Russians saved during Olympic outreach

Russia (MNN) — Terrorism threats surrounding the Olympics in Sochi have tensions high. Police officers are being proactive in identifying threats and taking action.

Those tensions are causing problems for approved Olympic outreach. Russian Ministries just started their ministry. The goal? 700,000 copies of Scripture and Christian literature in 11 cities.

Olympics outreach in Russia (Courtesy of Russian Ministries).

Olympics outreach in Russia (Courtesy of Russian Ministries)

Wally Kulakoff with Russian Ministries is in Vladikavkaz, 500 miles from Sochi. “We went to the city square. We set up a table. We engaged people. We handed out a lot of literature. We prayed with a lot of people. Today, people accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior.”

Authorities had told Christians not to evangelize. Kulakoff says they’re using the system to their benefit. “While we were in the marketplace, three times the police came to disperse our table, to disperse our engagement with the local people. But, to their surprise, we had permission from the local government.”

Kulakoff says, “It is very tense. The security is very high. But with the right attitude, with the right administration and the right approach by receiving permission to be on the street to deliver the Word of God, it is working, and we saw results today.”

According to the team, Russians appear to be ready to hear the Gospel. “People wanted to be prayed for, people wanted to receive Jesus Christ because their life was meaningless, their life didn’t have a purpose.”

The team is distributing the Russian/English New Testament, Gospels of John, a Scripture magazine called “Hope,” and a book titled, “More than Conquerors” — stories of Christian athletes.

The Russian Ministries team will be meeting up with Greg Yoder in Sochi next week. Pray that more people will come to Christ during the Olympic outreach.