Edify’s mission is to improve and to expand sustainable, Christ-centered education in the developing world. We do this by coming alongside local schools by providing loans for expansion, proprietor and teacher training, Christ-centered curriculum, and educational technology.

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Divine Grace Medical Missionaries



The mission is strengthening the capacity of low-income families in the Houston metropolitan Area to become self-sufficient through a long term model of programs and services specifically designed to: (1) impact and offset poverty and hunger; (2) influence and counteract inter-generational behavior that averts a successful and healthy life. We are committed to addressing these issues through programs that focus on: (1) literacy and education; (2) health and wellness; (3) health care training, skill acquisition and job training

Divine Grace Medical is seeking for health care professional, fundraiser, grant writer, and community development personnel to join our mission.

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NAEIR (National Association for the Exchange of Industrial Resources) is a not-for-profit distributor of supplies to churches and other 501(c)(3) non-profits. Since 1977, they have accepted and delivered almost 3 billion dollars worth of new surplus supplies from their 10-acre warehouse to help members (you can consider joining them). Members can get about a 30 to 1 return on dues investment.


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Partners Worldwide

Active in 21 countries, Partners Worldwide is a global network of Christian entrepreneurs who show their faith in their everyday business practices.  Partners Worldwide links Christian businesspeople in the developed world with small and medium size entrepreneurs in the developing world. Through these partnerships the network encourages  business loans, business training, mentoring relationships, and advocacy.




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MALKU Institute of Technology

We are looking for a project manager and a fund raiser for this educational institution that is located in Accra Ghana. We aim to be a center for research, training and development in the areas of agriculture, applied science and technology and special education and disability studies.

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The Mission Society

Founded on Wesleyan tradition, we recruit, train, and send Christian missionaries around the world. As a GreenLight Intern, shadow one of our 230 missionaries and explore what it looks like to live, work and do ministry with people in another culture, and explore your calling. Engage in conversations that allow you a glimpse of the gospel through their eyes. Immerse yourself in God’s story – a story that is bigger than your own.

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FINCA is a global charitable microfinance organization that operates in 21 countries on 5 continents, serving nearly one million clients. FINCA provides micro-finance services to the world’s lowest-income entrepreneurs, helping them to create jobs, build assets, and improve their standard of living.

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Inspire Motivate and Engage

Inspire, Motivate and Engage helps young unemployed people get a step ahead of the competition and into employment through our online mentor programme. We understand how difficult it is to find work in the current climate and believe you shouldn’t give up hope on achieving your dream.
To know more about us visit here :http://inspiremotivateandengage.com/

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Isibani Community Centre

We work to address the growing needs of the Zulu population living in the Champagne valley of Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa. We need volunteers to provide many services including health care, education, welfare, councelling counseling. An urgent need is for someone with administration skills.

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World Concern

World Concern is a team of passionate humanitarians, striving to create lasting, sustainable change in the lives of those living in extreme poverty. World Concern’s efforts reach deep into the most remote corners of the planet, where climate and geography, societal instability and scarce infrastructure create incredible challenges to the people living there.




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Hablano Menos, Amando Mas

Hablando Menos, Amando Más is a non-profit organization dedicated to help the at-risk, neglected elderly in the Zihuatanejo, Mexico area. Need missionaries in all áreas and levels to serve short or longterm. Spanish a definite asset. Experience helpful but not essential in all áreas. Developing but operating ministry to at risk seniors.


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Amangwe Zulu Crafts

This project, in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa, designs, purchases and markets Zulu beaded crafts. We need committed Christian volunteers who are enthusiastic in marketing and streamlining our efforts, whilst still maintaining traditional roots. Organizational and administration skills needed: preferably Excel literate. See the website for more info.

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“We seek mature Christians with significant experience in local church ministry, a heart for evangelizing the unreached and a desire to be a productive part of a team which God brings together to impact a people group for His ultimate glory.”

Teachers, agriculturalists, business people, artists, doctors, coaches and many others serve on church-planting teams in over 92 countries among 130 people groups. God is moving in the world. God is moving in you. He is equipping you and sustaining you so that you can join Him in His redemptive work. Your Move!.

There are over 3 thousand unreached people groups. Countless millions for whom the name of Christ is nothing more than a rumor. Reaching them requires creativity and cost; flexibility and faith; teamwork and trust. This is our passion. PIONEERS /summer/short-term/career.

Agriculturalists, teachers, business people, artists, doctors, coaches and many others serve on church-planting teams in over 92 countries among 130 people groups. God is moving in the world. God is moving in you. He is equipping you and sustaining you so that you can join Him in His redemptive work. Your Move!.

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Volunteer Missionary Movement

(VMM) We recruit, train and send lay Christians from the UK with professional, pastoral or technical skills to share their lives and skills in projects usually linked with a local church or community in East Africa. Our mission: promote justice and integral human development. Teachers, program developers and co-ordinators, and Health Care specialists needed. Ecumenical Catholic

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Medair is a humanitarian NGO helping people suffering in remote and devastated communities worldwide survive crisis, recover, and develop skills for a better future. We recruit committed Christians who are professionals in: Management, Business Administration, Health, Nutrition, Water, Sanitation, Construction, Architects, Engineers (Civil, Structural), Logistics, Finance, Grants, Communications, Fundraising, and HR. We’re serving or have served in Afghanistan, Chad, DR. Congo, Haiti, Madagascar, Somali land/Somalia, South Sudan, Syrian crisis (Lebanon & Jordan) and Zimbabwe.

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Lighthouse LANDS

Join Lighthouse LANDS in short-term or long-term mission in the southwestern countryside of Haiti as we transform the lives of women and children through agriculture, education, and sharing the love of Jesus Christ.

The Lighthouse Lands Project is a non-profit organization working to overcome hunger and poverty in the rural countryside of Haiti through integrated sustainable solutions focused around education, empowerment, and economic development. The Lighthouse LANDS Project teaches women sustainable agriculture on over 300 acres of land donated in the southwestern state of Grand’Anse, provide expanding access to education through Unity Bridge Schools for K-12th graders, as well as facilitate job creation through small businesses and micro-enterprises. We provide volunteer opportunities for youth, young adults, and adults. Learn more at www.lighthouseland.org

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