to charities and non-profits at greatly reduced prices. Initial order must be any combination of 5 or more MS licenses, and you must provide a copy of your Church or mission organization’s 501(c)(3) form (from the IRS) and State Tax Exempt Form.

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Hospitality Homes International

Makahiki Ministries’ Hospitality Homes International is a network of over 120 homes worldwide, privately owned by Christian hosts in the spirit of Romans 12:13 “Share with God’s people in need . . practice hospitality.” They are available to workers seeking spiritual and physical renewal. Our goal is to provide a place for those who battle for the faith to “come away” with Jesus and get some rest and to be restored.

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Covenant Youth of Alaska

Two-year short term missions in small Native villages in remote areas. We coordinate youth leaders, churches and volunteers who focus on ministering to students between the ages of twelve and twenty-five. Our ministry ranges from running youth groups to equipping students with vocational training and Christian mentoring.

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Huntington University’s Institute for TESOL Studies

HU’s Institute for TESOL Studies offers a 15-credit certification in teaching English learners (ELs). This certificate will benefit individuals working in education, missions, ministry, social work, and international business. As a result, ITS courses are typically one evening a week, catering to traditional undergraduate students & working adults.



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Fairhaven Ministries

(Roan Mountain, Tennessee) Sometimes it is helpful to meet with a qualified and experienced counselor to help us sort through the issues related to the ministry, marriage or a personal crisis that we are facing. Fully furnished and equipped chalets and cottages nestled in our secluded 100-acre valley surrounded by National Forests.

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Life Impact Ministries

(Guest houses in USA and international locations) Our Caregiving Teams providing PLACES for Missionaries and Pastors to come for rest, retreat, and processing of the more normal issues they face. We’re committed to provide excellent care services to harvest workers in each hosted center. Also unhosted facilities for personal retreats. Successful results of our ministry are strengthened, encouraged, and refreshed Christian leaders.

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Christian Hospitality Network

More than 400 bed and breakfast inns in all 50 states, Canada, England, Honduras, Nicaragua, Thailand and the US Virgin Islands, provide rooms and suites for a minimum of 25% discount to full-time Christian workers. Many offer substantially greater discounts.

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Denton Program

Allows private U.S. citizens and organizations to use space available on U.S. military cargo planes to transport humanitarian goods, such as clothing, food, medical and educational supplies, and agricultural equipment and vehicles, to countries in need. The program is jointly administered by USAID, the Department of State (DOS), and the Department of Defense (DOD).

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Christian Leadership University

Put the voice of God in the center of your learning experience. Get equipped for power evangelism! CLU offers Spirit-filled distance learning in 13 areas including Ministry and Missions, Evangelism, Counseling, Worship. Certificate, and Associate, Bachelor, Master or Doctorate degrees. Experience God!

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Christian Hands in Action — CHIA

Based in El Paso, Texas, we carry the Gospel to people in the U.S. and abroad (primarily Mexico), using medical, dental, and optometric clinics. We also do construction projects and lend physical support to missionaries around the world. We schedule trips as short as three days. Health Care students welcomed.

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Global Outreach

Baseball, football, hockey, basketball, volleyball, soccer and other sports have become the venues that the vast majority of individuals have found to break down barriers between people groups around the world. Become a Global Outreach (GO) athlete and change the world by using sports as a platform!

Let us teach and/or certify you as a English teacher. Millions of individuals around the world are ready to learn the English language. No previous experience necessary; all you need is the willingness of a servant to help teach and share the gospel message around the globe! You can join our staff of missionaries.

Native American Cherokee Nation on the NE border of Oklahoma and  NW Arkansas. Join us as a group or individual from a Sun – Fri for  only $289 with trained staff. We’ll customize your time for your  desires and skills. Housing and 2 meals/day included. Construction  to orphanage possibilities. Secure Mission House for your base,  with many activities.

Secure Mission House for base with many activites w/i a 7000+ grounds/facility.

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