65,000 Pro-Life Advocates Protest at 342 Planned Parenthood Sites

(UPDATED) ‘The tide has turned’ against leading abortion provider, claims pro-life leader.

Update (Aug. 24): More than 65,000 people turned out to protest this weekend at 342 Planned Parenthood (PPFA) clinics, pro-life organizers reported on Sunday.

“This is a tipping point in the history of fighting Planned Parenthood,” said Jim Sedlak, vice president of the American Life League, a pro-life organization that has targeted Planned Parenthood for decades and one of 60 groups involved in the protests.

Their goal is for federal and state governments to sever any connection with PPFA. So far, several states have terminated funding for PPFA. Pro-life groups hope Congress will act as well.

The grassroots protest was in part a response to the release of undercover videos exposing PPFA’s sale of donated fetal body parts from elective abortions. Those videos claim PPFA profits from those sales.

“The fight against Planned Parenthood is not a fight exclusive to churches and pro-lifers,” Sedlak said. “The fight is joined by parents, who may even describe themselves as ‘pro-choice,’ but are opposed to Planned Parenthood’s intrusion into their families.”

But there are signs that government funding of Planned Parenthood has public support. Poll results released today from Quinnipiac University reveals that among Florida voters at least, 48 percent oppose a cutoff of federal funding while 42 percent support one.


[First published Aug. 21]

This Saturday morning, from 9 to 11 AM, thousands of pro-life activists are expected to participate in one of the largest demonstrations ever against Planned Parenthood, the abortion provider that engages in supplying fetal body parts to research labs.

All the protests will take place at local time.

Among the protesters …

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