Medical Mobilizers

Medical Mobilizer’s mission is “Mobilizing Resources for Christian Medical Missionaries” – including those just beginning to the long-term career person. We offer COACHING and a FUNDING SOLUTION (Resources) for personal expenses for thier mission work. We offer Business Mentoring. We will be offering scholarships from the proposed Medical Mobilizers Fund.

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Children with Disabilities Fund International

Children With Disabilities Fund International was established for the purpose of improving the lives of children with intellectual and physical disabilities in developing countries. Through partnership with existing local social services entities, facility administrators and other charitable organizations, CDFI helps to assess and meet the many needs and challenges facing these children.  CDFI believes that every child is precious in the eyes of God and deserves the best possible opportunities in life.

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Hope Haven International Ministries

Hope Haven International Ministries has sent over 100,000 restored wheelchairs to over 100 countries in the developing world. The Christian ministry ensures that each wheelchair is fitted specifically for each individuals needs. Over 40 locations sites in the U.S. and Canada that collect equipment are listed on their website.

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Provides missionaries and national health care workers with equipment, technical assistance, manuals, and supplies. Has shipped more than twenty million dollars worth of new and renovated medical equipment. Volunteers and staff install and repair equipment, develop and train in equipment operation and maintenance procedures, and providing instruction in operating room procedures, infection control and sterilization in hospital environments.

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Medical Missions for Children

Medical Missions for Children’s mission is to raise the level of health care in under served communities through long-distance medicine, or “telemedicine,” by building a virtual information bridge between U.S. mentoring hospitals and under served participating hospitals. The bridge facilitates the delivery of interactive real-time medical education that provides information on new techniques, procedures, pharmaceuticals, and vaccines.

A network of specialists in major U.S. hospitals mentor participating hospitals in under served communities. Interactive video sessions provide consulting on patient diagnosis, discussion of new techniques and treatments, and answer questions. Interactive learning for physicians, nurses and administrators where symposiums, lectures, and information on new medicines and vaccines are presented.

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Project C.U.R.E.

(Commission on Urgent Relief and Equipment) Humanitarian relief organization collects life-saving medical supplies and equipment from donors and delivers it to the neediest people in the world.  Depends on volunteer medical professionals and lay persons, and donations.  Has served 106 developing nations for more than 20 years. On-line video.

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Deskan Institut & Training, Inc

Urgently needed We seek committed Mission minded followers to join our spirited team of physicians, nurses, and other volunteers who provide hands-on primary care through outreach clinics in Guyana South America. Come spend one week or two weeks. Help us to help others live healthy.
We provide in-country transportation, travel insurance, accommodations and food.

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Ministry of Mercy

(Otutulu Village, Kogi State, Nigeria) This is the largest orphanage in Nigeria with over 300 residents. Aunties (many of whom are widows or outcasts themselves) are assigned 12 or so children. This is a completely Christ-centered work. Scheduled trips. Volunteers welcomed: Any skills, including construction/repairs, medical, love for children.

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Health Partners International of Canada

Health Partners International of Canada (HPIC) provides vaccines, medicines, and medical supplies donated by Canadian healthcare companies to Canadian NGO partners for use in 116 countries. HPIC also provides portable medical kits (known as Physician Travel Packs and Dental Travel Packs) to humanitarians and medical professionals going on medical mission trips.

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Zindu Africa

The Community Response for Orphans and Vulnerable Children Support and Outreach  in Kenya, Africa works to improve the living standards of orphans and children by providing sustainable basic needs.  They provide support through food and nutrition by providing farming and agriculture resources. They also provide health care and education as well as psychosocial support.

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