Save lives two ways

Papua New Guinea (MNN) — There are two ways you can save lives: physically and spiritually. Missionaries serving with New Tribes Mission recently did both at once in Papua New Guinea.

Save lives physically

(Photo cred: NTM)

(Photo credit NTM)

NTM missionaries Chris and Maggie Hostetter minister to the Pal tribal people in PNG. While their main focus is translating God’s Word into the tribal language and using it to disciple new believers, the missionaries also realize God’s love is holistic in nature.

A week ago, the Hostetter’s arranged for two nurses to fly in and help them give immunizations to the Pal. Since authentic medical treatment is such a rare commodity in the jungle, immunizations help prevent many life-threatening diseases.

In one day, a team of four–two missionaries and two nurses–was able to immunize 550 people. The remaining missionaries took down names, washed peoples’ arms and legs, and helped with “crowd control.”

Prevention through immunization helps save lives physically. But, it didn’t end there: as they gave shots, missionaries talked about Christ and His eternal salvation.

Save lives spiritually

(Photo cred: NTM via Twitter)

(Photo credit NTM via Twitter)

Paying for medical supplies and transportation, and assisting nurses as they gave medical care are all tangible expressions of Christ’s love and compassion. These tangible expressions also created opportunities for NTM missionaries to share biblical Truth with Pal patients.

As a result, missionaries are making an eternal difference among the Pal people.

Your gift to New Tribes’ medical assistance program can help missionaries save lives two ways in the Philippines.