Use ESL to help plant churches among unreached Muslim peoples. Work with Muslims in one of 38 countries in Asia, the Arab world, and Africa as part of a church planting team. In some situations, most expenses are paid.

Evangelism, sports, literature, prayer walks, teach English, reach children, medical and dental projects. Assist long-term workers planting churches among Muslims in Africa, the Arab world and Asia including Afghanistan. Teams go for 3-10 weeks: North Caucasus, S.E. Asia (Bike and ministry team), East Africa (refugees), North Africa (prayer, evangelism) Europe and the Middle East (1-800-462-8436 for more). Individual opportunities for nannies and home school teachers (1 to 12 months), and 1-year internships (church planting or office work).

Medical/surgical clinics, eye clinics, OB/GYN, pediatrics and dental projects in Muslim countries. Short term projects in cooperation with Medical Ministry International. Long term doctors, dentists and nurses join church planting teams in Muslim countries, including Afghanistan.  1-800-462-8436.

Agricultural development projects in many Muslim countries of Asia, the Arab world, and Africa. Use your skills to help plant churches among unreached Muslim peoples. Be part of a team meeting the physical and spiritual needs of Muslims. Afghanistan opportunities.

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Reach Across

Red Sea area, West Africa, Middle East: Nurses, physicians, eye doctors, dentists, gynecologists, midwives, nutritionist, community health, more. In Central Asia, female doctors, midwives and nurses for clinic, part of indigenous medical ministry.

Helping Muslims follow Jesus. Clinical med students may be accepted in some of the countries we serve in the Middle East, West Africa, etc. Midwives also needed.

Teach French, German, computer skills, or English to young missionary children.

Seeking teachers, who are native English speakers, and who have TEFL/TESOL as a minimum qualification. Opportunities arise in a number of locations, including the Red Sea area, middle east, and west Africa, ranging from established schools to newly started annexes linked to other projects.

Ministry to Muslims. Families sometimes need the help of a Nanny. You can provide a valuable service!

Occasional need for a couple or family to run a guest-house who have the ability to give hospitality as required. Also, teachers, those with medical and midwife experience, office workers, bookshop helper, mechanics, nanny, more, needed in countries around the Red Sea, West Africa, Middle East.

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Mission Nannys

Mature Christian woman volunteer needed any age, from youth to seniors. Use your skills such as child care, tutoring, homework helper, babysitting, cooking, housekeeping, and shopping.  We need volunteers to assist Christian missionaries in caring for their children or ill family member. Short term assignments (typically 3-12 months)


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Save the Aggrieving Children’s Ministry

It is the mission of Save The Aggrieving Children’s Ministry is to provide care and comfort to adults and children who have been infected or affected by the HIV/AIDS pandemic. We are both a Hospice for the terminally ill and a Children’s Home for those vulnerable children who have become homeless due to the death of one or both of their parents. Save The Aggrieving Children’s Ministry provides health and hope.

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Cornerstone Children’s Ranch

Hello and Greeting from Texas. We are looking for Christians campers wanting to volunteer work this fall through spring at Cornerstone Children’ Ranch, located in Quemado, TX. # Note there is no pay other than in Heaven. We ask that you cover your electric. (About $100.0 per month) in winter summer is more do to A/C). We have full 30amp sites and Free Wi-Fi and laundry available to campers. You must enjoy Children, and be will to serve.

  • 1. We will need persons will to teach ESL Classes to adults
  • 2. Working with children program in the Evenings.
  • 3. Someone willing to teach music.
  • 4. Have knowledge of ranch management (We have horses and cattle)
  • 5. Know Auto repair. (We have fully stocked shop with tools And work needing to be done)
  • 6. But please know you are here to serve God not us. We ask that you try to give us at least 4 hours a day. But you are doing this for the kingdom. Please Contact the Cornerstone Children’s Ranch 8307571993

So why are we building a boarding school?
We are located right where this children are coming across the bridges to The United States. They hoping to get an education in the land of their birth and can be taken by persons posing as a willing care taker for these children.

  • That is where we at the Cornerstone Children’s Ranch can step in and offer safe housing, and education to these children.
  • With the building of a boarding school .
  • Why a boarding school and education you ask? God tell us in Proverbs 9:10  The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding. Without the knowledge that God love them. How then can the find wisdom to be all God want them to be.
  • When they come here from Mexico they are also very behind in the understanding of the English language so we are offering ESL school that will address this problem with each subject till the child can go to the public school or finish out at their education here through our accredit program at Cornerstone Children’s Ranch. We have the slab poured and are now praying for the building 40x 60 two story. This building need to ready for the children to more forward. .

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