Albuquerque Christian Children’s Home

The children are from broken homes with a single parent who is financially destitute, or because of weak or non-existent relationships with parents or step parents. They all need security, nurturing, guidance, and protection as they attend school and church to prepare for responsible adulthood.

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World Gospel Missions

WGM’s ministries to Native Americans are located in the Phoenix metropolitan area; on the Navajo Reservation in Black Mountain, Arizona, and Kirtland, New Mexico; on the Tohono O’odham Reservation in Sells, Arizona; and on the Salt River and Gila River Reservations in Arizona. Field offices are located in Peoria, Arizona. Web site has current needs of many kinds.

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We are a leadership development ministry. We use mission & wilderness trips as a classroom to teach leadership. Every trip we run is focused on student leadership development. Our trips go to Alaska, Arkansas, New Mexico, Mexico, Apostle Islands, Tennessee and North Carolina, Appalachia, New Mexico, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, more.

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Rehoboth Christian School

Now a K-12 day school, we were founded in 1903 by the Christian Reformed Church as a boarding school for Native American students and a ministry to the Native American peoples of the Four Corners region of New Mexico. We need volunteers to help with tutoring and food service and maintenance.


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Global Expeditions

We take thousands of teenagers and young adults on short-term mission trips every summer, holiday, and spring break using many types of ministry tools and are committed to personal evangelism. Junior trips for ages 11-13. We provide training before the trip for leaders and during the trip for missionaries. We also hold leadership seminars (TrueNorth Leadership) around the country to select and train leaders.

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American Indian Mission, Inc. Southwest Region

Adopt a camp, VBS, work project, etc. on a multi-year basis. We’re planning more youth sports camps, music camps, wilderness camps, and horsemanship camps with Native teens. We do evangelism, youth & children’s ministry, handyman work, office skills, more. Places for part-time or full-time adult volunteers, tent-makers, and retirees.

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Navajo Ministries

Since 1953, we have helped to meet the physical, emotional, educational and spiritual needs of families and children, primarily the Navajo, in the Four Corners region of New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and Colorado. We have need for short term volunteers at times, and we conduct a one week Navajoland Tour each fall.

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World Servants (Netherlands) World Servants (USA)

Several kinds of practical helps projects in many nations, such as Bolivia, Kenya, Egypt, Ecuador, Jamaica, Brazil, Ghana, India, Ukraine, Zambia, and Mexico. Construction, clinics, vocational training, agriculture. USA projects in places such as Kentucky, Tennessee, Wisconsin, West Virginia, (middle school), and Native American reservations in Arizona, New Mexico, Utah.

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1 Way Ministries

1 Way is committed to taking the first steps to reaching the world by ministering to impoverished, forgotten, and desperate people groups. Week long mission trips year round for Jr. High through Adults are offered to the Tohono O’Odham Reservation in southern Arizona. Trips cost $325 per person and include a full week of ministry and mission.

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