Steps of faith and overwhelming need

steps of faith

Cedar of Lebanon is taking steps of faith to care for Syrian refugee kids, like this one.
(Image courtesy Christian Aid)

Lebanon (MNN) — Steps of faith are necessary when you face overwhelming needs and you don’t have enough resources to provide. A school ministry in Lebanon is taking those steps of faith with the help of Christian Aid Mission, your link to indigenous missions.

Cedar of Lebanon is an indigenous ministry that oversees a boarding school for Bedouin children in the Bekaa Valley. The Muslim Bedouin are a nomadic people group who eke out a living as animal herders. When Syrian refugees began pouring over the border and into the Bekaa Valley, Cedar of Lebanon extended a helping hand.

Today, they’re continuing that assistance in Jesus’ name. Not only has Cedar of Lebanon opened up their school building as a shelter for refugee families, but teachers are including refugee kids in their lessons. Over 400 children are being divided between morning and afternoon sessions, says Ammad, the leader of Cedar of Lebanon.

For Syrian children who’ve been on the run since the crisis began in 2011, school is a distant memory. Learning and studying have been replaced by running for shelter and desperate searches for food. However, in the temporary shelter of a tent and relative routine of refugee life, Syrian kids find themselves with time on their hands.

(Image courtesy Christian Aid)

(Image courtesy Christian Aid)

Cedar of Lebanon doesn’t just provide an invaluable education to these refugee children. They also help Syrian families by providing food, shelter, and most importantly, the hope of Jesus Christ.

“The humanitarian needs are challenging, but the spiritual growth is beautiful,” says Ammad in a recent Christian Aid report. “We need as much help as possible to continue to reach as many kids as we can.”

With the amount of Syrian refugee families in Bekaa Valley, Cedar of Lebanon could quickly double enrollment. But with only 14 teachers, limited supplies, and classroom space, the ministry must say “No” to between 600 and 1,000 students.

Click here to help Cedar of Lebanon expand their reach and double their impact. Christian Aid says the ministry needs $10,000 USD each month to cover living allowances for teachers, as well as books and materials for students.

As you pray for resources to reach Cedar of Lebanon, pray that indigenous missionaries will not be overwhelmed by the desperate needs they confront every day. Pray for continued spiritual growth as refugees hear the Gospel and learn about Jesus Christ.

Pray also for a missing team of Cedar of Lebanon missionaries. They went on a journey to baptize 14 believers in Syria and never returned. Ask the Lord to spare their lives and comfort family members in Lebanon.