Pray for broken First Nation youth

USA (MNN) — As Christians around the world celebrate the Light that came to earth 2000 years ago, many mourn for those who have no light.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries On Eagles’ Wings outreach focuses on First Nation youth who have high levels of drug and alcohol abuse, suicide rates, and violent crime.

Ron Hutchcraft says Christmas isn’t pleasant for most reservations. “The holidays only accentuate the brokenness and the addictions and lostness of their families. There are so many empty spaces at the table over the Christmas season, many of them young people who have died from suicide or died violently.”

Hutchcraft equates Christmas with lights. He says some reservations in North America have no Christmas lights. “One reservation in the southwest, you go through mile after mile of total darkness. That is a picture of native America today–very little light.”

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries On Eagles Wings ministry in 2013.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries On Eagles Wings ministry in 2013.

Hutchcraft is providing an outreach Christmas party to their partners. There’s a Gospel Christmas wrap-up to lead them to Christ. There is response card where they can record commitments to Christ, to make Christmas a special time of harvest and spiritual nurture for the young people that they work with.”

Luke Chapter 1 is what Hutchcraft is claiming this Christmas. “The rising Sun will come to us and shine on those living in darkness, and lead us into the way of peace. And, this holiday season I’m claiming this promise for the first Americans.”

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