Sponsors needed to send children in Haiti to school

(Photo by Baptist Haiti Mission)

(Photo by Baptist Haiti Mission)

Haiti (MNN) — For less than a cup of coffee a day, you can send a child in Haiti to school for a month!

There are more than 68,000 children involved in Christian Schools connected with Baptist Haiti Mission. Each day these children are exposed to the Gospel while receiving an accredited education in Haiti. The opportunity for proper growth and education isn’t possible without the involvement of child sponsors from all around the world.

Trey Salter with Baptist Haiti Mission’s Child Sponsorship Program explains how the program was started: “We looked at ourselves and basically said, ‘Man, this is a huge need. I think we can meet this need and try and stand in the gap.

“When a person decides to sponsor a child, they will sponsor for $25 per month. That sponsorship fund will go into a pool, and then we will distribute them out in the program so the school can help meet the needs of the children.”

The program has impacted thousands of children all over Haiti. Proper medical attention, meals, and books for school are all benefits that children in the sponsored schools receive.

“We are able to connect with these children on a personal level because we are encouraging our sponsors to be able to connect with them through letters and encourage our sponsors to visit Haiti,” says Salter.

(Photo by Baptist Haiti Mission)

(Photo by Baptist Haiti Mission)

Personal relationships between sponsors and children are a focus of the program. “We have the gospel, we have relationships, and then we have our commitment to education and to how the Lord has designed education,” says Salter. “We want to keep our standards of excellence in education. We are not willing to make exceptions for where we are.”

The ministry incorporates the Gospel into the program, giving hope to the students involved. Salter says, “We are committed to the gospel. Every child that is sponsored with us, every child in our school system, has the opportunity to hear the Gospel. That is a nonnegotiable for us.”

Sponsors have the opportunity to invest in the lives of a child educationally, personally and spiritually. “Our sponsors are the main life source for our school. We try to spread the dollar as far as possible with our child sponsorship program,” says Salter.

As the program continues to grow, Salter hopes for more sponsors. “I would love to have 10,000 students sponsored within the next seven years. Right now we have about 2,800 children sponsored.”

Will you join Baptist Haiti Mission? Click here to sponsor a child with the Child Sponsorship Program.