Oasis Surf House

Oasis Surf House in Lanzarote, Spain is owned by Lydia, a Christian surfer. Set on a mountainside in the quiet rural village of Sóo, the guesthouse offers incredible, uninterrupted views over the ocean. We are looking for Christian volunteers to come serve and invest in this beautiful community!

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Robert M Service Ministries

Robert M Service Ministries offers orphan care and disaster relief ministries training and funded infrastructure provision. The infrastructure (greenhouse & renewable energy plant combination) furnishes food, substantial income, job training, ministry training, and electricity for their ministry’s ownership. Developments are done in a step by step sequence. Trouble shooting for ministry and technology problems is also available on a case by case basis.

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Chisomo Idea

Chisomo Idea is an asset-based community development organization that inspires, trains, and deploys the young generation to make a difference in under-resourced communities. We are a group of ordinary friends from around the world devoted to carrying one another’s burdens and using our gifts, talents, and resources to make a sustainable difference in impoverished African communities.

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Love Haiti’s Children Orphanage

Love Haiti’s Children Orphanage cares for 12 children in Port Au Prince that are in desperate need. Their needs are many, but we are determined to make a difference in their lives! Jim McIver travels to Haiti 8 or 10 times a month to spend time with the children and to take care of the business of the orphanage. Love Haiti’s Children has a dedicated staff in Haiti that cares for the children and the orphanage in his absence.

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Volunteer in South Africa

Volunteer in South Africa offers a significant mix of Volunteer opportunities for Volunteers that are walking alongside God and want to make a meaningful impact in South Africa and Africa at large. Our Volunteer Projects are designed to provide continuous Solutions to help the Poor communities of South Africa. We aim to Disciple Children and walk alongside Children and Adults bringing them to their God given Talents. We aim to Create an Environment where people Flourish in their God-Given Gifts and are Encouraged to Pursue their dreams by adding ‘HOPE’ into their lives.

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Universal Church and Peace Ministries

For Christians: Leading them into the fullness of the Lord Jesus Christ Ephesians 4:11-15 and Colossians 1:9-14, 28 & 29 by equipping and enabling them to demonstrate the credibility of Christian faith and character in word and deed.

For Non-Christians: Demonstrating the love of God through various programs of Education, Health, Social Welfare, Rural Development and Poverty-alleviation so that they may taste this love and accept Jesus Christ as their Personal Lord and Savior Ephesians 2:13 & 3:6.

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Embrace the Middle East

Embrace the Middle East mission is to improve the lives of vulnerable and disadvantaged people in the Middle East.

We do this by partnering with local Christians who provide health, education and community development programmes to those in need – regardless of their faith or nationality.

Embrace the Middle East is a non-governmental, inter-denominational charity.

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The Salvation Army International

The Salvation Army International has been serving throughout the world since 1865. Currently they are in 126 countries. Major fields include health services, community development, evangelism, social work, anti-trafficking, women’s ministries, and sports ministry. Much more information is on their website.

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Divine Grace Medical Missionaries



The mission is strengthening the capacity of low-income families in the Houston metropolitan Area to become self-sufficient through a long term model of programs and services specifically designed to: (1) impact and offset poverty and hunger; (2) influence and counteract inter-generational behavior that averts a successful and healthy life. We are committed to addressing these issues through programs that focus on: (1) literacy and education; (2) health and wellness; (3) health care training, skill acquisition and job training

Divine Grace Medical is seeking for health care professional, fundraiser, grant writer, and community development personnel to join our mission.

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SIM USA has been launching workers into ministry around the world since 1893. We are committed to cultivating multicultural mission movements that respond to need, proclaim the gospel, and equip the Church. With more than 120 years of ministry experience, our passion is to continue to see the Body of Christ in all places, among all peoples, to the glory of God.

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Jesus Mission Ministry Pakistan

At Jesus Mission Ministry Pakistan we are facing lots of challenges as a christian in Pakistan and we want to help our community to boost and learn spiritual and secular education to grow up in Christ more. Our vision is to prepare a strong Church who can survive as a minority in Pakistan and be fruitful to others. We are looking for for affiliation with church and support for our Ministry in Pakistan.

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Joy Mission Trips

Joy Mission Trips needs teams to come to Vietnam 3 times a year. Once in the spring to serve the poor people Tet Lunar New year on the first of January. Twice during the summer to help the kids in English and dance Activities. Teams can come one week on first of June, July or August.  And third your team can come in Sept – November to help rebuild houses after our typhoon season. This is it is the sweetest times to go and share, encourage and love to the poor people to life as a body of Christ.

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Gotemin Children’s Home

Gotemin Children’s Home and Reycare Centre is an institution that takes care of orphaned and vulnerable children. We feed, clothe, house, educate and provide spiritual as well as parental love. We also need missionaries to come and assist us to evangelize in our churches here in Kenya.

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United Gospel Mission

United Gospel Mission is faith based, network organization working at community level projects such as Child development, Women Empowerment, Church Based Theological Education (CBTE), Vocational Trainings, Reaching Non-Literates, Leadership Development, Poverty Alleviation & Sustainable Development, with a passion to reach and serve the most underprivileged and vulnerable millions of North India.

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International Students, Incorporated (ISI)

Based in the U.S., International Students Incorporated (ISI) seeks to help international students develop Christian friendships while they are in the U.S.  The people ISI helps often go on to become leaders when they get home.  ISI is active on over 900 U.S. college campuses.



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Rainbow Network

Rainbow Network is an interdenominational Christian Ministry working only in rural remote Nicaragua with about 42,000 people who live in 112 specific communities of Nicaragua. Everything we do involves community participation. We have significant community organizations in each village and do our work through these groups. We focus on healthcare, education, economic development and housing.

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