XMA is a faith-based, non-profit organization dedicated to helping volunteers make a positive impact in their world. Our volunteers share the love of Jesus with overlooked people in remote locations around our world and help with human needs such as medical, dental, clean water, construction, educational and other basic needs.

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World Changers

World Changers provides opportunities for students to understand the spiritual impact of sharing the Gospel. Construction ministry opens the door into a city for students to share the message of God’s grace and the gift of reconciliation in our cities. We exist to serve churches in their mission of making disciples by providing missions experiences that develop the heart of students for serving others and sharing their faith so they can change the city…change the world.

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Strong Foundation Ministries

Based in San Antonio, Texas, Strong Foundation Ministries provides a safe and loving environment for families. Strong Foundation Ministries is searching for the right Christian couple to serve with them. Strong Foundation also has short and long term mission trip opportunities.

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Joy Mission Trips

Joy Mission Trips needs teams to come to Vietnam 3 times a year. Once in the spring to serve the poor people Tet Lunar New year on the first of January. Twice during the summer to help the kids in English and dance Activities. Teams can come one week on first of June, July or August.  And third your team can come in Sept – November to help rebuild houses after our typhoon season. This is it is the sweetest times to go and share, encourage and love to the poor people to life as a body of Christ.

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Cornerstone Children’s Ranch

The Cornerstone Children’s Ranch is located in Quemado Texas.  They are trying to start a school here on the Texas Mexico border. They are looking for a Child Care Administrator / teacher to help them assist more children. Cornerstone presently has 4 students and two more coming this summer for the fall school year. They have 8 children coming this summer for the ESL classes.


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Rainbow Network

Rainbow Network is an interdenominational Christian Ministry working only in rural remote Nicaragua with about 42,000 people who live in 112 specific communities of Nicaragua. Everything we do involves community participation. We have significant community organizations in each village and do our work through these groups. We focus on healthcare, education, economic development and housing.

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Independent Missionary Network

Independent Missionary Network (IMN) hosts mission trips to Guatemala. The destination is Mision El Faro on Guatemala’s east coast on the Atlantic Ocean. The mission reaches out to the Mayan Quiché villages surrounding the mission and the Garifuna community in nearby Livingston.



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Helps International

Projects to assist needy while ministering to spiritual needs. Typical projects are 1) installing a potable water system, which involves installing PVC pipe from a mountain spring to each home in a rural community. 2) constructing homes by putting concrete floors in and/or installing a metal roof. 3) Construction of new homes, rural medical clinics, and church buildings.

Guatemala only. Medical and dental clinic, surgery, pharmacy.

Architectural Planning and Design Ministry provides planning and design services to Christian missions and ministries worldwide.

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Habitat for Humanity International

Habitat for Humanity International is a ecumenical Christian organization dedicated to eliminating substandard housing and homelessness worldwide and to making adequate, affordable shelter a matter of conscience and action. Our ministry was founded on the conviction that every man, woman and child should have a decent place to live in dignity and safety.


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Hard Hats for Christ

We are a network of volunteers dedicated to telling others the Good News about God’s love, encouraging one another, and among other helps, providing short-term construction, maintenance assistance, and emergency repairs for our client ministries so that they can either expand their ministry or make it more efficient.

Domestic and foreign construction and training.

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Vision Of Hope Foundation – Uganda

Vision Of Hope Foundation is a christian based charitable organization focusing on restoring and helping the needy orphans and widows together with the child headed families attain a better future. we therefore seek for organizations and volunteers with a compassionate heart to extend a hand of help.

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Missionary Tech Team

Provides technical services to like-minded Christian organizations. Inquire if you would like information on joining our dedicated faith-based missionaries with expertise in engineering, construction design, landscape design, graphic design, display and brochure design, computer networking, software development, furlough vehicle leasing and web site design and development.  All kinds of engineering and trades, including architects and landscape architects.Some short term opportunities. Non-denominational

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Alpha Christian Children’s Home

We provide a stable, Christian family home and school for children who are abused, neglected, orphaned, troubled, or poor; and those from dysfunctional families. Volunteers welcome: Construction, Teaching, Landscape, Professionals, Office Help, Mechanics, Graphic Arts, Job Skills, and Etc.

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