Q&A: Winter in Iraq

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Photo: Iraqi children Oulah, 5, and Zareh, 7, play cat’s cradle with a piece of twine. While children often claim that their greatest needs are toys, their parents’ priority is preparing for the fast-approaching winter in which temperatures will drop below freezing, and many are protected only by tarpaulins. (©2014 Mark Kate MacIsaac/World Vision)


Chris Palusky, a vice president here at World Vision, recently traveled to Iraqi Kurdistan to meet displaced families, aid workers, government officials, and church leaders.

Today, Chris answers a few questions about his visit and provides an update on the needs of families far from home, and World Vision’s response to this crisis in northern Iraq.

During his trip, an Iraqi father named Hazem told Chris of his family’s ordeal. “We had a choice to either flee or be killed,” the father of four said. From Mosul, his family walked for five days until they found a place to stay where they would be safe from violence. Now they’re in Dohuk, facing another danger: a cold, wet winter.


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