Newlife International School of Midwifery

A Christian school for direct-entry midwifery students. Although our school is based on a U.S. curriculum and standards outlined by the National College of Midwifery the entire training is actually done in the Philippines. Most of our students are from the United States. Part of Mercy Maternity Center Program. Four semesters for AA degree. The school is an extension of our birthing center, Mercy Maternity Center, which is the largest charity-based birthing clinic in the Philippines serving almost 20,000 patients (prenatal exams) annually.

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Mercy in Action

(Philippines) – The one-year School of Midwifery trains students to meet the health and spiritual needs of the developing world. No nursing background required. Students are exposed to the role of the experienced care-giver from their first day. – The Mission Medic and Primary Health Care schools designates the graduate as a mission medic and health educator able to serve in areas of the developing world where there is no doctor.


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YWAM Birth Attendant School

At YWAM Birth Attendant School, we will train you in maternal health, reaching out to marginalized women and their families, using skill and faith. You will be trained to provide help for pregnant women, and the problems surrounding birth. This school will only train you to work in developing countries. Topics include all subjects on normal delivery, antenatal care, postnatal and newborn care as well as God’s heart, spiritual dynamics to birth, and primary health care.

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Memphis Morning Center

We are a ministry providing free maternity care up to and including hospital birth to women in underserved areas of Memphis, TN in the name of Christ. We are an evangelical, pro life ministry with Reformed leadership & gospel focus.

Please email or call if you are interested in short term missions and particularly if you have an interest in full time employment as an inner city medical missionary.

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Africa School of Missions

Africa School of Missions (ASM) is a non-denominational missionary centre which dedicates itself to preparing men and women for Christian ministry across the world. Through an exciting and innovative Missions and Ministry Development Programme, ASM creates opportunities to develop the heart, head, and hands of programme participants.

Opportunities to become a student, Clinic Doctor, full-time Christian Nurse.

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