Hospital de la Familia Foundation (Nuevo Progreso, San Marcos, Guatemala)

Anesthesiologists, clinic nurses, general surgeons, gynecologists, plastic surgeons, ophthalmologists, recovery room nurses, and scrub nurses make up volunteer surgical teams that help us two weeks at a time. Teams of eye specialists make additional trips.

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Flying Doctors (Los Medicos Voladores)

Qualified residents, interns, and medical students can fly for free to help in village clinics in Baja California (and some places in the southwest USA). Trips originate from California cities including San Jose, Oakland, Sacramento, Auburn, Truckee, and Reno, Nevada. Not necessarily Christian.

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Straight Path Ministries

Straight Path Ministries is a non-denominational, Christian ministry in Guatemala committed to the fulfillment of The Great Commission with the desire to help individuals, families, and communities through the power of the Gospel. This is accomplished through a culturally cognizant approach to evangelism, and teaching the commands of the Bible.

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Independent Missionary Network

Independent Missionary Network (IMN) hosts mission trips to Guatemala. The destination is Mision El Faro on Guatemala’s east coast on the Atlantic Ocean. The mission reaches out to the Mayan Quiché villages surrounding the mission and the Garifuna community in nearby Livingston.



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Teams Commissioned for Christ International

Trips to Guatemala and Mexico for high school to adults. Short term medical clinics, plus evangelism, construction, and other ministries. We work with churches to form teams from their congregations.

The “GO Prepared” specialized 6-video training series deal with Construction, Medical, Fund raising, Recruitment, Evangelism, and how short-term missions trips impact the life of a church.

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More Than Compassion

More than Compassion will ask nine English speaking teachers to sign a 10-month contract.  The contract begins on December 30, 2013 and continues through the end of October, 2014.  The teachers will live together in an apartment near the School of Hope and Fundacion Salvacion orphanage in Huehuetenango,, Guatemala.  They will receive a monthly stipend of $100.00 for food.  Each teacher will be in charge of a particular grade (pre-kindergarten through sixth grade) and teach three subjects in English (art, math, and English).  In addition, they will be mentoring and caring for children at the orphanage.




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Helps International

Projects to assist needy while ministering to spiritual needs. Typical projects are 1) installing a potable water system, which involves installing PVC pipe from a mountain spring to each home in a rural community. 2) constructing homes by putting concrete floors in and/or installing a metal roof. 3) Construction of new homes, rural medical clinics, and church buildings.

Guatemala only. Medical and dental clinic, surgery, pharmacy.

Architectural Planning and Design Ministry provides planning and design services to Christian missions and ministries worldwide.

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Circle of Love Foundation

One and two week medical and evangelistic outreaches to Laos, Thailand, South Africa, Guatemala, and Bangaladesh are planned for 2008. Doctors, nurse practitioners, dentists, nurses, pharmacists, children’s workers and non medical people are welcomed. Some trips may also offer construction, children’s ministries and humanitarian aid.

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Prince of Peace Home for Girls

(Guatemala) An evangelical haven for orphaned, abandoned, and mistreated girls (5 to 18 yrs. old). Receiving girls through the Guatemalan Juvenile Court system, we seek to bring them to the Lord (who alone can heal their wounds) and disciple them so that they can find a lifetime of satisfaction in serving the Lord and their nation.

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Faith In Practice

Operates one-week medical missions of surgery and family practice clinics. We welcome adults of all faiths to join us in serving the poor with much needed medical care. We especially need those with Medical and related skills: MD, RN, PT, OT, Anesthesiology, Family Practice MD.

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Christian Academy of Guatemala

Christian Academy of Guatemala is always seeking individuals with a heart for educating missionary and third culture children. We are a non-denominational, private school whose ministry is to the English speaking, missionary community of Guatemala. Enrollment of over 200 students (K-12) representing over 50 mission boards. Current Openings…

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Holy Water Group

Join us to drill water wells that can provide relief for 200 to 500 people and last for up to 10 years in areas with no power and no running water, in the name of Jesus Christ. The homes are mud huts with dirt floors in villages in Central America (Nicaragua, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Honduras, Belize, Panama, Guatemala).

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We are a leadership development ministry. We use mission & wilderness trips as a classroom to teach leadership. Every trip we run is focused on student leadership development. Our trips go to Alaska, Arkansas, New Mexico, Mexico, Apostle Islands, Tennessee and North Carolina, Appalachia, New Mexico, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, more.

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Partners Worldwide

Active in 21 countries, Partners Worldwide is a global network of Christian entrepreneurs who show their faith in their everyday business practices.  Partners Worldwide links Christian businesspeople in the developed world with small and medium size entrepreneurs in the developing world. Through these partnerships the network encourages  business loans, business training, mentoring relationships, and advocacy.




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