Strange Sights and Sounds from the Middle East


I am leaving Kuwait in a few hrs for Beirut… to see and learn about what can be done to serve the Syrian refugees, especially children.
The news here today says there are a million children starving and suffering from malnutrition in Syria itself. I continue to be deeply burdened for the refugees and especially the children. When the war ends we must be ready to enter the country to serve in His name.
I spent quality time today with a wonderful couple working in a nearby restricted country… they are starting to see local friends respond to signs and wonders, love and friendship. I am so proud of their service to Jesus and their love for the local people! They are using their vocational skills to add value to people’s lives while they share the love of Jesus.
Local sights and sounds… 
– A sign in the Kuwait airport says, “Veiled ladies do identity check here…”
– A sign in a elegant grocery store says, “Non-Muslim food here (pork)”
– it was 44 degrees centigrade today… 120 degrees fahrenheit.
– there are American, Japanese and German SUV’s, malls, and signs of wealth every direction one looks
– approximately 80% of the Kuwaiti population are non-Kuwaiti; many come here as common laborers, nanny’s, etc.
– the sultan of Oman has done a massive and amazing job of building infrastructure in his country over the last 30 years
– the Omani’s are very warm and hospitable people
– a big surprise so far on this trip is how many South Africans i have met – they are everywhere in the Middle East in large numbers
Thank you for your prayers. I will continue to keep you updated as I visit the Syrian refugees in the next ten days. Please pray for divine appointments and clear guidance for future involvement.
With gratitude,
Floyd McClung
PS please pray for me – i’m experiencing some flu symptoms.

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