Divine Grace Medical Missionaries



The mission is strengthening the capacity of low-income families in the Houston metropolitan Area to become self-sufficient through a long term model of programs and services specifically designed to: (1) impact and offset poverty and hunger; (2) influence and counteract inter-generational behavior that averts a successful and healthy life. We are committed to addressing these issues through programs that focus on: (1) literacy and education; (2) health and wellness; (3) health care training, skill acquisition and job training

Divine Grace Medical is seeking for health care professional, fundraiser, grant writer, and community development personnel to join our mission.

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Aslan’s Army

We support, with substantial financial donations, non-Western Bible Colleges directed by nationals who have a calling to plant churches and send out missionaries in their own countries. We can support 10 times the number of non-Western Bible student/missionaries for the price of a single U.S. based missionary sent overseas.

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Kingdom Come Training

We use live video via your own PC to train you to raise personal support. Build the attitudes, the skills and the confidence to actually enjoy raising support. Only a PC with high speed internet is required. Courses run 1 1/2 hours a day, 4 days a week for 3 weeks. Guaranteed results. Very low cost.

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Support Raising

Raising financial, prayer, and other support can be a daunting task. This People Raising site has helpful suggestions and resources, and a very useful free newsletter. “I have watched people recommend numerous fund raising tools for more than 30 years. . .” Also, a source for the popular Moody Press book, People Raising: A Practical Guide to Raising Support.

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End Poverty

Since 1985, End Poverty has been using microfinance concepts to help small businesses. Working with Christian partners in 37 countries, End Poverty has helped to establish over 200,000 small businesses.

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The BodyBuilders

We assist other ministries and Christians by providing Boot Camps for personal support raising, a two-day seminar for those raising support, an SRS Newsletter, focusing on issues related to support raising, and NVision seminars for churches looking to educate their people about God’s heart for the nations.

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Echo Your Story

(Publicize your ministry) You’re changing the world, you’re making a difference, but no one knows about it. You are being the light in the world and we want to spread your message in a powerful way so others can get behind you and support your organization.

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Husambae Community-Based Organization

Husambae Community-Based Organization offers services to HIV/AIDS,Orphans and vulnerable children and widows in Kenya.  We need more people to join us to serve as the number of orphans and HIV/AIDS continues to increase in Kenya and we need your support.  We also need volunteers, and groups to help and support the needy in Kenya.


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World Vision

Since 1950, World Vision has been dedicated to working with “children, families, and their communities worldwide” by “tackling the causes of poverty and injustice.” Among their main areas of emphasis are child sponsorship, emergency aid, and micro-enterprise development. They serve close to 100 million people in nearly 100 countries worldwide.

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Global Gospel Fellowship Ministries International

Global Gospel Fellowship Ministries International in Pakistan has ministered to hundreds of villages and seen literally thousands come to Christ through power evangelism, national, international crusade work, and street evangelism. Christians in Pakistan suffer more than any other ethnic or religious group. They face religious discrimination, oppression, social subjugation and economic deprivation. The growing body of believers continually struggles under government persecution, because it is officially illegal for Muslims to convert to Christianity.

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Send the Word

This ministry is devoted to raising funds to finance the sending of native language Bibles to the Middle East. Purchase of 1 T shirt will finance 5 Bibles sent.

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