Volunteer in South Africa

Volunteer in South Africa offers a significant mix of Volunteer opportunities for Volunteers that are walking alongside God and want to make a meaningful impact in South Africa and Africa at large. Our Volunteer Projects are designed to provide continuous Solutions to help the Poor communities of South Africa. We aim to Disciple Children and walk alongside Children and Adults bringing them to their God given Talents. We aim to Create an Environment where people Flourish in their God-Given Gifts and are Encouraged to Pursue their dreams by adding ‘HOPE’ into their lives.

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Tiny Tots Daycare

TINY TOTS new and improved classrooms are a step into the future.The new Grade R classroom – bigger more spacious WOW. Classrooms are air conditioned.
The children are growing accademically and Godly character traits are instilled in these little ones.
Memory verses are taught to them on a regular basis.

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Tenderfeet Education Center

Within the harsh environment of the slums of Kibera in Kenya, Tenderfeet Education Center brings to orphaned and disadvantaged children the three things they need to prepare for a better life – food, education and hope!

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Foundation For His Ministry

Foundation for His Ministry is a non-profit, non-denominational Christian organization with over 150 volunteer missionary staff that has served the poorest of the poor in Mexico for almost 50 years. Our mission is to make disciples of Jesus through rescuing children, restoring the needy, and reaching the lost.


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Go Volunteer Victorious Uganda

The Go Volunteer Victorious Uganda (GVVU) is a place where you can make a big difference in the lives of poor children in Uganda without it costing you too much money.  GVVU is a small non-profit organization that is based on the Waksio District and work to pursue community developmental and social causes by free internships and volunteer opportunities.

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World Relief

Since 1944, World Relief has been helping victims of poverty, famine, and disease in nearly 50 countries. Health and child survival, assisting women, microloans to help small businesses, disaster relief, refugee care and resettlement, and helping with the HIV/AIDS crisis are their major areas of emphasis.

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Hope for Joy Foundation Uganda


We support and care of orphans, vulnerable children and widows to be able to receive education, medical, spiritual and social basic needs and become productive members of the community.
Our mission is to support and empower orphans, vulnerable children and widows in Uganda to successful and productive lives. We seek to transform hearts, minds and lives by engaging them in a Christ- centered process of examining their current realities, envisioning their future possibilities and enabling action to achieve their desired futures.

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Divya Shanthi Ministries

Divya Shanthi Ministries serves the mentally handicapped and mentally ill in Bangarapet taluk of Kolar District in Karnataka State in South India. We make a  difference in the lives of children who have no or little family or outside support. Changing lives of children trapped in poverty and families trapped and excluded from opportunities to better their lives, to experience normal healthy lives, to have financial security, to have adequate shelter and regular income. We have schools, community schools, and home work clubs that are designed to make a difference and change the lives of children and families. We have done this for over 40 years and have changed the lives of thousands of children and hundreds of families.

Our Vocational training is designed to help young people to enter employment and enhances their earning potential.They are integrally connecting with our business activities that produce quality products for the market local and overseas. And our Micro Enterprise Program is intended to give financial security to families who struggle to pay the rent for their small houses, to pay their children’s school fees, to feed their families two good meals a day.

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Lifesong for Orphans

Lifesong for Orphans offers adoption financial assistance, foster care support, church and ministry partnerships, and international orphan care by serving advocates who help carry out this work of bringing joy and purpose to orphans in Zambia.  Join us in a Lifesong for Orphans missions trip to our Village of Hope in Guatemala where you will participate in work projects and minister to the community of San Lucas and surrounding areas.

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Bringing Miracles

Bringing Miracles works with severely impoverished children in Kibera, Kenya with about 60% being total orphans. We provide school, food, malaria nets and meet other critical needs. If you have a team wanting to serve with Bringing Miracles at the school or in the community, we can make arrangements for teams of not more than 10 to stay with a family.

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Safisha Africa Welfare Foundation

Safisha Africa Welfare Foundation is affiliated to the Quaker Church ministering to poor children in Nairobi, Kenya. We need retirees, educators and others with a heart for children to help us with their basic needs and teaching. Safisha Africa Welfare Foundation needs short term and long term missions.

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Club Chiquito, Manna Global Ministries

Club Chiquito, Manna Global Ministries is a faith based community center in the Dominican Republic focusing on helping develop kids of character and building the foundations of faith. In a country that is known for sex trafficking and sex crimes against children, Club Chiquito is shining the light of Jesus in a dark place.


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The Hope of Glory Mission

The Hope of Glory Mission is a children at risk ministry located in the Philippines. We are building a rescue mission for children and some mums who live on garbage dumps. Hope of Glory Mission is located about 2 hours from Manila.

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Abaana Community Outreach Africa (ACO-Africa)

Abaana Community Outreach Africa works with orphans, elderly caretakers, HIV-positive children, women and other vulnerable groups. Our volunteers conduct social support to vulnerable children, nutrition and hygiene education, reproductive health, human rights &, HIV/AIDS education to meet the practical as well as psychosocial needs of our target groups

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Humanitarian Support Network

HSN is a community based organization with a desire to bring caring love to many children who are desperately seeking for help in desperately seeking for help in USA and Africa.

Our goal is to support the vulnerable communities towards the improvement of their physical, social, economic, mental, spiritual and psychological well being. To advocate for the rights of orphans and Disadvantaged Children. Through supporting their education, by providing safety nets to neglected, abandoned children, supporting sick children especially those infected with HIV/AIDS, Athema, Tuberculosis and other chronic diseases, to address issues of child labor, sexual abuse, defilement, children sacrifice and Support Girl child empowerment programs.


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Global Ventures

Global Ventures exists to take people just like you all over the world on short-term trips to bring hope and healing to thousands of people every year. We focus on unreached areas of the world through children’s ministry and community evangelistic outreaches.

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Wings As Eagles Ministries

Wings As Eagles Ministries founded in 1995 to bring love and hope to our native youth. We founded The Dream Center on Pine Ridge on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. Serving the homeless and abused children on Pine Ridge. Establishing The Circle of Love children’s shelter to provide shelter and love for the forgotten children of America.

WAEM welcomes short term mission teams as well as long term missionaries. We encourage hope and love at the Dream Center to the hundreds of children whom we serve throughout the communities.

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