Typhoon Relief Effort Expands

YWAM teams from the Philippines and from many other nations have now arrived in the typhoon Haiyan disaster zone. They are busy providing medical care, transportation of relief supplies, body recovery, and many other services. They face urgent needs for supplies and for more workers.

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In the flattened town of Tanuan, a RescueNet team has helped run a temporary hospital that has been set up in the damaged town hall. They have treated deep wounds caused by flying debris. Twelve babies have been born in the town hall, two by C-section. The clinic needs medicine and more medical workers.

In the same town, the RescueNet team also helped recover bodies from the river. An outreach team from YWAM Manila has helped with the same grim task in another hard-hit city, Tacloban, where they helped to recover more than 300 bodies.

Michelle Thompson of RescueNet assists with relief distribution

Michelle Thompson of RescueNet assists with relief distribution

YWAM Mindanao has provided two vehicles to Eastern Leyte. These vehicles are crucially needed for distribution of relief supplies. The food and water sits at the airport waiting to get out to the people who need it.

In Tacloban, seven YWAM workers distributed an entire dump-truck load of relief supplies. They handed out thousands of packages. Said team leader Mitch Metzger, “The people asked for water, water, water. The wells are dirty and there is no city water yet.”

In Cebu, YWAM workers packed 1,000 sacks of relief goods, which contained rice, hygiene kits and water jugs.

In addition, YWAM relief teams are currently researching small islands that may have been damaged but overlooked until now.

Currently, YWAM relief teams have arrived from South Korea, the Netherlands, South Africa, the USA, Singapore, and other countries. They are coordinating with many other relief agencies in the area.

Many of these YWAM teams have been hard at work even before typhoon Haiyan struck. A Discipleship Training School outreach team from Mexico heard about the October 15 earthquake in Bohol, Philippines, came to help, and now has joined in with the relief effort from typhoon Haiyan. A YWAM Philippines relief team from Cebu has similarly worked to care for victims of the Bohol earthquake and now they continue their work as they assist victims of the typhoon. They have been working on disaster relief for four weeks.

YWAM Philippines currently has a large room to house more relief workers in Tacloban. They ask teams to please bring all their own food and to come with water purifiers. They are looking for a long-term relief and development center in the area. They are gearing up for a rebuilding effort that will take years.

YWAM needs more outreach teams to help with the distribution of food and water. To contact YWAM Cebu directly, click here.

Said a YWAM worker in Cebu, “Praise God for His grace.
 The Lord is building a church without walls. Disaster brought the people of God together. Every tongue, every tribe, every nation is bringing glory to God as 
we unite ourselves to serve people who need a lot of comfort in this time of calamity.”

Donations to YWAM’s relief efforts go directly to the teams on the ground. Since YWAM teams do not get paid salaries and have very low overhead, almost all the funds go to the relief efforts in the Philippines. Please give generously as God leads.

For frequent updates on YWAM’s typhoon relief efforts, visit the YWAM Philippines Facebook page, or the YWAM global Facebook page.


Home page photo by Erik De Castro/Reuters

Typhoon Rebuilding Begins

YWAM teams in the Philippines disaster zone continue to distribute relief supplies and retrieve bodies, and some workers have begun to help victims rebuild. Many teams have asked for funds to provide hammers, saws, nails and corrugated roofing.

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Israel Garcia helps with reconstruction on Bantayan Island

Israel Garcia helps with reconstruction on Bantayan Island

YWAM’s effort to care for the victims of typhoon Haiyan now reaches many parts of the disaster area. YWAM currently has 208 people in 19 teams working on relief and reconstruction.

Teams from the Philippines have distributed clothing and relief packages. One such team has traveled to Dulag, a hard-hit and overlooked town, with a 40-foot container of supplies and building materials. One Filipino worker with a few friends went to Bantayan Island with just a hammer and a few simple tools. Thanks to the generosity of friends, this tiny team is now helping to rebuild 20 homes.

Two groups from YWAM Korea currently are working on reconstruction. They are restoring the roof on a school in Estancia, and they also have helped individual families rebuild. In Tacloban, YWAMers with a generator assist homeless people by charging cell phones in a refugee center. They have also retrieved many bodies, 15 in one day.

In Tanauan, the RescueNet team of 19 people has turned the medical clinic over to a German organization. The RescueNet workers treated hundreds of patients in a makeshift clinic in the town hall. They also retrieved bodies, repaired the roof and provided comfort to children.

As the team left, the Tanauan mayor said, “I’d like you to know the people of Tanauan are very grateful for what you have done. You came in a time of our greatest need. You cared for our patients, helped us collect the bodies, even repaired the town hall’s roofing. You are all amazing people.”

One of those RescueNet workers, Dick Brower, a YWAM leader from The Netherlands, told about his experience.

“Our team has provided medical care to literally hundreds of people. Some had very large and deep cuts from flying debris such as metal roofing sheets. In the room next door, in our town hall, a Japanese team was treating patients. Another office was turned into a delivery room where midwives helped moms give birth to their babies. Desks were turned into operating tables and ‘beds’ to deliver on. The cooperation between the various teams in the town hall went very well. On the ground floor, local medics focused on primary health care, vaccinations and screening of patients. The vice-mayor, also a doctor, took on a coordination role for all necessary medical aid. The moment most of our team left Tanauan we were able to pass on our clinic to a team of German doctors.

“After a few days, we took the initiative to engage in search and recovery activity as well. This was a felt need in the city. Local people didn’t really know what to do with the dead. In some neighborhoods the water had just subsided and the smell of the bodies indicated where they were located. At least two armed soldiers guarded us as we went out into the city to recover bodies that locals would guide us to. While carefully wearing our personal protection equipment we put the bodies in the body bags. Some bodies we needed to dig out from under the rubble. Others were floating in the water. Often military personnel helped us carry the full body bags to the road from where they were being picked up to be buried in mass graves. We recovered 21 bodies, including five children. Our attitude and actions seemed catalytic and mobilized the local communities. Often they too engaged and helped after we got started. They were very thankful for what we did.

RescueNet worker repairs town hall roof

RescueNet worker repairs town hall roof

“All practical talents of our team could be fully utilized. Almost daily the guys spent some time on the town hall’s roof, which had completely blown off. With tarps, ropes and whatever we could find we tried to cover parts of the town hall in order to keep some water out. Daily we had some big rain showers. Still too much water kept coming in and many ceilings had already come down because of that. We did all we could to keep the place as dry and as safe as possible.

“In one of my roles, as communications officer, I dealt with the media and provided daily information for our blog. Almost daily we had media come through our town.

“Children are hit hard with such disasters. Survivors are traumatized because of loss of a parent, siblings or grandparents. Some of our RescueNet team members came prepared to minister especially to kids, by creating playing moments and intentionally seeking contact with them. This touched many young lives.

“Whenever we had the opportunity we tried to talk with the patients who visited our clinic. We heard their personal stories and saw many tears. With many we could pray. I remember talking to a lady whose deep head wound we had just tended, how she shared that she lost eight family members, including her husband, one child, two children-in-law and three grand children. How sad.

“One of the young midwives who worked in the town hall lost her four-year-old daughter. Every day she asked us if we had perhaps found her.

“It was obvious to us that, in spite of the ordeal that had come over these people, they were very kind and gentle. We were able to connect well with them since many speak English. That was great and helped us experience precious moments with them.

“This disaster deployment in fact was my first one. And yes, we train regularly and sometimes in an outreach context. But this was what we really train and prepare for. How privileged I found myself to be able to serve these people in this overwhelming crisis, together with God and our team. People were so vulnerable and yet so open and grateful for our help.

“All RescueNet members are volunteers. Some have ‘normal’ jobs while others of us work with YWAM fulltime. We are personally responsible for covering expenses for our training, airfares, uniforms, personal protection equipment, food, etc.

“On the day most of us left Tanauan, the town of 50,000 inhabitants had confirmed 1,246 dead and still 756 people missing. Thousands injured, material damage beyond imagination, 2,000 families who are being relocated since their residence area along the coast has been condemned. Still many needs for relief as well as more long term rehabilitation. Electricity, water, all infrastructure is broken or destroyed.

“We, the team, have experienced so much and have been able to share so much, motivated by God’s compassion. We pray that God will multiply our labor and have mercy on the survivors of this disaster. He is good, merciful and faithful in His love!”

YWAM Townsville

YWAM Townsville has operated for over 20 years with an aim to build capacity in young people and develop the community through four focus areas: Training, Medical Ships, Youth Teams, and Operations. We want to actively help provide every individual with: access to good health care, food, drinking water and shelter, opportunity for education, expression of culture, arts and entertainment, healthy relationships, exposure to Christian faith and values, fair and productive government, and opportunity to work and develop.

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Jungle Hospital

Our vision is to provide comprehensive medical, dental and spiritual care to the people of Northern Honduras. The Jungle Hospital’s geographical focus is the mountainous region known as La Cuenca Cangrejal, the Cangrejal Cove. This covers over 1,000 sq miles of jungle just south of La Ceiba, and is home to over 15,000 villagers. The Jungle Hospital in the village of Rio Viejo, is implementing the comprehensive health care model developed by Healing Hands Global.

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Fondation HBS

Hôpital Bon Samaritain (HBS), a full service hospital with outreach programs, is situated in the river valley of Limbé, Haiti. Haiti occupies the western half of the tropical island of Hispaniola. Since 1953, Hôpital Bon Samaritain provides health care services for the greater population of the Limbé Valley located in the Département du Nord.

Hôpital Bon Samaritain is a project of Fondation HBS a Haitian non-profit organization and is sponsored in part by HBS Foundation, Inc, a non-profit, 501c3, Florida, USA registered organization.

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Emmanuel Orphanage

Emmanuel Orphanage’s mission is to protect homeless, needy, and unprivileged children in India irrespective of their caste, religion, race or social status and provide them with basic needs and education to bring them up as fruitful citizens of tomorrow and can earn their living independently in God’s fear.

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Medical Servants International

Medical Servants International is an all-volunteer organization.  As physicians, nurses, dentists, pharmacists and other medical care professionals, it is our privilege to use our medical skills to help spread the Good News of the Great Physician, Jesus Christ. Need volunteers for a short-term medical mission trip to Nepal (October 21 – November 01, 2015)



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TEL International

At TEL International, we recruit, train, and under gird the ministry of indigenous missionaries that reach out with the love of Jesus Christ by sharing the gospel through holistic ministry that compassionately meets the needs of hurting people, evangelizes the lost, disciples the saved, and establishes new converts into the body of Christ.


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SIM USA has been launching workers into ministry around the world since 1893. We are committed to cultivating multicultural mission movements that respond to need, proclaim the gospel, and equip the Church. With more than 120 years of ministry experience, our passion is to continue to see the Body of Christ in all places, among all peoples, to the glory of God.

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I Live Again Uganda

I Live Again Uganda offers YOU the opportunity to make an impact to former child soldiers and victims of the LRA in Uganda. We are bringing holistic healing to those affected by war living in a slum – Acholi Quarter. We are helping families leave the slum and return to their villages now that the war is over.


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Handi*Vangelism Ministries International

Based in Pennsylvania, serving worldwide, those who are physically or mentally disabled, abused or imprisoned. Serve in nursing homes, camp for people with disabilities, support groups (including bereaved parents), disability training in churches, residential Bible clubs, some international ministries.

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God’s Transformation International Ministries

God’s Transformation International Ministries touches lives with lives with Humanitarian aid, Evangelism, and Crusades (preaching of the word, prayer, praise and worship). You can make a major impact on those in need. We’re looking for people with one or more of these: Medical knowledge, spiritual knowledge and a heart of love.

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Good Samaritan Medical Dental Ministry

Good Samaritan Medical and Dental Ministry, a Christian ministry based on the Biblical story of the Good Samaritan. is the largest medical-dental mission organization in Vietnam with five ongoing projects involving direct patient care, emergency medicine training, primary care training, English as a Second Language (ESL) teachers and the construction of educational facilities.



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Christian Veterinary Mission

Active in Africa, South America, the Caribbean, and in some impoverished areas of the United States, Christian Veterinary Mission (CVM) seeks to help veterinarians serve others and live out their Christian faith through their profession. Veterinarians, vet techs, and veterinary students live and work alongside small farmers to encourage them and provide them with the knowledge, skills, and resources to care for their livestock and other animals. CVM has both long and short-term mission trips.

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Campus Crusade for Christ Summer offers Missions Trip Opportunities for college and high school!

Jesus Film:
These trips partner with national ministries by taking volunteers from the body of Christ on short-term trips using Jesus film products.   

Compassionate Aid International:
Global Aid Network (GAiN) is the relief and development aid arm of Cru. These trips focus on helping meet physical needs in areas of poverty and despair, providing hope through evangelistic outreach. 

Sports U.S. & International:
Athletes in Action is a branch of Cru which exists to bring Jesus Christ and His message of victory into the hearts, homes, and communities of millions around the world.

College Students:
Campus Ministry summer mission trips, called Summer Projects, bring the hope of Jesus to locations around the world – from your own “backyard” to a different continent. The ministry focus of each trip varies according to location – some trips focus on reaching individuals with the good news of Christ either on college campuses or in beach and resort communities, while others minister to people of specific ethnic or economic backgrounds. 

High School:
Cru’s High School ministry offers international mission trips. 

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EMAS Canada

A Christian, charitable, NGO based in Canada and in Hong Kong, that sends out missions teams and partners with organizations overseas in healthcare initiatives. You will need Healthcare related skills or be a student in a healthcare major. EMAS provides bursaries for all healthcare students who are able to arrange an elective overseas or who join an EMAS Team.

Christian medical organization assisting with church-related health care initiatives overseas. Long term and short-term missions for health care professionals for patient care and education of national colleagues; sending medical supplies; assisting feeding centre; providing clean water. Many specialties, including instructors.

Short term trips for health care professionals in various countries, for patient care and education of national colleagues; sending medical supplies; assisting feeding centre; providing clean water.

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Outreach to the World

Outreach to the World started in 2004, when five women members of a Bible Study group traveled to Kenya. Our lives were dramatically changed! The lack of clean water and the consequent rampant illness and death … and the ever increasing number of orphans were so disturbing that the group was determined to put its efforts in helping in this grave situation. Our ministry was born.



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Congo Partnership

A Cataract Surgery Mission to the Congo. The US Team will be supplementing a team of Congolese surgeons and nurses in Diengenga, Congo. Expenses for the trip will approximate $3500.

Organizational Skills for planning the mission and creating an efficient patient flow in this rustic facility.

Additional Comments: The people of Congo are 80% Christian and so grateful for anything that can be provided to care for them. Our patients will be BLIND, not just inconvenienced by their cataracts, and are eagerly awaiting this mission.

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Zindu Africa

The Community Response for Orphans and Vulnerable Children Support and Outreach  in Kenya, Africa works to improve the living standards of orphans and children by providing sustainable basic needs.  They provide support through food and nutrition by providing farming and agriculture resources. They also provide health care and education as well as psychosocial support.

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