Storm damage and spiritual warfare

Cyclone Hudhud

Cyclone Hudhud
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India (MNN) — In India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi just returned from surveying the damage left behind by Cyclone Hudhud. Some officials say it could cost over $1 billion USD.

Making landfall exactly one year to the day as Cyclone Phailin, Cyclone Hudhud tore through Andhra Pradesh and Orissa on Sunday. At least 400,000 people have been affected by Hudhud, and 24 people are known to have died as a result of the storm.

Grand Rapids, Michigan-based Mission India hasn’t been able to reach their partners yet because of damage to communication lines. Recently-appointed President of Mission India Todd VanEk asks you to pray that they’ll hear from their partners soon.

Also pray that the Lord will give Mission India guidance as they support partners throughout the country.

“Our greatest challenge will continue to be keeping up with the Indian Church. People are coming to faith in Christ at a rate in India that I just don’t think has been experienced by many people here,” VanEk notes.

It’s one of the observations VanEk made during his first trip to India as the ministry’s president.

New leadership coming to Mission India.

Todd VanEk is Mission India’s new USA President.
(Photo credit Mission India)

“I was officially in my role for two weeks, and I jumped on a plane and traveled to India,” VanEk shares, adding that the visit had a two-fold purpose. “One [purpose] was to ‘Meet Todd, our new president’ and to continue to foster the great relationships that we have.

“The other purpose [was] just allowing the Holy Spirit to lead my thoughts and my mind, in terms of the work that is being done there.”

During the trip, God’s Spirit affirmed a calling VanEk felt to serve as Mission India’s new President.

“I just cannot think of anything I would rather do with my time and the leadership gifts that God has given to me, than to further the Kingdom of God in India,” he shares.

While VanEk had taken several trips to South Asia as a Mission India donor, this was his first visit as the ministry’s leader.

“Mission India and our family have a relationship that goes back 10 years,” explains VanEk.

“I think that was very strategic in the Lord’s working of my life, bringing me to this point, because as I went in [this time], I’ve already established a relationship with many of the key leaders that we work with in India.”

As VanEk met with different leaders and visited partner locations, he became increasingly aware of the spiritual battle being waged in India.

In India, violence against Christian believers is on the rise. Pray for their safety! (Photo, caption courtesy Mission India)

In India, violence against Christian believers is on the rise. Pray for their safety!
(Photo, caption courtesy Mission India)

“This is, ultimately, not just a strategy that we’re about. This is a spiritual battle that we’re involved in,” states VanEk. “Probably one of the most surprising things was that there’s an area in the northeast that’s probably 50-60% Christian, and there was some persecution there.

“A church was burned, and that sent the message to us that, even in very strong Christian centers, there is [spiritual] work countering the work that we’re doing.”

Learn more about Mission India’s work by visiting their Web site. Then, add Mission India and their indigenous ministry partners to your prayer list.