Freedom From Chains

We work among unreached people groups working to free those enslaved by sin, poverty, hunger, and other vices, and to see them come into a repentant, personal, and life transforming relationship with God. We welcome those who can help us in capacities such as web management, administration, fund raising, curriculum development, and more.

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Voluntary Projects Overseas

We have some great opportunities worldwide: building homes, fresh water projects, conservation, mentoring children, social care and support, teaching, medical placements, community development and care. Join us (with your family!) on the adventure of a lifetime and make a lasting difference. (Not necessarily Christian)

Medical professionals and students, you are urgently needed as a medical volunteer, to provide healthcare in remote areas of rural Cambodia, mostly in temporary clinics. You will work alongside English speaking Khmer staff to assist and support the program.

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We have immediate staff openings for Elementary, English, ESL, and Physical Ed., and many other positions including librarian, counselor, maintenance, school nurse, chaplain, many more, in Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Albania, Moldova, Bolivia, the Middle East, Mali, Niger, the Philippines, India, Cambodia, and other areas in central and south-east Asia.

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Lifewater International

We are helping people obtain safe drinking water in over 50 countries around the world. Our mission is to provide water and sanitation resource development information, training, equipment and technical support to the rural poor. Those we train become a resource to others. Many volunteer opportunities. Helping people obtain safe drinking water in over 50 countries around the world. Our mission is to provide water resource development information, training, equipment and technical support to the rural poor. Those we train become a resource to others. Development of ways to obtain good water supplies for poor, rural areas of the world. Opportunities in research, design, training, installation, more. Work in Central Asia Tanzania Ethiopia Kenya Laos Uganda Haiti Rwanda Cambodia.

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Daughters Project

Through the staff and resources of the Daughters’ Day Centre in Phnom Penh, Cambodia victims of human trafficking are supported in their efforts to leave the sex industry. Children as young as four are sold into the sex industry in Cambodia. Perhaps one third of the girls are from other countries, mainly Vietnam.

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Cambodian Outreach Project

Cambodian Outreach Project and Cosette’s Children’s Home provides for the physical, spiritual and medical needs for HIV positive orphans. Current facilities will house 60 – 80 orphans. Volunteers, Yes! Medical (physician, PA, or nursing) HIV/AIDS experience desireable; Orphanage support staff; Teachers.

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Phnom Penh Bible School

(Cambodia)   PPBS is looking for volunteer Christian ESL teachers to teach English for theological study to Bible students. We train Cambodian Church leaders of sound Christian character and the ability to faithfully serve the Christian community, effectively teach the Bible, and boldly proclaim the Gospel through words and actions.  University degree and TESOL training, and agreement with our  doctrinal statement, are required. Native English speakers are preferred.

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Partners Worldwide

Active in 21 countries, Partners Worldwide is a global network of Christian entrepreneurs who show their faith in their everyday business practices.  Partners Worldwide links Christian businesspeople in the developed world with small and medium size entrepreneurs in the developing world. Through these partnerships the network encourages  business loans, business training, mentoring relationships, and advocacy.




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Global Storm

Global Storm aims to go into the darkest corners of the world to reach people who are poor, hungry, homeless, sick and dying. If you are 18 to 22 years old and ready to get serious about Jesus’ Great Commission, then Global Storm is for you. We’ve recently worked in Cambodia, India, Nepal and China.

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CHUMA International

CHUMA International is an affiliate of Providence Health International. They collect, calibrate, and send a wide variety of medical equipment and supplies to the developing world.

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International Sos

International SOS is the world’s leading international healthcare, medical assistance, and security services company. We help organizations manage the health and security risks facing their international travelers and expatriates.

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World Relief

Since 1944, World Relief has been helping victims of poverty, famine, and disease in nearly 50 countries. Health and child survival, assisting women, microloans to help small businesses, disaster relief, refugee care and resettlement, and helping with the HIV/AIDS crisis are their major areas of emphasis.

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Medical Teams International

Well known agency delivers medical and dental care worldwide. Emergency response teams.

Frequent construction projects in various countries usually associated with medical facilities or disaster recover. Also active in Community Health, Dental Programs, Disaster Response, Emergency Medical Care, HIV and AIDS Care and Prevention, Medical Services and Training, Medical Supply Programs.

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Soapbox Communications Trust

(UK)  Humanitarian aid, medical and mission projects. Construction, vocational training, child care programmes, street children. Trips to places like Tanzania, Brazil, Cambodia, Kenya, Uganda, Romania, Zambia, Ecuador, Philippines, Nepal, Mongolia, Thailand.

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Project Compassion

At Project Compassion, we partner with missionaries, local churches, and health officials, to conduct short term evangelical medical clinics throughout the world. Several churches have been planted as a direct result of these outreaches. We serve in countries such as Mexico, Guatemala, Cambodia, Malawi, Africa. Medical skills or not, you can participate.

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Based in Britain, Tearfund has been involved in many outstanding Christian-orientated humanitarian efforts in over 50 countries throughout the developing world since 1968.  Two of its major initiatives designed to tackle extreme poverty are ending violence against women, and encouraging  fair trade of gifts and jewelry. They have a quarterly publication called Footsteps and other literature that is very informative.




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