SAT-7 helps kids in the Middle East continue learning

(Photo courtesy SAT-7)

(Photo courtesy SAT-7)

Middle East (SAT-7) — The conflict in Syria has led to suffering for many thousands of children. For these kids, the fact that their education has been disrupted is a big issue. But now, they can start learning again by watching SAT‑7 KIDS.

The pilot program, My School, is an on-air-school that enables many of the 3+ million displaced Syrian and Iraqi children to resume their education through watching television. Starting in March, SAT-7, a Christian satellite television ministry to the Middle East and North Africa, is broadcasting the pilot program teaching young viewers the core subjects of Math, Arabic (their mother tongue), and English. It will broadcast for 90 minutes a day, Monday thru Friday, on the SAT-7 KIDS channel.

“It’s a great privilege we have today at SAT-7 KIDS, helping thousands of displaced children by giving them the opportunity to learn,” says Rita Elmounayer, Executive Director at SAT-7 KIDS and SAT-7 ARABIC.

Education is a desperate need for displaced and refugee children in the Middle East, as opportunities for schooling are often scarce. But many of these children, even those in refugee camps, are still able to watch SAT-7 KIDS because they have satellite TV. The channel, therefore, has a unique opportunity to enable these youngsters to keep learning.

“What a great blessing to take the lead in a project like this, proving more and more that SAT-7’s holistic programming is meeting a wide spectrum of needs. In providing education to this lost generation of refugees from Syria and Iraq, we are investing not just in their future but in the future of the Arab World,” says Rita Elmounayer.

SAT-7 KIDS is a safe haven for children to learn about the world, the Bible, and daily life.

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